Adobe InDesign Plugins - Mega List of 120 InDesign CS, CS2, CS3 Plugins

Adobe InDesign CS, CS2, and CS3 Plugins

Have you been looking for a way to add some extra somethin’ somethin‘ to your Adobe InDesign documents? Well, then you are going to love this list of Adobe InDesign plugins, along with a summary of what each of these plugins can do for you. Some of these plugins will be useless to you, while others will feel like they were sent from heaven just for you. Many of these are plugins that will save you tons of time and tons of cash, so don’t forget to bookmark this list. Please comment about any plugins that I might have missed. Have fun designing with these newly found InDesign plugins!!!

Adobe InDesign Plugins - Mega List of 120 InDesign CS, CS2, CS3 Plugins for Download

Catalog Information Management

Ideal for product catalogs, brochures, price lists, variable data mailers, and other types of publications, enAble for Adobe InDesign can dramatically speed up page make-up time and ensure your publications remain error free. enAble for Adobe InDesign has quickly established itself as one of the most powerful and flexible database publishing solutions for Adobe InDesign.

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A professional InDesign imposition plugin - InPlate

Meet impossible deadlines! Croptima InPlate can process more than 1000 pages per minute! Save money with every use! Croptima InPlate is at least 10 times faster than the most experienced DTP operators, even in doing as simple tasks as imposing a single business card to a 24-up sheet. If you can work 10 times faster, then you can make 10 times more money! See the competition

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Active Page Item Developer

With Active Page Item Developer (APID), you can convert your solution to an encrypted form that is disguised as a plug-in, embedded into a document, or as a run-only standalone ExtendScript. These encrypted scripts behave pretty much like compiled plug-ins.

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An InDesign Imposition Software

It can also do saddle-stitch booklets, and has the capabilities to customise bleeds, gutters, blank pages, shuffle pages and much more! Impose InDesign Script takes any InDesign document, converts it into a PDF and imposes it on a new InDesign document - all with ONE click of a button!

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The Annotator plug-in for Adobe InDesign allows page designers to take all their revision notes and put them where they should be, right on the page. Annotator is a suite of tools allows designers to make notes, circle errors, highlight text, callout and amend text and draw attention to errors in graphics.

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Arcadia Paste Files

The Arcadia Paste File plug-in adds new command - Paste Files - to the Adobe® InDesign® menu. The Paste Files command is an alternative of the Place command of Adobe® InDesign®. With Paste Files you can specify the files to be placed just by copying them to the Clipboard in Finder/Windows Explorer — you neither need to use the standard Open dialog, nor have to deal with drag and drop from Finder — just choose Copy in Finder/Explorer, and then choose Paste Files in Adobe® InDesign®.

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AutoPrice™ provides sophisticated linking of QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign documents to any external database of information. As the name implies, AutoPrice is great for performing pricing updates on catalogs, retail flyers and similar publications, but is also perfect for updating phone lists, time tables, or any other type of information that can be referenced by a “key value” such as product number (SKU).

Establish Links to Your Database.

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Badia BigPicture 3.0 for InDesign

With BigPicture, you get instant access to detailed image information, a unique search engine, plus powerful tools for updating, revealing, opening, unlinking, renaming, replacing and moving multiple links.

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Badia Exportools for InDesign

Badia Exportools for Adobe InDesign automates the process of exporting individual pages, spreads or selections to separate files. High-end printers and prepress houses worldwide rely on the power, speed and flexibility of Exportools to generate high resolution output using today’s printing standards: EPS, PostScript and PDF. What’s more, Exportools can intelligently extract all the document text, and export to other formats such as JPEG, SVG, INX and INDD.

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Badia OpenNow Pro for InDesign

Badia OpenNow Pro is the perfect link between InDesign and image applications. You can now open any document picture with the application you choose, and at the same time get detailed and comprehensive picture information. Double-click any picture to see all image settings, from the color profile to effective resolution to its full path, and select up to 50 favorite programs to open the picture in.

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Badia PageFrame for InDesign

Badia PageFrame allows you to print a frame around the page or spread. Use PageFrame when printing on oversized paper, so you can easily see the page boundaries. PageFrame allows you to specify the width, color and style of the frame before printing.

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Now creating customized barcodes is simple and fast with Teacup Software’s BarcodeMaker plug-in for Adobe InDesign. BarcodeMaker’s versatile options allow users to make 27 different types of barcodes by manipulating a single user-friendly palette.

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BatchOutput is a powerful professional solution to automate printing, export to PDF and PostScript of multiple InDesign documents. You can also output multipage InDesign documents as single pages with variable file names, send files to printer as single pages and change job name in printer queue. Just select the documents, adjust the settings and BatchOutput will do the rest for you. It will automatically open and output each document or page using the predefined output settings. And because BatchOutput can run in the background, you can still keep working on your computer thus using your production time even more efficiently.

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Our Blacklining programs add Blacklining capability to both QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign. Blacklining is the name for making marks within text that highlights or shows the changes that have been made. If a run of text or word or letter is deleted it will be marked as “Struck-Through” that is a line through the centre of it in a bold form or colour that shows it as being struck out. New text that is inserted will be marked as underlined again in bold or coloured so that it is apparent to the reader that it is a new insert.

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Boxed Step and Repeat

This Scripted Plug-In allows you to create a ’smart’ step-and repeat system. Included in the download is an example InDesign CS document that shows you how to use the plugin and create your own repeatable patterns - (it works both in InDesign CS and InDesign CS2).

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With BrowsePlus one can browse web, FTP and local folders while designing and building Ad’s and/or any other document in InDesign .It allows you to search the right image/right text with the help of an inbuilt browser, and drag and drop it on the document thus saving you the hassle of opening a IE or Firefox, local folders and FTP separately. Besides, it gives respite from constant switching over between the InDesign document and local folders, FTP and internet browsers.

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Cacidi Batch

Batch provides you with the possibility of automatically converting your old Quark Xpress and Adobe PageMaker files into Adobe InDesign format.

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Cacidi Contact Sheet

With the ambition of bringing the market a second-to-none solution for contact sheets and picture packages, Contact Sheet Pro is the tool for the professional photographer or advanced prosumer, in demand for superior features and functionality.

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Cacidi Cropmarks

Cropmarks provides you with the possibility of creating high quality crop and bleedmarks on one or more selected objects.

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Cacidi Extreme Barcodes

Extreme BarCodes allows you to create barcodes directly in your InDesign document by simply selecting the barcode type and entering your data in the BarCodes palette.

Cacidi LiveBrowse

Cacidi LiveBrowse is your visual filebrowser, which makes it so easy to browse through your files, and easily drag the image or textfiles to your document.

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Cacidi LiveMerge

Cacidi LiveMerge allows you to create and re-use design group objects – and totally innovating – receive a live feed of text and images from your product database. The benefit: Focus on design and layout and let Cacidi LiveMerge at all times control the state of content in your document - live updating right in front of your eyes. No need for checking if your document content is correctly up to date, Cacidi LiveMerge handles that part for you! In design driven variable data publishing, this is nothing less than a revolution!

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Meet Chartbot. He’ll quickly turn out mass quantities of publication-quality charts right from QuarkXPress™ or Adobe InDesign™. The results are slick, print very fast, and don’t need checking or reworking. And Chartbot never makes messy mistakes like overlapping on-chart text.

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Color Spec Cubed

Color Spec Cubed helps studio artists to ensure documents conform to branding and quality guidelines. Create visual style guides, Quickly and accurately create callouts that identify the fonts, colors, and linked graphics used in your documents. Quality control documents. Callouts can also be used to quality control documents against an existing branding guide. Move, edit, and print callouts. When you move a callout, its corresponding arrows adjust automatically. You can add additional comments to callouts, and print them just like any other InDesign content.

ColorBreaker ID

Color markup of documents is a time consuming task that art directors and production managers have been doing manually since the advent of color printing. ColorBreaker ends that. It is absolutely accurate and unbelievably fast. We can guarantee that ColorBreaker will save you lots of time. It produces much more detailed and precise labels than if done by hand. ColorBreaker places ‘tags’ that contain pertinent color information and accurately point to items and text blocks with “smart” arrows. This information contains everything your printer will need. It also alerts you to RGB or spot color problems. ColorBreaker labels InDesign elements and imported graphics as well. It can even place FPO tags automatically. A ‘collision avoidance’ feature which decides whether to move the tag and use a call-out arrow is automatic. When a tag is moved manually, the arrows ‘magically’ reattach to it. Using ColorBreaker, you end up with clear, complete, error-free information in the right places.

CoolBar bar code

CoolBar is a Plug-in for InDesign CS2 windows that can create bar code item in your InDesign document. The bar code formats supported so far:

Code39 General, Codabar, Code128, Interleaved Code25/ITF, MSI-Plessey, General/Extended, EAN-13, EAN-8, and UPC-A.

Crop Cubed

Organizations that create advertisements and collateral often need to see visual indications of the live, trim, bleed and fold marks on-screen and in printed proofs. Crop Cubed creates crop and fold marks as an integral part of building your collateral.

Cropster Id

Cropster ID is the professionals’ choice for setting up mechanical and page markings. Versions exist for InDesign 2 and CS 1 & 2, for Mac OS X. This powerful InDesign plugin will set up crop marks for bleed, trim, safety, folds and page gutters. It sets up guides for all of the above mentioned crop marks and the GLUON-invented dimension arrows that others have imitated. Cropster enables the choice of machine centering on a page to facilitate double sided printing, and it features user definable presets. Use Cropster and yoll see why it is the industry standard for setting up electronic mechanicals.

Cross References

Cross-References is a modular system which responds to every referencing need. It is a robust solution inspired by a similar feature in Adobe FrameMaker and improved thanks to the greater flexibility of the InDesign environment, utilizing paragraph and character styles with XML driven format.


CrossTalk was created to enable Copy Writers or Proof Readers to easily and directly make necessary text changes in the InDesign file. CrossTalk is a plug-in to Adobe InCopy, the text editor will enjoy the following features in his day to day work: Editing in Layout-/Text view, Track Changes, Spell Checking, Notes and PDF generation, and more.


CTBar™ is a configurable custom toolbar that provides easy one-click access for any of the over 250 InDesign commands. Additionally, over 50 custom icons are provided for a custom-look. Features Include: Configurable Custom Toolbar, Quick One-Click Access to Any of the Over 250 InDesign Commands, Add Custom Icons to any Command for a Truly Custom Look, and One-Button Access to Third-Party Plug-ins.

Ctrl Print

Ctrl Print is a powerful workflow system that helps you to handle the collaborative workflow process when producing printed matter. Imagine a system that handles the entire editing and approval process and lets you focus on what´s important content and design of the printed matter being produced. A system that gives everyone involved in the project constant access to all files, where team members can place comments on design or texts, where text changes can be done in the already designed document, without an advanced layout program. A system that keeps track on all versions of the document you are creating. This and more, is possible with CtrlPrint!


Connect data quickly and efficiently to Adobe InDesign CS-2 documents with Teacup Software’s DataLinker. This intuitive, easy-to-use plug-in allows you to link data anywhere on an InDesign page, or merge data into a document and into tables too. Once your data is linked, you can update from the database with the simple click of a button.

EasyCatalog CS

Ideal for time-critical publications, EasyCatalog can dramatically speed up page make-up time and ensure your documents remain error free. Trusted in over fifteen countries across three continents, EasyCatalog has quickly established itself as one of the most powerful and flexible database publishing solutions for Adobe InDesign.

EasyCatalog Lite

Designed for users with a simple link-and-update requirement, EasyCatalog Lite combines powerful data linking with our trademark ease of use. EasyCatalog Lite is an entry-level version of our flagship product EasyCatalog and offers the same linking technology that is now being used in over twenty countries worldwide.

EasyFlow CS

EasyFlow brings ‘Automatically Insert Pages’ to Adobe InDesign. When working with long documents, InDesign does not automatically create new pages and link the text frames across spreads - EasyFlow does! Even if you have multi-box text chains on your master pages, EasyFlow will link in the new pages automatically. EasyFlow saves anyone who deals with multi page text flows the tedium of manual linking, and is an essential tool for the production of books, catalogs, directories and other types of long documents.


Trying to find the ‘History’ panel in InDesign? It’s here! Introducing the history panel for InDesign - view all of the available undo and redo steps in one convenient palette. EasyHistory will optionally automatically take snapshots of the current spread when the document is saved.

Enfocus Instant PDF

Enfocus Instant PDF 4 makes producing press-ready PDFs easy for creative professionals. Using award-winning Enfocus Certified PDF® technology, it’s the simplest and most reliable way to create PDFs that comply with your print or advertisement vendors’ specifications. While working in your favorite creative application - Adobe® InDesign®, Adobe® Illustrator®, QuarkXPress™, Adobe® Acrobat® - simply select “Save as Certified PDF…” from the File menu and let Instant PDF 4 take care of creating your PDF, preflighting it, modifying it where necessary, and even sending it to your print provider - all without leaving your application!


It is an additional module for the Adobe Photoshop, Ulead PhotoImpact, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Painter, Photo-Paint, Xara Xtreme and some others.

This plug-in allows to stylize any your photos or images as beautiful engraving pictures. Without extra efforts you can create very interesting digital art. The Engraver allows cutting through images with thin lines that will form a geometric pattern. The thickness of lines will change depending on the initial image under the lines. The newest features are large preview window, improved drawing quality and rendering time, “Fill alpha” step-saver; lines now can be blurred to simulate the way ink spreads on paper in real engravings.


Tired of adjust text kerning and point size in a fixed text frame? This plug-in can help you to adjust text point size and scale automatly. You can use three type adjust type: fixed characters scale, fixed characters width and fixed characters height. And this plug-in can make all text frame of current document to use this function at one time, just use the function “Document: Fixed Scale” etc. Now can support all close path type text frame: normal frame, thread frame, polygon text frame, ellipse text frame etc.


The Make Fraction feature allows you to format fractions automatically. The Make Price feature lets you format prices automatically. The Remove Manual Kerning feature allows you to remove all manual kerning applied between characters or to remove kerning from a kerning pair.

And the Fraction/Price Preferences enable some great settings, as well as some other great features.


GoGet is a plug-in that allows page designers to use the functionality of Adobe InDesign even more productively, by allowing the automatic import of graphics from within a given file structure. Draw an image box on a page, add the GoGet filename tag and GoGet your image!


GoPublish is a suite of tools for publishers of magazines, books, newspapers and non-print media that help negotiate the complete publishing journey – from planning to production. And, what’s more, it quietly builds in digital asset management along the way. It has been built from the ground up to integrate world class desktop publishing packages and copy tools into a collaborative workflow that allows a publisher to build, manage and control every step, from conception to output.


As you probably know, getting to different stages of progress in your document just by clicking Undo button can be really frustrating. And yet in InDesign there is no easy way to orient in past actions. Apart from seeing all available redo and undo steps, you can now save different Versions within a single document. Regardless of how much you change your documents, you can always return to any state at any time.

History Log

This is a very simple tool that allows you to maintain an automated log of file changes to an InDesign document inside of the document. Be aware that this tool depends on goodwill and cooperation between the members of the team - no attempt has been made to guard against any ill-willed user who refuses to use the tool properly. It is quite easy to mis-use this tool if you are so inclined. As a result, this tool will probably be most useful in small teams where there is full mutual trust between the team members. The tool is very simple: each time a properly set-up document is opened, a dialog appears where you can fill in or modify a ‘tracker ID’ - in most cases you’ll simply use your first name or full name.

HVC Color Composer

Now all professionals can have access to the perceptual HVC color space for color selection in Photoshop. With HVC, navigating through colors and making the right choices in the right context is a breeze. Also, for the first time, contrast between any colors can be quantified precisely, a huge benefit to the creative selection process. Gain power and understanding of color relationships, and generate thousands of dynamic color palettes, engineered for your unique needs.


Often publications have work flows that involve placing rough lo-res for-position-only (FPO) images when producing a layout. The designer will position, scale and rotate the lo-res FPO images as they should appear in the final layout. After the hi-res image is obtained, the designer needs to replace the lo-res with the hi-res image. The position, scale, rotation and cropping that was applied to the FPO image now needs to be applied to the high resolution replacement. To go through this process manually is tedious and time consuming. ImageSwapper makes this process fast and simple. The user selects two points on both the original and replacement image, and with that information ImageSwapper will automatically calculate how much the replacement image should be rotated and scaled, while offering the option to manually override any setting. It features a single, straightforward dialog and offers numerous features that enable fast, precise, seamless replacement of lo-res images.

Imposition Manager

Create impositions of PDF files, using Adobe InDesign with this great Indesign plugin - Imposition Manager. Imposition Manager will Saddle-Stitch (2-up and 4-up), Step & Repeat, and Consecutive impositions impositions. Imposition Manager takes care of bleeds and cropmarks in the PDF’s and reads the colors to create the correct densitybar on the imposition sheets.


InCatalog–a plug-in for Adobe InDesign–is a powerful bi-directional linking tool for creating transparent links between your Adobe InDesign documents and external data. With these links in place, you never have to enter or update your data in two places (documents and database), but can simply update one or the other from the most current version.


InData: Data publishing at hundreds of pages per hour! InData–a plug-in for Adobe InDesign–bringsthe full layout, design, typographic and picture publishing power of Adobe InDesign to bear on all your data-driven repetitive publishing tasks. Simply put, InData works like a mail merge on steroids. You write simple text statements to import and format your text and graphics. Then our menu-driven tools, in a few clicks, build your documents at hundreds, or even thousands, of pages per hour.


Adobe InDesign users who want to learn InDesign tips and techniques will enjoy the new InDesignSecrets plug-in, released today from InDesignSecrets.com and aextra Software. The plug-in offers a new tip written by page-layout guru David Blatner each time you launch InDesign. It is available for both Macintosh and Windows, InDesign versions CS and CS2, and best of all: It’s free!


InMath is the plug-in for real mathematical typesetting with InDesign and InCopy.

Unlike so-called equation editors, InMath depicts mathematical expressions solely using characters. No graphical element, no anchored or linked frame is needed. InMath stores and manages all settings as “styles”, just like e.g. character styles.


InPreflight is a comprehensive quality control and file packaging solution for Adobe InDesign. It quickly gathers extensive information about document fonts, colors and links and lets you instantly locate potential problems according to user-defined settings. InPreflight saves you hours of checking your documents manually and dealing with consequences of costly mistakes. In preflight presets, you can select various attributes to be flagged as problems, such as color mode, font type, image effective resolution, link status and others. InPreflight also reports information about several link attributes otherwise unavailable in InDesign, such as image compression, fonts in native Illustrator files, and resolution of duotone images. You can also generate detailed preflight report, open links in default application and show them in InDesign document, reveal links/fonts in Finder and activate InDesign’s Package command directly from InPreflight.


J2SAutodata is a plug-in designed to insert the total number of pages of an InDesign CS or CS2 document and keep this number up to date as pages are added or removed. J2SAutoData also works with InDesign books. J2SAutodata provides a new item in the Special Characters submenu of the menu “Type”. This menu item lets you insert the number of pages in the document or book in the same way as you insert the current page number.

This way, J2SAutodata will count all the pages of an InDesign book and allow you to display the result in one or more of the documents attached to the book.


J2SCatalog is a plug-in for InDesign CS and CS2 designed to automatically tag and generate documents starting from an XML data source. J2SCatalog can be used to lay out catalogues, property listings for estate agents, directories, … i.e. any kind of publication featuring information sharing the same structure (records).

K4 Publishing System

SoftCare K4 is a powerful and flexible editorial system for magazines and newspapers, book and corporate publishers, as well as creative agencies, designed to organize the work of graphic designers and editors. It enhances the functionality of Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy, and provides a transparent editorial workflow as well as a convenient method of monitoring production progress. Thanks to its open interfaces, publishers can integrate SoftCare K4 easily into their existing software environment and build their own solutions around the system. In addition, K4 offers standard connections to a growing number of systems in order to support a seamless production workflow from content delivery to print production and beyond.

Knowbody Color Markup

Avoid the typical mistakes of using spot colors when you want CMYK instead! Have you ever heard of people that supply an InDesign document to the printer with wrong color usage? Well, this is a typical error that a lot of printers can tell long and terrible stories about. The issue is always delays and extra costs! Don’t risk it any longer! Use Color Markup. It allows you to document color usage automatically.

Knowbody Cool Kerning

Are you interested in controlling kerning in fonts? Or do you simply use prices in brochures? Then you will probably have tried to do manual kerning a 1000 times. You might want the “-” in “XX.-” to be placed on top of the “.”. But InDesign does not allow you to redefine the kerning values for different character-pairs. Not until you start using Cool Kerning.

Knowbody Cool Tracking

Have you ever found yourself in the need of making general amendments to the spacing of a font? In InDesign you are able to make these modifications manually using the “Tracking” setup of the “Character” palette. You can not make it happen automatically. Not until you start using Cool Tracking!

Knowbody HPGL Import

A lot of 3D programs export in HPGL format. But you can’t palce HGPL files directly in InDesign. Not until you get the HPGL Import plugin from Knowbody. The Plugin gives you the option to import a HPGL fil. This is done via a convertion of the HPGL file into an Adobe Illustrator file. It is this AI file that is placed inside InDesign. The Plugin automatically detects when your HPGL file has been modified and makes a new version of the AI file. In the Links palette you wil see this change as a modification of the AI file that needs update in InDesign.

Knowbody Label It

Do you print your pages? Then you might often have asked yourself: What name did I give the image on the page? Was it the first xxx_1.tif or is this really the xxx_2.tif picture? Label It solves this problem. You simply turn on the label function before you print.

Knowbody Scale Alert

Does picture quality matter a lot for your productions? A number of our customers have defined minimum and maximum limits on how much an image is allowed to be scaled i InDesign. This is done to ensure the highest possible quality.

Knowbody Smart Paste

Do you handle a lot of text? Do you often import text from Word and other text programs into InDesign? Then you are probably spending a lot of time on re-applying layout to the text. Smart Paste lets you predefine the font etc inside InDesign so you get the correct font and style, when you paste. But the smart thing is, that it still imports “style”-changes. So you will not loose bold, italic and underline.

Knowbody Stamp It

Do you know who modified your document last time? Stamp It is a plugin that can add timestamps to your document, that is automatically updated.

It also has features that allow you to maintain a log on the page of who changed the document.

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