The Coolest Business Cards - Beautiful & Unique Business Card Designs Part 4

Sack Label Business Card Design

The Coolest Business Cards - Beautiful & Unique Business Card Designs Part 4

This is the 4th part of our Coolest Business Card series. This time, we are including the printer (when we can find out the information) who printed these business cards. We received many responses from graphic designers wishing to know how to get similar business cards printed since many of the business cards displayed have complicated folds, cuts, etc. I hope that you enjoy the next set of ‘cool business cards’. Feel free to submit your own.

Viewzi Cool Transparent Plastic Business Card

This is a business card created for Viewzi. Change the way that you look at business cards with this unique business card design. This card was printed by Marketing Systems.

Business Card for Graphic Designer Made from Pantone Cards

This business card for AIGA Knoxville might be my favorite. Pantone cards are an every day item in a graphic designer’s life, so using old pantone cards for your business cards is brilliant. It would be really easy for any of you to utilize this idea. Just print out your info on a sticker (in a well designed fashion like AIGA Knoxville did) and stick it on your old pantone cards.

Dolce Press Letterpress Business Cards

Dolce Press prints out beautiful business cards with the letterpress process. These three cards are all unique in their own way. The first card was designed by Cara Kleid (left). This beautiful 2 color card emphasizes how to combine illustration with a creative font layout and the very cool letterpress printing process. The second card (center) we designed and printed for Tina Chang who wanted an elegant card with a flair so, Dole Press decided to do a subtle background in transparent white so the card wasn’t overpowered with color. The last card (right) was again printed by Dolce Press but designed by David Caso. It was printed, scored, and folded.

Business Cards for Emerson Taymor

Isn’t this the coolest business card? This is a photograph of the “unopened” business card front and back. Now look at what it looks like opened. :) Emerson says that he got these printed at printingforless.com.

Stand Up Business Card for Emerson Taymor

Emerson Taymor had these business cards printout as a diecut out with the bottom of the card being scored. This allows the cardholder to pop Emerson’s body out and form a standup doll of him. This is such a unique idea for a business card. He should also have different clothes to put on him, such as a ballerina tutu and a tuxedo (come on girls, you remember playing with paper dolls when you were little girls). :) The information for this is 4/1 - 3.5″ x 2″ - Custom Die (around the silhouette of Emerson’s body, scored on the bottom edge) allowing a standup doll - 120lb - Matte Coating.

envelope and badge business card design

I know that it is hard to believe but this is a business card for Ed McCulloch. It looks more like an envelope and bage, but in fact it is a mini manila envolope with a badge inside. I am sure that this business card knocks the socks off of everybody who receives it. Ed is an amazing photographer and he successfully shows his creativity with this business card design. This business card was designed by Eric Kass and printed by Anne Benjamin.

A business card for a lawyer on a condom

I busted out laughing when I saw this business card which is for a divorce mediator. It is a business card that opens up to ungift a condom and a lot of Kama Sutra type images within. Lawyers aren’t allowed to advertise so in order to promote themselves, these business cards were created and left at the front desk of motels (where many people tend to have affairs). Read more about this business card here.

Business Cards for Illustrator Paula Birdy

This is a business card for Paula Gibbs’ online shop. The rounded corners, font usage, and illustration together create an elegant business card.

DaviDegasPerini Business Cards cutout design business card

A cool laser cut business card designed by Antonio Moro. Antonio designed this brand for an italian fashion / art photographer Davide Gasperini. David uses his business card as a stencil on his original photos, like a signature.This business card is printed on white Plike 330gr paper, with a black printed back (0+1). The logo it’s obtained with a laser cut done by Laser Services in Italy and printed by Ge.Graf.

papilles-businesscards-oval design

This business card was designed by Mariela Hsu while she was working on a design campaign for Papilles.This business card was printed in Quebec City by Caractéra Production Imprimé.

Reuben's Business Card Face and kids drawing of body

This is the back of Reuben Turner’s business card.

A business card with a rub off answer

A business card that leaves a brutally honest message with a scratch off format.

Coolest Business Card in Booklet Style

I found a business card printing company, Shinebox Print, that allows you to print your business cards in mini booklet style. How unique is this? This ultra-hip advertising agency designed two different covers to distinguish between its two locations. I thought that this was a really cool design.

4 business cards with stickers - cool design

All 4 of the business cards were created by 3 Advertising Agency. You can read more about their business cards and other identity items here. All of these letter pressed cards were printed by Pete McCracken at Crack Press. Some of our other cards were silk screened by a local printer. All or most all of 3 Advertisingn Agency’s cards with the labels are hand assembled by them. It may not be the right thing for some clients but its worth it if you don’t mind spending a little time on your id package.

Sack Label Business Card Design

This business card was also created by created by 3 Advertising Agency. This business card probably costs a fortune to print but it is really cool. Since this business card is for a shirt company (Sack Wear), attaching a shirt label to the business card is such a simple but effective idea.

A recycled business card design

The most unique business card that I have ever seen. This business card is for Ken Speckle Gifts, a store to purchase eco-friendly recycled and ethical wonders. Since Ken Speckle Gifts is all about recycling and environmental concerns, craft, and interesting uses for materials, what would be the sense in getting a load of cards made by a company from freshly pulped card? That is why Ken Speckle Gifts decided to create a business card that was eco friendly, stand out, fold up nicely, and say everything about them, in the way that words don’t.

Sundial business card design

A business card that was created for an antique watch collector that folds to turn into a working sundial. This business card was designed by Euro RSCG Worldwide.

fold to center business card design

A great business card for a company named ‘Fold to Center‘ because this business card folds to the center. :) This business card was designed by Janelle Rebel from Fold to Center and was printed by Rohner Letterpress in Chicago.

Jubes Food Line Cut Folded Business Card Design

This is a business card created for a company called Jubes by Kinetic Singapore. Jubes is a cube-like fun-to-eat dessert and the business card is a person with a huge mouth full of this fun to eat desert. The cool part of this card is the laser cut mouth. When the business card is folded over, you can see the jubes dessert in his mouth. The printer of this business card was Colourscan.

business card design that looks like business envelope

This is the business card for Catalyst Studios. Doesn’t it look just like a business envelope? By the way, Catalyst Studios has a beautiful portfolio.

Sagmeister business card with interesting shape and folding

Sagmeister Creative business card folding origami

A business card designed by Stefan Sagmeister of Sagmeister Inc. This business card is amazing. When you fold this business card it pops up into a different shape.

Stefan Sagmeister 2

Stefan Sagmeister Business Card

This is another business card by Stefan Sagmeister of Sagmeister Inc.

Business Card Greeting Card Postcard Design

Is this one a business card or a postcard. It is hard to tell. Tracy of Tracy Smith Design has pulled off a great business card.

zebra people my name is business card design

A business card designed to look like a ‘Hello My Name is’ sticker.

A business card that looks like a pack of gum.

This is a business card that looks like a stick of Doublemint gum.

Simple Song Design Tag Business Card

A tag-shaped business card for Simplesongdesigns, an online shop for specialty papers.

Basta Business Cards

A round business card?! This business card was designed by Kristina Miletieva for a company called Basta. There is a perforated section of the card so that the card can fit in a card holder easily. This card also would work great for a coaster or frisbee.

Business Cards for Grafitti Artist

This is the cool creation of a design agency called Flow Media. The company that printed these business cards is Green Light Print Solutions.

Negativity Business Cards

These business cards are for a New York City-based fashion line called Negativity. This business card was letterpressed in silver and metallic black on beautiful duplex Neenah Paper.

A business card that looks like a sales tag

These business cards really fooled me. These cards look exactly like a retail price tag, but they are really a business card for Tony Thielsen of Thielen Designs.

Wedgienet business cards

A business card for graphic designer and illustrator, Regina F. Silva. I love double-sided matte finish business cards. I think that the colors that she used works very well…and I can’t help but smile at the W’s wedgie.

in a bottle business cards

I love these fun colors. Genia of Message in a Bottle had these business cards designed and printed by John Sours of JS3 Design and he did all the heavy lifting, including printing! It was worth every penny to not have to hassle with it myself. This business card has a vertical format, fun colors and something incorporating Genia’s bottles. It is a cute idea that the back of the business card includes a “tag cloud” all about Genie.

prebois business card cool black white and red design for business cards

Business card design by Fabrice Praeger.

Business Card for Chris Fisher

A business card designed for a radio presenter that looks like a microphone.

kenhedjduk business card design

A unique business card shaped like a shipping tag. This card is for the creative Ken Hejduk of Little-Jacket.

Folding nested dolls business card

Shawna Hill, a graphic designer, designed a folding business card that is supposed to look like nested dolls. Great idea.

Watson Signage Business Cards

Walton Signage hands out business cards that stand out from others.

Business Card for Michael Kenyon

A really cool textured wood-grain-look business card for Michael B. Kenyon.

Church Business Card Design

This business card is adorable. I was suprised to find out that The Church is a design agency because I was expecting it to be some sort of religious organization. However, the business card’s church window is amazing and completes the design.

Eaten Edge of Business Card Design

Somebody took a bite out of the delicious business card of Orderin, a food company. :)

Creative Business Card Design

I love this business card. I don’t know anything about ‘The Creative Company’ but the book-like fold makes me wonder if it is a design agency working primarily on books or greeting cards.

Business Card Design Rip Off

The business card of Junge Schachtel. To get to the contact information, you must rip away the tab first.

Hair Dresser Business Card

A great laser cut business card design for a barber or hair dresser. The actual business card pulls out of the sleeve.

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    Fantastic selection of business cards, they look amazing and some very funny, but I was wondering how practical are they?

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    I love it when people get creative like that with their business cards. Most people are so cheap when they want business cards when they call me they say “How much are your cheapest cards”?
    I got to the point where I don’t even want to deal with them anymore because they obviously don’t take price in their business. I mean, what’s more important than your business card?

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    Hey could you recommend some companies that specialize in creative business cards that give off great impressions like these? I think a lot of those business cards are awesome. But, I’m having trouble looking for companies that can go overboard like these. Or maybe you could recommend a tutorial to do the design myself…

  9. admin
    Posted September 19, 2008 at 8:17 am | Permalink

    Hi James - Are you looking for printers who specialize in cards like this or are you looking for designers who specialize in these cards?

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    Our company provides unique business card printing. We print different shapes, sizes and finishes. Our line includes the popular mini cards and square business cards. We also carry our own original Cocktail Card. They are all a must have. http://www.premiumcards.net

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    Very inspirational for a fellow designer.

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    The cards are great! Could you tell me who printed the great laser cut business card i am a hair stylist and it is hard to find a cool buisiness card.

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    here is a beautiful collection ! i suggest to see our business cards. we work in design abd are based in Paris France

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    Very clever ideas! Amazing creativity!

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    wood business cards from real wood is really cool….


  17. Kevin
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    I think myminicards.com has the coolest and most unique business cards. The cheapest too considering they are less than $20 bucks!!!

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    noice post. really original thinking gone into some of these

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    very nice designs and i am thanksfuly for you.

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    Those are really cool. The company I currently work for does alot of the clear and frosted business cards. We just put up some videos of them at:

    There is a very popular one that looks like an old cassette tape. Take Care and very inspiring post!


  21. Wesley
    Posted March 6, 2009 at 4:11 am | Permalink

    does anyone know what kind of printers are used to produce some of these various designs? I know they will be extremely expensive so i don’t need to hear everyone commenting on the price. Thanks for any help

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    check this out not sure it will fit here.

  24. Bettany
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    I create and order my own custom cards from myminicards.com their product is amazing, you upload your photos and design your own little cards in a few steps, you can make an entire batch with completely different images, really cute, I lOVE my mini cards.

  25. Posted June 24, 2009 at 2:25 pm | Permalink

    aww my fav are wedgie, orderin,message in a bottle
    others are cool too, but someone can mistakenly throw away the retail tag one

  26. ajay patidar
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    i am a web site developer now a days i am working on pringting domain
    if you need to create web application like http://www.printbell.com/
    let me know i will developer in your rate.
    in this site user also can create his own business card by
    desining studio please go through this site to know more…
    This site is very success in INDIA(ahmedabad).

    Thanks & Kind Regards
    Ajay Patidar

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    this is cool
    send some business card templates to my box

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    need help please looking for a card that has the look of the back side of a dvd for my buisness any advice

  29. Posted October 17, 2010 at 6:04 pm | Permalink

    I want to make a business card in the shape of a hat. Do you know who can do this for me?

  30. Rob
    Posted February 23, 2011 at 2:42 pm | Permalink

    Nice collection. A few of these look like they came from http://www.plasmadesign.co.uk. A colleague ordered a fantastic set of see-through plastic business cards from them.

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