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Freelance Graphic Design Jobs and Web Design Jobs - We’re Rolling in Them

We have set up a script to take the freelance design jobs from dozens of freelance sites, graphic design forums, web design forums, job boards, and graphic design job sites. This script is set to automatically update this job board several times a day so you can be assured that you are looking at regularly updated freelance graphic design and web design projects on this aggregator.

Fonts FAQ - Answers To Your Questions About Fonts

I get questions about fonts all the time and I wanted to write a post that would help many of you. Today I am answering many questions about fonts that will help you in your daily graphic design tasks.

Productivity Tools for Efficient Graphic Designers to Automate Design Process

You will find that a lot of these tools can automate your graphic design process by actually doing the tedious repetitive tasks that slow you down. There are a ton of tools listed here, so make sure to bookmark this page.

Logo Design Process of Inspirational Graphic Designer Jon Sandruck

Logo Design Process of Inspirational Graphic Designer Jon Sandruck
Do you want to learn about the logo design process from a logo designer who is going to have two of his logos to be included in the inspirational Logo Lounge 5? Then please welcome the very talented Jon Sandruck. Today Jon Sandruck is going to detail [...]

Most Unique / Silly Shopping Bags Ever Designed - Inspirational Graphic Design

I have collected more than a dozen of the coolest shopping bags that I have ever seen. The creativity that was put into designing these bags could be put towards any graphic design project, and is not only limited to shopping bag design. These graphic designers thought outside the box (or bag in this situation) and I would love to have you submit some designs that you think showcase the same creative thinking (designing).

Collection of Free Photoshop Pattern Sites - Start Downloading Those Patterns

If you are a Photoshop guru, then you are probably always on the lookout for new free Photoshop stuff. Well, we try to do that legwork for you. On this page you will find a nice roundup of free Photoshop pattern sites. Click through to these sites and download some of those free patterns. Have fun.

Huge Roundup of Typography Blogs, Resources, Articles, Galleries, & Tools

A collection of Typography blogs & resources, Typography articles, Typography showcases, and Typography tools and then categorized them for you in this article.

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