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Original Design Gangsta’

John Stossel 20/20 - Graphic Design

Enter The Serif!

Make My Logo Bigger - Very Funny!

The Graphic Avenger - Trust Your Graphic Designer

South Park - Mac vs. Pc - Computer Commercial!

Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs - PC vs. Mac Spoof

Photoshop Commercial - Very Funny

Paint Shop Pro vs Photoshop — Keep Reading

How Not To Use Powerpoint - Funny


8 Ways to Drive a Graphic Designer Mad
As everyone knows, graphic designers are the reason there are so many wars in this world. They get inside our heads with their subliminal advertising, force us against our will to spend money on the worst pieces of shit, and eventually, drive us to depression and random acts of violence. And of course, most of them are communists. So to do my part to save the world from them, i made a list of things you can do when working with a graphic designer, to assure that they have a burn-out and leave this business FOREVER.

Graphic Designer’s Judgment Clouded By Desire To Use New Photoshop Plug-In
The aesthetic judgment of Paul Gaskill, a graphic designer working on a brochure for Valley View Apartments, was “severely clouded” by a desire to use a new Adobe Photoshop plug-in, coworkers at Blue Moon Design said Monday.

Hillarious Entertainment Fort Smith Magazine Front Page Graphic Design Error
This really ‘rights’ itself. The major magazine of Fort Smith, Arkansas’s partners in education issue that just came out has the following front page. Partners in Education help our local public schools educate (indoctrinate) our children often working with an elementary school or other individual school. Try to find the huge typo.

25 Reasons You Might Be A Hardcore Graphic/Web Designer
A list of signs that you might be a hardcore designer. A lot of these signs can overlap other professions too. From my experience, the following list contains mostly truths, mixed in with a little humor.

Another You Know You are a Graphic Designer When
Another list of ways to know that you are a graphic designer

You Know You’re a Graphic Designer When
A list of ways you know that you are a graphic designer.

Mac / PC Commercial Parodies
A Parody of the well known Mac / PC commercials.

You Know You’re a Font Fanatic If
A top 42 list for font fanatics.

The UnSpoken Rules of Graphic Design
37 funny rules for being a graphic designer.

The Patron Saints of Graphic Design
A humorous and beautiful page about the unknown saints of Graphic Design.

The Way Graphic Designers Used to Work
Pictures of the tedious way graphic design and layout used to work. Not funny, but put a smile on my face because I’m so happy that things aren’t like this anymore.

Ad-Agency Print Buyer Can’t Believe They Want To Add A Perf This Late In The Game
A fake news story by The Onion.

Area Man Knows All The Shortcut Keys
A fake news story by the Onion

Makes fun of his life as a graphic designer.

Pay attention, professionals -or not- in Communication, Marketing and Advertising. These things happen almost every day; sometimes we don’t even notice them. But they’re here to stay. They are verbatims. And yes, they’re REAL.

Murphy’s Graphic Design Laws
A cute set of laws for graphic designers.

This is What Happens When Your Dad is a Graphic Designer
Look to see what this baby’s dad does to her pictures. Cute.

Worst Company URLs
Want a laugh? Look at these web site URLs that spell things a bit different than what the owner was hoping.


Redesigned Logos 2.0
Redesigned Logos in Web 2.0 Format

Make The Logo Bigger Song
Listen to the song made for logo designers.

Most Unfortunate Logos Ever
Hmmm…some of these logos are um…just look for yourself.

Flickr Photos Tagged with yay2dot0logoparody
Well known logos redesigned for web 2.0 for fun.

Ironic Sans
Logos designed for terrorists

How to Fake a Web 2.0 Logo
Web 2.0 sites are all the rage and if you’re lucky enough to be bought out by Google or Yahoo there are millions of dollars to be made, but how do you fake it as a Web 2.0 site? Well, all Web 2.0 sites have one thing in common “¦ they look the part.

Fake Google Logos
Like fake google logos?

KFC’s Logo Ffirst to be Seen From Space
KFC Created a logo to be seen from space.

The Worst Logo Ever Gasp
Gasp, this is the worst and most shocking logo ever.

Rejected Google Holiday Logos
Here are some funny rejected holiday logos.

Naughty Logos
Logo design gone wrong.

The Worst Logo Ever
Really seems like it is a joke, but this logo is for real.

Corporation’s New Logo Changes Everything
A fake news story by The Onion.


America’s Most Fonted
Ugly fonts, cutesy fonts, unreadable fonts, bad fonts . . . they have terrorized us for far too long, infiltrating our homes via e-mail, IM, and low-rent ValPak ads. Here, LMNOP presents the seven worst fonts–and the people who use them.

Type Obituaries
During a late night online conversation with another black, white, and orange website fan, it was decided that certain fonts should be retired. They’ve had a good run, but some things must come to an end. Whether, by overuse, obscurity, or just plain ugliness, here are some that just don’t make the cut.

Extra-Slanty Italics Introduced For Extremely Important Words
A fake news story by The Onion

DT&G Typography: Ask Yourself How it Will Read
Choose font and kerning well.

Helvetica Bold Oblique Sweeps Fontys
A fake parody news story by The Onion.

A List of Design and Fonts Jokes
Another list of design jokes and fonts jokes

Song Parody: I Like Big Fonts
A parody of the song, ‘Baby Got Back’

Alpha-Bits Now Available In Serif Font
A fake parody news story by The Onion.

Fontly Speaking
Another fake news story by The Onion

2 Cheesy Font Jokes
These are cheesy jokes, but enjoy anyway.

Another Cheesy Fonts Joke
Even cheesier fonts joke than the one above it.

You Know You Are a Fontaholic When…
Much of the following has been ‘floating around’ the USENET comp.fonts list for a couple of years.

Your Monkey Called - White and Sajak on Fonts
Not really so funny, but cute.


Black Guy Photoshopped In
A fake news story by The Onion.

Photoshop Jokes
It all started with this, the hilarious Marquis de Sade picture, which was made in a flash of inspiration at work, one day. Within minutes of sending it to friends, jpegs started coming in thick and fast, as everyone began jumping on the comedy bandwagon. T

You Know You’re Addicted to Photoshop When
A list of ways to know that you are addicted to Photoshop

Photoshop Thread on Fark

If Leonardo Had Photoshop
A comic of what Leonardo Da Vinci Would have Been Doing if he had access to Photoshop

Acquired Paint Shop Pro Syndrome
The Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta today announced the identification of a new disease.


Difference Between Freelance Designers & Onsite Designers
The difference between working in-house and freelance”¦

Gaping Void
This smart entrepreneur thought of this great idea, putting cartoons on the back of business cards to be remembered. They are called “˜blog cards’ and some of the cartoons are funny”¦and if you ask me, a great idea for freelancers.


Guide to Using Printers
A very funny document giving advice on printers that will just make things much worse. :-)

Aggression Against a Printer
Have any of you ever reacted this way?

Xerox Commercial
Cute Xerox commercial

A New Way to Print
A picture that will make you smile.
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