Adobe InDesign Plugins Part 2 - Mega List of 120 InDesign CS, CS2, CS3 Plugins

Adobe InDesign CS, CS2, and CS3 Plugins

Adobe InDesign Plugins Part 2 - Mega List of 120 InDesign CS, CS2, CS3 Plugins

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Layer Groups

Another great Photoshop feature you’ve missed in InDesign. Now you can use the layers in InDesign freely without the risk of getting lost in them. It’s time to get organized, it’s time to get layer groups. Non-printing setting is not anymore just on object level in InDesign. With Layer Groups plug-in you can set the non-printing attribute to entire layer the way you are used to in other applications.

Lightning Brain ChatterGoofy

This tool emulates the functionality of the well known Jabberwocky XTension in QuarkXPress®. It is compatible with Jabberwocky in that it accepts exported Jabberwocky sets. This first version does not have any editing capability with regards to the sets - that will be introduced in a future version. Things are a bit primitive right now.

Lightning Brain ImageLibraryLoader

The Image Library Loader plug-in allows users to select a folder and automatically fill a floating palette with any images found in that folder. This plug-in helps in the case of structured design environment - often the images a designer needs for creating a document are made available to him or her in a designated folder. Using Image Library Loader for managing the images is much faster than attempting to place the images using conventional means, like placing them or using Adobe Bridge. This tool gives you a floating library-palette filled with images that are automatically retrieved from one or more folders.

Lightning Brain StoryParker

This plug-in helps a designer manage cluttered pages. It adds a number of context menus (right-click or control-click) to various page items. Every page item can be temporarily ‘parked’ - it is put aside, somewhere on the pasteboard. Later on, with a single click, it can be moved back to exactly where it came from. Linked text boxes that contain a long story can be parked all together. The idea is to get one or more page items out of the way quickly, for example to reach something that’s underneath, without risk of accidently moving page items and destroying a carefully crafted layout.

Lightning Sudoku

If you’re publishing a newspaper, magazine, newsletter… this will enable you to generate one or more Sudoku puzzles directly into an InDesign CS/CS2 document - for example for your ‘Puzzle Page’, or to generate whole booklets with Sudoku puzzles. You’re in control of the look and feel of the generated Sudoku - and our generator takes care of actually building the puzzles for you.


LinkOptimizer is a solution to automatically reduce the size of images linked to InDesign documents by eliminating excessive image data. How LinkOptimizer will help you? LinkOptimizer will help you save valuable storage space, time and reduce production costs in a variety of ways by reducing the size of images linked to your InDesign document.


MadeToPrint InDesign is the approved international standard solution for enhancing, ensuring and streamlining all output processes from within Adobe’s professional layout application – offering you maximum power & flexibility in terms of automating printing and creating PostScript, EPS or PDF files. The Plug-In is indispensable for users in publishing, prepress and graphic arts, having to process more than five InDesign documents a day.

img border=0 width=339 height=274 src=”http://www.allgraphicdesign.com/drafts/Indesign/Indesignword2007_files/image088.jpg”>

Magma Effects

Magma Effects™ allows you to apply a variety of image-enhancement and stylizing effects directly to any bitmap image placed in Adobe® InDesign®. Enhance photos with color adjustments, sharpening or white point adjustment. Apply special effects such as star-shines and zoom-blurs or glass distortion. Make your images stand out with style by applying spotlight, bloom or shaded material effects. All without leaving Adobe® InDesign® for another application.


MathMagic Personal Edition is a stand-alone equation editor application for editing any mathematical expressions and symbols with easy-to-use graphical interface and various powerful features. MathMagic Personal Edition works well with any word processors, presentation software like Keynote or PowerPoint, DTP layout software like QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign.

Missing Fonts Loader

The plug-in automatically activates missing fonts when you open Adobe InDesign CS2 document. Missing Fonts Loader is included in award winning FontExpert 2007 font manager for Windows.

ModeS CatalogSuite (CS)

You have already laid out your documents in Adobe InDesign and you want to connect them to your database. Then the ModeS DataConnector should be your tool of choice.


MultiDo shows the last 100 undo or redo operations in two new menus on the InDesign ‘Edit’ menu. Multiple steps can be undone, or redone, by selecting the step to go back, or forward, to.

Newspaper Plug-in

Newspaper Plug-in, an Adobe InDesign Plug-In, enables managers and chief editors to monitor the progress of the current newspaper ediion, while it is being produced, on your system’s web browser. Newspaper Plug-in gives you total control over the newspaper because you monitor its status electronically at all times through any web browser. Newspaper Plug-in puts it all at your fingertips! With Newspaper Plug-in, say goodbye to all costly design and pre- and post-printing errors. Newspaper Plug-in saves you valuable time and money and ensures that no last-minute mistakes are found in the final stage of your print job


OPI_Swapper provides you with an overview of all picture frames in the document , with information of the current picture status, the paths to the low and high-resolution data and information on which files are actually available and which ones are missing. After a document-wide picture swap, a swap log is issued which shows this information. OPI_Swapper quickly and efficiently swaps OPI layout data for OPI high-resolution data and vice versa, and swapping is possible for several documents at once, for a complete document or by frames. As needed, low or high-resolution data can be loaded by a mouse click in documents.

Page Control

The plug-in lets you create different page sizes and both vertical and horizontal spreads inside one InDesign document. One page could be Letter and another page could be A3, and next one could be the size of an envelope. Inserts, foldout and even spines can now be part of the same document file. Page size can be assigned to a single page or spread or to a master page and all associated pages. There is no limit to how many different page sizes there are in the document.


Pagino offers a lot of functions to easily link databases and XML to InDesign CS/2.

Palette Manager

Automatically Organize Your Palettes with Palette Manager. Tired of palettes getting in the way when you don’t need them and being far away when you do? The Palette Manager puts the right palettes right where you need them. By allowing you to lock palettes to either page items or document windows, the Palette Manager makes the palettes follow your work. Additionally, the Palette Manager features a “context sensitive” mode that will allows you to lock a different set of palettes depending on what you’re working on. If you want one set of palettes locked around text frames and a completely different set locked around picture frames, you can do that with the Palette Manager.

PatternMaker and PatternPack

(Free) Designed by page layout guru David Blatner, this free plug-in brings high quality PostScript patterns to InDesign. Fill any frame with one of three patterns, then modify, tweak and reinvent each pattern into unlimited variations!


PDF2ID is a PDF document conversion tool for Adobe® InDesign®. PDF2ID converts PDF documents into a fully editable InDesign file recreating the intended construction and layout of the document. PDF2ID recreates the intended construction and layout of the document by forming paragraphs; applying styles; regrouping independent graphic elements; extracting images; creating tables; recovering annotations and other elements automatically. PDF2ID converts every page in a PDF file to an equivalent page in the resulting InDesign document.

PhotoTiler Pro™

An essential plug-in for Adobe InDesign users. PhotoTiler Pro™ can be used to automatically create a multi-page InDesign™ document containing entire folders full of digital photos. With PhotoTiler Pro™ you can use InDesign™ to easily print high resolution documents or pages containing many pictures arranged in a regular row and column format. Perfect for print or web image organization, photo albums, catalogs, real estate ads, and car ads.

Picture X Tracker

PictureXTracker searches entire folders or entire volumes – and even the subdirectories contained in these – for the pictures which belong to a document. In case PictureXTracker discovers several pictures with the same name during a search process in the files searched, the user himself decides on the directory from which the picture is to be selected. With help of the functionality „Search & Replace“ PictureXTracker also offers the possibility of replacing the picture paths entirely with other picture paths.

Place and Scale

Have you ever been placing a number of bitmap images (for example, JPEG images) of various dimensions, and then manually scaling the images to meet a certain preset target resolution? If the JPEG images originated from different cameras or were taken with different settings, their pixel dimensions can vary widely, and each different type of image needs to be rescaled differently to bring the final resolution to the same standardized value. This plugin helps out. You can define a specific resolution value for each individual InDesign document. When you place any bitmap image into the document, it will be automatically scaled to make sure the effective resolution of the placed image matches the preset resolution value

Place Auto-Synchronizer

This plug-in can auto-update image and text links - avoid the need to manually initiate a link update.

Great for automated systems that need to automatically pull some variable content into a template file.

Proper Fraction Pro

It’s just like Quark’s Make Fraction. Select a fraction, like 1/8. Simply double-click the script. You get a properly styled fraction. Automatically format all fractions in an entire document or selection! A MacBook Pro & InDesign CS3 formats about 14 fractions a second. That’s 140 fractions in 10 seconds! Use OpenType fraction formatting. Stroke Numerator & Denominator for a more even thickness and better looking fractions. Great for non OpenType fonts. A Preferences window to control advanced settings. Custom Kerning Pairs and More!


ProScale ID is a scaling utility unlike any other and a quick look will let you know why it is called Pro. Speed, accuracy, and stability are part of it, but it is the only scaling tool with IntelliScale Technology which allows InDesign users to scale non-proportionally without distorting type and graphics.


PUB2ID (Microsoft Publisher to Adobe InDesign) is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign. It provides a quick, easy and affordable method for you to migrate all your Microsoft Publisher content into new Adobe InDesign documents. The conversion is enabled with a single click using the InDesign File->Open menu. No more re-creating documents from scratch; PUB2ID gives you a big head-start.

Q2ID - QuarkXPress to Adobe Indesign

Q2ID (QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign) is an Adobe plug-in for InDesign. It provides a quick, easy and affordable method for you to migrate all your QuarkXPress content into a new Adobe InDesign document. The conversion is enabled with a single click using InDesign File->Open. No more re-creating documents from scratch, Q2ID gives you a big head-start. Q2ID provides intricate details of the content within the QuarkXPress document to be instantly re-created within InDesign. Items converted from Quark include: page positioning, color models, fonts and styles, images, and text attributes as well as tables, layers, blends, runarounds, linked text boxes & anchored boxes, pantone colors and other color models.


QwikMarx 3.0 is the latest InDesign CS2 & CS3 plug-in from MOAM that builds your layout dimensions for you. QwikMarx now offers new features such as “Accordion Fold” and “Roll fold” layuts that save you time because QwikMarx does the math for you.

Slendro PictureLinks

PictureLinks is an InDesign plug-in that gives users a complete solution to manage the pictures which are being used in the layout document.

The plug-in gives users all the necessary details about the pictures being used in the layout document like Image size, Actual ppi, Effective ppi and also provides them the capability to search the pictures on hard drives and drag and drop those pictures on to the layout document.

Slendro SearchLinks

The plug-in generates and displays measurements for any box within an InDesign document, including text, picture and unassigned “none” boxes.

Plug-In is capable of generating the following measurements (each on their own layer). Intra-box measurements, which are measurements of a box from edge to edge. Extra-box measurements, which are measurements from box to page edge. Inter-box gaps, which are measurements between separate boxes.

Smart Catalog

Catalog production is all about being up-to-date, on time and efficient! Use Smart Catalog to produce your catalogs, price lists, and brochures automatically in Adobe InDesign, by linking your documents to an external data source. Updating documents becomes as simple as clicking on the update button.

Smart Connection Pro

Smart Connection Pro is an integrated workflow solution, based on Adobe InDesign and InCopy. It allows you to efficiently work together on a publication, while strictly separating design and editorial tasks. The result is effective collaboration, and full control over your publication process.

Smart Layout

WoodWing’s Smart Layout plug-in for Adobe InDesign is an indispensable tool for any newspaper and magazine designer.

Interested in saving time when dealing with complex, awkward layouts? Read on, just to see how easy your life can be. Smart Layout adds Article functionality, which tremendously improves your productivity.

Smart Styles

WoodWing’s award-winning Smart Styles plug-in for Adobe InDesign puts powerful automatic formatting capabilities at your fingertips.

SoftCare Notes Manager

The SoftCare Notes Manager plug-in will totally change the way you work with inline notes in Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. Editorial staff will communicate more efficiently using notes, as displaying and navigating notes is made easier and faster. The standard InDesign and InCopy notes feature enables users to create and edit inline notes for their own reference or in order to exchange information with other users. The Adobe notes palette displays one note at a time and allows the user to browse notes in the order in which they appear in the text.

SoftCare Overset Manager

With SoftCare Overset Manager, you can see at a glance if a file contains overset and which text threads are affected. And you can show or hide overset frames for the selected text flow or all text flows on the page. From the SoftCare Overset Manager palette, you can go directly to a specific overset frame, and start editing the text. Additionally, you will be alerted when printing or exporting a document containing overset text. With its extensive feature set, SoftCare Overset Manager significantly increases the level of production security and helps to prevent costly mistakes.

Sonar Bookends InDex Pro

Designed to make automatic indexing as smart and easy as possible, Sonar Bookends Index Pro allows you to index a document that consists of one file or many files. Indexing is simple - just provide a list of items that you want indexed and in minutes you have a complete index. Don’t have a list? No problem. Sonar Bookends InDex Pro can create a list of words based on frequency, a list of proper nouns detected using capitalization and punctuation rules, or it can actually parse the text in your document and create a list of suggested subjects to index! Clean up the list - add or remove entries, merge one list with another - and in minutes you will have your index. A

Sonar Bookends InFnote

It is a footnote/endnote management package for InDesign. Footnotes and endnotes and their associated references are connected using a tagging system. The notes are numbered dynamically using a user selectable numbering scheme and sorted so that they are in the correct order to match their references in the document. Special style sheets are used to format the note numbers so that the note numbers can be restyled in seconds. Multiple files can be managed at one time by simply opening them all at once.

Sonar Bookends InSeq

Automatically number figures, tables, and paragraphs as well as any references to those figures, tables, and paragraphs. A powerful ‘macro’ capability and an unlimited number of counters now allows arbitrarily complex figure, table, and paragraph numbers to be created. Figure numbers can consist of Arabic numerals, Roman numerals, and alphabetic characters or any combination thereof. Also the product can now create running headers and footers. Free demo is available.

Sonar Bookends InXref

It is a cross-reference generator for InDesign. Now you can easily embed references for tables, appendices, chapters, figures, etc. in your document and have the page numbers updated whenever you wish, in seconds. A simple, but powerful, tagging system, allows cross-references to be inserted either while a document is being written or after it is complete.

Split Box fx

Split Box fx™ is a revolutionary plug-in for InDesign which allows users to quickly split standard InDesign text and image boxes into work of art.

Let one of the simple drop down menus spark your creativity or find that special look by combining multiple effects.

Style Flocker

RogueSheep’s Style Flocker manages your character, paragraph and object styles within Adobe® InDesign®. Group and apply all of your styles within a single palette, as well as see the currently applied style or styles within your document. Styles can be grouped according to your needs. Each group, or ‘flock’, can hold any combination of character, paragraph and/or object styles, and any style can appear as many times as suits your needs. Flocks can also contain other flocks, allowing you to organize all of your styles based on your own individual workflow.

Sudoku Generator

So, you’re publishing a newspaper, magazine, newsletter… Wouldn’t it be handy to be able to generate Sudoku puzzles directly in InDesign for your ‘Puzzle Page’? You’re in control of the look and feel of the generated Sudoku - and our generator takes care of actually building the puzzles for you. The generated Sudoku are stored in two InDesign tables - one with the pattern of digits, and another one ‘in front’ which obscures some of the numbers. You can easily expose the solution by removing the frontmost ‘obscuring’ table.


Tab2XML™ is an InDesign Plug-In which automatically imports data from a database (in tabbed delimited format) as an XML i.e. directly into Adobe InDesign Once all the data has been imported to InDesign, all that needs to be done is drag and drop data into their placeholders on the InDesign page.

TableStyles and CellStyles Pro

Fully compatible with InDesign CS-2, TableStyles and CellStyles 1.1 Pro features enhanced functionality, as well as two new enterprise features that provide sophisticated control and continuity when working with spreadsheets and XML files. TableStyles and CellStyles’ powerful table styling features can fully format a table or a cell with a simple click. After the initial formatting, any changes made to the style are updated on the table automatically. The plug-in has the ability to import styles from other documents and create default styles, making it easy to standardize the look and feel for tables across an entire organization.

TableStyles and CellStyles Standard

Finally, true styles for tables and cells arrives in Adobe InDesign! All the power, flexibility and ease-of-use of character and paragraph styles are now brought to bear on tables and cells.


Don’t know what to do with all the time you have saved with DTP Tools plug-ins? Try our free InDesign/InCopy plug-in, which brings this classic game directly to your workspace. Measure your speed and skills with designers worldwide - submit your score to the Tetris Hall of Fame. System competition results might finally bring the answer to the long time question - What’s better - Mac or PC…

Text Count

Text Count provides quick and easy control over word counts, oversets and space assigning in InDesign or InCopy documents. Counts eight different text items in a wide selection of ranges. Text Count info panel shows real time count and estimate results and offers user three new functions for managing overset text.


Fitting text has never been so quick, simple and effective with the introduction of TypeFitter for Adobe InDesign. Utilizing InDesign’s sophisticated justification algorithms, TypeFitter offers a streamlined approach to producing great looking typography.

Workspace Manager CS

The Workspace Manager automatically saves and invokes palette workspaces without requiring any work from the user. It Detects what type of page object is being worked on and automatically brings up the relevant workspace. Automatically saves workspaces as they are modified. Workspace contexts are defined for graphic frames, text boxes, splines, tables and more. Just drop it in and start working. No new windows or dialogs to learn.


Database Binding:

ADO, Access(Jet), Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL: More Databases, on Server- and Client-Side could be done in 1 Process, SQLite: This high-performant Databse is free and totally integrated, Various XML-Files could be referenced in 1 Database Model(ER-Model). SubNodes will be automatically mapped on Relations and could be prompted with SQL, IMDB: For high-performant Execution an In-Memory Databse is integrated, Service: Do you have proprietary Systems, so these could be adjusted over an API, and If you want to lash more Databases, we gladly do it for you.


Is 21” screen still too small to fit all the useful panels and see the layout at the same time? Are you considering buying second screen and using it just to store the panels? Before you spend money on a new screen, try X-ray. This plug-in allows you to set opacity to every panel in InDesign. From now on, you will be able to set opacity to all the tools, which are so essential for your work, but obstruct the view on the actual design. Some of the panels can have 20% transparency and still be useful, while not hiding the more important thing - your work.


Enhance the quality of your printed items, automate, localize, and individualize your print products, and much more.

XMPie uDirect

With an XMPie uDirect Desktop Product, any Adobe InDesign CS2 or CS3 user can produce powerfully-personalized, visually-rich 1:1 communications that get each individual´s attention and result in significantly higher response rates to direct marketing programs. Why limit personalization to just a name? Increase the relevancy of your documents by personalizing the combination of visuals too. For example, change the color schemes to appeal to a different locale, change type styles per age group, show a picture of a the specific product model each customer purchased or display special offers only to credit card holders. The possibilities are unlimited.


Xtags is a powerful text filter that automatically creates finished documents from a tagged text file. Xtags gives IT departments, OEMs, and system integrators a way to automate the construction of complex documents without learning InDesign internals or creating custom plugins, and it gives tag-using end users the power they need for complex editorial jobs. When driving the document building process with a database (picture-based data publishing, books, catalogs, classified ads, etc.), Xtags gives you the ability to build very complex documents using the data-side environment of your choice. From the end user’s standpoint, no technical knowledge is required, and it’s easy to use — you produce a tagged text file, and the end user (or your automation script) simply imports the tagged text to generate the final document.

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