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The Importance of a Graphic Designer

Almost everywhere we look, visual images are competing for our attention, entertaining us, or trying to persuade. Visual artists create art to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas through painting, sculpting, or illustration. Illustrators and graphic designers are practical artists who put their talents at the service of commercial clients. Clients include major corporations; retail stores; [...]

10 Steps to Attract New Clients for Your Graphic Design Business

10 Steps to Attract New Clients
by Hancey Design - http://www.HanceyDesign.com/ 


1) Start with existing clients. I’ve heard that the best clients for a graphic design business are the ones that you already have, so make it work to your benefit. Send regular newsletters or emails to educate your clients about your graphic design services. Give them a [...]

Humongous List of Free Fonts Sites - Page 1


Below you will find a huge list of free fonts sites and free font foundaries. There are so many fonts sites here that I will need to spread it out in a few blog posts. You will still need to be vigilent and make sure that these fonts sites do indeed offer [...]

How to Use and Install Your Fonts

One aspect of graphic design that isn’t discussed enough is the use of Fonts and Typography within our designs. If used correctly, type can be used as a powerful means of expression. We are going to forgo speaking about Typography today, instead we have listed over 200 free font websites below. However, don’t worry, we [...]

Tips on Managing Your Online Graphic Design Portfolio


Something every graphic designer needs is their own portfolio to showcase their talent, and work they have done in the past. This is a vital item in the success of you as a designer. This is because clients do not worry about who you have worked with, they want to [...]

How to Become a Graphic Designer or Web Designer

How to become a Graphic Designer 

You may be one of the many individuals who look at a logo, an advertisement, or perhaps a website and wonder how it may have been created.  Behind all of those magazine ads and brochures lies a graphic designer.  There are many people who decide that they have what it [...]


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