Photoshop Forums and Message Boards - The Ultimate List of 45+ Adobe Photoshop Forums

Photoshop Forums and Message Boards - The Ultimate List of 45+ Adobe Photoshop Forums

Photoshop Forums and Message Boards - The Ultimate List of 45+ Adobe Photoshop Forums

Adobe User to User Photoshop Forums - Adobe has a great forum for Adobe Photoshop users.

Advanced Photoshop Forum - A great Photoshop forum for advanced Photoshop users including topics about Photoshop projects, techniques, feeedback, and current Photoshop news.

Creative Cow Adobe Photoshop Basics Forum - Ask your basic Photoshop questions on the Creative Cow forum.

Devppl Photoshop Forum - Join this free Photoshop Forum which is full of talented people. Discuss Photoshop, images, animation and view the Adobe Photoshop gallery and tutorials.

DQS Web Design Community - This is a great forum for web designers and has a great Photoshop section that you will enjoy and also find useful for web graphics creation in Photoshop.

13 Dots Photoshop Topics - 13 Dots has a great section for graphics software including Photoshop, Image Ready, and Illustrator.

Fark Photoshop/AudioEdit Forum - Only the last two days of comments listed. Discuss stuff here instead of in the actual Photoshop threads. Forum is open to non-TotalFarkers so you may want to avoid discussing upcoming contests.

Friends of Ed Photoshop Forum - Friends of Ed is a great design forum which also has a great Photoshop section.

Graphics Forums Photoshop Topics - Graphics forums is a great forum for digital artists, graphic artists and graphic designers. They have a section for Photoshop that you might want to check out.

Graphics Photoshop Forum - Good busy forum, well moderated by Photoshop experts. Questions, comments, tips, tutorials, news, rumors - if it’s about Photoshop, this is the place. Lots of good tutorials here, all nicely done with step-by-step instructions.

Graphics Software About.com Forum - The forum is an interactive extension to this site where you can communicate with your Guide and discuss graphics software with other members. Use the forum to to ask questions, share tips, voice your opinions, display your own digital artwork, or just chat with other graphics software fanatics.

iStock Photo Photoshop Etc Topics - iStock Photo is a stock photography site and there are a lot of questions related to stock photography and Photoshop within their forum. Take a look.

Lorelei Web Photoshop and Design Forum - Post your Photoshop, Illustrator, Image Ready, C4D, GIMP and other graphics tutorials.

Neverside Adobe Photoshop Help & Tutorials Forum - This is a good forum, but it isn’t too busy yet.

O & A Photoshop Forum - Share your Photoshop pictures and see the work of other very skilled Photoshop users.

Ozone Photoshop Asylum Forum - Find some good posts on this Photoshop Message Board.

Photoshop 911 - Beginning in 1990, with the first version of Adobe Photoshop, DTG has published a monthly section called “Photoshop Tips & Tricks” — Photoshop 911 became the users forum for asking specific Photoshop questions.

Photoshop Cafe Forum - This is a great Photoshop forum. You always get quick responses to your answers and everyone is willing to help.

PhotoChopz Photoshop Forum - Home of the funnest photoshopping forum on the net. Each week PhotoshopChopz holds two Photoshop contests, one is a themed contest where members are given an idea and are required to create their own images. The second is a “chop this pic” contest where an image is provided and members can edit it any way that they want.

Photoshopgurus Community Forum - Photoshop can be overwhelming for beginners and that’s how we try to help. We have a friendly Photoshop forum, tutorials and all other kind of resources to help people understand this wonderful program.

Photoshop Contest Forum - Discuss and participate in Photoshop contests or just discuss Photoshop. You can even find Photoshop projects to make a bit of money.

Photoshop Creative Forum - A great resource for Photoshop users. This forum includes general topics, free brushes, images, tips, chat, techniques, and general discussion of Photoshop topics as well.

Photoshop Face-off Forum - At Photoshopfaceoff, members take a daily image and modify it in anyway they choose-they can then post their image to the site for viewing by the general public.Members may also vote and comment on their favorite entries and at the end of each Face-Off a “winner” is declared! Within their forum you can discuss many different topics regarding Photoshop.

Photoshop for Video DV Forums - If you want to use Photoshop in videos or video clips, then this forum might be helpful to you.

Photoshop Forums - You’ll find some great Photoshop forums, including general Photoshop iIssues, beginner’s section “” Start here if you’re new to Photoshop, brushes, actions, Photoshop Tennis, techniques, tutorials, and much more.

Photoshop Guru Forum - Check out what other Photoshop enthusiasts are saying and doing at one of the oldest and finest online Photoshop communities. Ask questions, answer questions, post your art work for review. Also features some monthly contests and competitions where you can contribute your own work for scrutiny.

Photoshop Lovers Forum - A community with discussions about Photoshop in topics such as Photoshop tutorials, help, competitions, programming, and site reviews.

Photoshop Scripting Community - Discussion of Photoshop Scripting, Photoshop Actions and Photoshop Automation.

Photoshop Techniques Forum - A really busy forum for Adobe Photoshop users. This is the place to get a quick response to your questions.

Photoshop Veterans Message Boards - Photoshop Veterans is a forum where the ups, downs, positives and negatives of web related development and design are discussed. We have the tools and experience to help you grow as a web developer and entrepreneur.

Photoshop Workshop Forum - Great discussions about Adobe Photoshop including topics such as Photoshop picture sharing, wallpapers, skinning, Photoshop interface, logo design, tips, tricks, Photoshop CS2, Photoshop Element, Plugins, and much more.

Pixel2Life Photoshop Tutorials Forum - Pixel2Life is a directory of Photoshop tutorials so it is natural that they would have a forum to go along with their Photoshop tutorials.

Planet Photoshop Forum - Planet Photoshop has a great message board including General Discussions, Basic Photoshop, Advanced Photoshop, Photoshop tutorials, and Web Design with Photoshop topics.

Postforum’s Adobe Photoshop Forums - Visit Postforum’s Adobe Photoshop section to ask your Photoshop questions or meet other Photoshop users.

Pure Photoshop Forum - Lots of members, lots of threads, lots of posts. If you’re interested in designing websites in Photoshop you’ll find lots of great forums here to help you. The Purephotoshop.net community now consists of over 1600 members and has become a very friendly place for new comers to post all kinds of questions. Regardless of your skill level, someone will help you out.

Renderosity Digital Arts Community Photoshop Forum - The mission of Renderosity is to create a thriving, productive environment that encourages an atmosphere of community, respect, collaboration, and growth for computer graphic artists, 3D & 2D digital artists, animators, photographers and writers of all backgrounds and levels. You will love their site and their forums.

Retouch Pro Photoshop Forum - RetouchPRO is a resource for the professional or the hobbyist who is interested in photo retouching, restoration, and manipulation. This is a great place to learn new skills as well as to be reviewed by experts in the field. RetouchPRO offers close to 2 Gigabytes of information and illustrations, all free.

Scrappers Guide Photoshop Forum - A great forum to discuss Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Macs, inspiration, techniques, and much more.

Sigsource Phtooshop Forum and Community - Sigsource is the best place to learn Photoshop if your a beginner or haven’t opened Photoshop in your life. Sigsource is helpful, and their tutorials/resources provide you with a great place to kick start your Photoshop learning and their forum is a great place to hang out, learn, or mentor.

Talk Graphics Photoshop Forum Topics - Talk Graphics is known as a great design message board. They also have an Adobe Photoshop section that you will find useful.

Talk Mania Photoshop Tutorials Forum - A great Photoshop message board with general topic discussions, Photoshop tutorials from members, freelance work, programming, Flash, wordpress themes, reviews, and much more.

Team Photoshop Forum - Of course Team Photoshop has a forum with general help, photography, graphics, artwork, showcases and much more on their Adobe Photoshop message boards.

Tek Tips Photoshop Forum - The Tecumseh Group created these independent professional forums to help people do their work more efficiently by providing a “buddy system” for solving problems. On Tek-Tips Forums professionals can participate in free and confidential forums with others in their specific areas of expertise, without intrusion from marketers and recruiters.

The Little Photoshop Forum - The UKs leader of Photoshop tutorials has a forum now too.

Tutorialized Photoshop Forums - Photoshop forum covering the standard name in graphic design. Discuss tips and tricks, cool effects, and how to use the Photoshop tools more effectively.

Worth1000 Photoshop Contest Forum - Worth1000 is one of the most popular Photoshop site and has great contests, challenges, and forum discussions.

ZGeek Photoshop and Photography Message Board - The place for your innovate, inventive, insensitive and imaginary images

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