How to Reuse an Old Design Project for a New Project


Provided you have not sold all rights to first client, you can reuse your graphic design projects. And even if you sold all rights to the work, you can still reuse some of the design elements within your work. How do you keep the design original looking for the new work? Here are some ways to recycle some of your graphic design work.


use an old design for a new design project

How to Recycle an old design for a new project


by Ben Baker


Sometimes you’ll create something that works well for more than one client. Provided you have not sold all rights to first client, you can reuse the work. If you sold all rights to the work, you can reuse some elements of the work.


The question is still: How do you keep the design original looking for the new work?


There’s some easy ways right to start with.


1) Color. This can be a matter of changing the colors in the piece from what it was for the first client to dramatically different colors for the new client. If the original piece was reds, oranges and yellows, shift to the other end of the spectrum with blue, indigo and violet.


If the piece was solid colors, then go with a pattern of colors. Think about camouflage. This is a mixture of different color blotches which creates a random pattern.


Fade the colors. Instead of running a solid green, change to a red and let it fade from right to left, left to right, from the outside in or the inside out.


2) Shift dimensions. I don’t mean just blow it up or reduce it. If the original piece was 4×5, use distortion tools and make it a 3×9. Twist it, if the piece lends its self to that. Give it a perspective slant. Make the left side 5 inches tall and the right side 2 inches tall. Think about a baseball pennant flag.


The distortion tools in Photoshop especially give you so much creative freedom with distortion that you can take an image element and turn it into something that looks nothing like what you started with.


3) Use it for a client or project that is far different from the original use. Example: You design a project for a restaurant. Later you have a client who likes the idea, but this client runs a hardware store. Provided these clients have a different customer base (i.e. they are in towns a good distance apart) or the work will not appear in the same medium (the restaurant uses it for billboards but the hardware store wants business cards), you should be all right.


However, if you have any reservations about using the old layout for a new client, you should make sure you change it (see 1 and 2 above).


If you do a design and the client goes out of business, then reusing the design closer to the original presents far less of a problem.

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Ben Baker designs ad campaigns for customers regularly. He re-uses old designs for clients, especially when the original client has gone out of business.

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