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by George Anastasiadis, Managing Partner, MILK Ltd., www.milk.com.gr 

The meaning of brand

Of all the legacies that were left to this world by the works of marketing, the concept of “˜the brand’ is probably the most well-known and easily recognisable, but at the same the most elusive by far. The thing is that in reality the concept [...]

List of Top Essential Graphic Design Books

I saw a thread on our graphic design message boards regarding “what are the best graphic design books in your library”. I decided to compile a list from not only our forum but from other forum posts on the net. I came up with the following graphic design books. This list contains books that seem [...]

The Debate Between QuarkXpress and Adobe InDesign

Quark vs. InDesign 

Short Moment in History 

Since the late 80’s (and early 90’s), Quark and Adobe have battled to see who would reign victorious to become the best choice in desktop publishing.  In the late 80’s Aldus Inc. had a desktop publishing program called PageMaker.  Soon to follow, Quark Inc. released QuarkXPress, which become Aldus’s main [...]

Creative Marketing Ideas for Graphic Designers

Creative marketing ideas for freelance designers.

“The write way to grow your business”Â 
Marketing-savvy designers who complement their design service with copywriting can expect more lucrative projects and plenty of on-going work. Marketing consultant Shaun Crowley looks at a few copywriting designers who no longer tell their clients “I’m a designer not a writer”. It’s tough being [...]

Organize Your Graphic Design Projects’ Files and Folders

How to Organizing your Graphic Design Files and Folders 

Why Is It Important to Be Organized as a Graphic Designer?

When you are in a designing environment, it is always important for you to be organized.  If you are someone who has had many projects, you know how important it is to be organized.  If you have everything [...]

2 Discussions on Pcs vs. Macs for Graphic Design

2 Separate Opinions About the Argument of PCs vs. Macs for Graphic Design
PCs vs. Macs - Opinion #1
PC or Mac that is the question.  This seems to be the question many consumers are wondering these days.  Both PCs and Macs have their strong points as well as their weak [...]

How to Prepare Your Art and Documents for the Printer

Preparing artwork for print

Love it or hate it, you just can’t escape printed materials. From the moment you wake up in the morning, you read the newspaper, curse the amount of junk mail on your doorstep, pass billboards on your way to work, hand out your business card, get given a flyer on the high street, [...]

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