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Should You Use a Local Printer or an Online Printer Service?

A host of good reasons exist for using a local printer for your project and finding one online (not local). At the same time, a good number of reasons exist for not using a local printer or an online printer. Lets examine two benefits and two drawbacks (there are plenty more) for each one.

Local [...]

How to Layout a Newspaper Ad - Art is the main element

This article guides you through the importance of using art in your newspaper ads. The number 1 issue in laying out an ad in a newspaper is to make it eye-catching. Because several ads are typically placed on one page, each ad needs to be distinct and stand out.  This article guides you through the [...]

Graphic Design Education: 2 year Associates Degree vs. 4 Year Bachelor’s Degree


Graphic Design Education: Two-year AA or AS Degree vs. A Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree 
Within the graphic design industry, there is a debate about which option is more beneficial - a two-year AA/AS degree or a four-year Bachelor’s degree. Having been on both sides of the proverbial fence (I have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, as well [...]

The Free Mockup - Should you give them to customers


The Free Mockup - Should you give them to customers
by Ben Baker
In the newspaper biz, we call this an Ad Proof. We supply proofs to customers for a variety of reasons.
1) By handing the customer a proof, you are putting the burden of making sure the copy is correct on the customer. In cases where [...]

What is Color Separation and How to Separate Colors for Printing

What is Color Separation and How to Separate Colors for Print
Let’s start with a definition of what color separation is and how it’s used by printers. Color Separations are artwork and photographs split into component plates of the four colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) in preparation for process printing. In graphic arts, cyan, [...]

Color Part 1: Accuracy

Color accuracy in graphic design is very hard to achieve, but it is also one of the most important aspects of design. So how do you make sure that you give your clients the most accurate color samples? This design will go into this color accuracy question and give you some of the answers.
Color [...]

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