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How Graphic Designers Can Overcome Their Creative Block and Get Inspired

I bet that you are a very creative designer. Everything you touch probably turns into a masterpiece. But, what do you do when you wake up one day and all of your creativity has disappeared? You woke up and all of a sudden you look at the Comic Sans font and it looks pretty good. [...]

List of 180+ Best Design Inspiration Sites (Graphic Designers & Web Designers)

List of 180+ of the Best Design Inspiration Showcase Sites (Graphic Designers & Web Designers)

digg_url = ‘http://allgraphicdesign.com/graphicsblog/2007/12/16/list-of-180-best-design-inspiration-sites-graphic-designers-web-designers/’;
Are you looking for a little inspiration for your next design project? This list will get you through next million inspiration jams. This is a list that boasts 180+ design inspiration sites. If I have missed [...]

New Digg-Like Site for Designers

We have just launched Design Sites Up - a Digg-like social networking community for designers of all kinds. Please visit the site and become a member and join in on the fun. The way that it works is as follows: Users submit helpful design articles, design news stories, design tutorials, personal portfolio pages, and beautiful [...]

Best of Brochure Design - Cool Samples and Examples of Brochures

Best of Brochure Design - Cool Samples and Examples of Brochures
As a follow up to some of the recent sample design blog articles that we have done, we are now adding this one - The Best of Brochure Design. I researched the internet and found these beautiful brochures. These brochures will give you some [...]

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