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Graphic Design degree: Bachelor’s or Associate : Another Perspective

In the Graphic Design Field, a Bachelor’s degree carries more weight than an Associate’s because the Bachelor’s degree is harder to obtain and takes longer to obtain.

Graphic Design degree: Bachelor’s or Associate : Another Perspective

by Ben Baker
Graphic Design is one of those careers which to my thinking is not suited for a liberal arts college [...]

Working on Book Interiors - Adding and Deleting Pages

An article for graphic designers on how to design and layout book interiors. Books, especially those which break into chapters, are going to require more checking than most other projects to make sure that the pages flow properly . Book interiors require so much checking and recheck because deleting or even adding just one page [...]

How to Reuse an Old Design Project for a New Project

Provided you have not sold all rights to first client, you can reuse your graphic design projects. And even if you sold all rights to the work, you can still reuse some of the design elements within your work. How do you keep the design original looking for the new work? Here are some ways [...]

How to Transition from Graphic Designer to Web Designer

How do you transition from being a graphic designer to a web designer? You’ve been in the graphic design field and discovered something - you don’t really like it. Or, maybe you’re in the situation where you’re a year away from graduating with a degree in graphic degree, but you realize this isn’t for you. [...]

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