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Funny Graphic Design Jokes, Humor, Satires, Parody & Anecdotes


Original Design Gangsta’
John Stossel 20/20 - Graphic Design
Enter The Serif!
Make My Logo Bigger - Very Funny!
The Graphic Avenger - Trust Your Graphic Designer
South Park - Mac vs. Pc - Computer Commercial!
Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs - PC vs. Mac Spoof
Photoshop Commercial - Very Funny
Paint Shop Pro vs [...]

1000s of Free Photoshop Plugins & Filters MegaList

Have you been looking for a way to add some extra zest to your Photoshop images? Have you wanted to find some cool Photoshop filters but didn’t want to spend any of your cash? Well, I have put together a long list of Free Photoshop Plugin along with a summary of what you will find [...]

How to Create a Traditional Graphic Design Portfolio (Yes with an actual case)

How to Create a Traditional Graphic Design Portfolio (With an Actual Case)

After a close examination of the Internet, I have had a hard time finding any useful information regarding putting together a graphic design portfolio. Consequently, I have decided to put together a series of articles related to creating not only a digital portfolio, but [...]

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