Collection of Free Photoshop Pattern Sites - Start Downloading Those Patterns

Collection of Free Photoshop Pattern Sites - Start Downloading Those Patterns

Collection of Free Photoshop Pattern Sites - Start Downloading Those Patterns

If you are a Photoshop guru, then you are probably always on the lookout for new free Photoshop stuff. Well, we try to do that legwork for you. On this page you will find a nice roundup of free Photoshop pattern sites. Click through to these sites and download some of those free patterns. Have fun.

FreePhotoshop | Graphicxtras Patterns

Patterns are provided by Graphicxtras. It includes series of vector shapes, brushes, patterns, textures, and gradient.


It provides various sets of patterns and are ready for download all at once.

Obsidian Dawn

Photoshop brushes, patterns and tutorials are available free from this site.

Sue’s Wood Pattern Set

Wood textures in panelling and parquet patterns with different wood stain colors.


Free patterns in various styles and categories.


Patterns are available for designing. 10 Photoshop patterns are available for download for free, then sigining up for the PSDloads Ezine can give you 20 more patterns. If you want to get all 110 patterns, visit the site.

Shield Pattern Set

Patterns are created and offered free by John Woods.


Images can be repeated vertically and horizontally. Instructions on how to fill your screen are provided.

Wood Texture Library

There are 61 wood textures and they are sorted to subsections.


It’s a source for deliciously pixellated patterns.

Jay-han Carbon Fibre Photoshop Pattern

It provides free carbon fibre pattern that you can download by following its instructions.

Piccolecraezioni velvetfactory

It has 28 photoshop patterns free for personal use.


It gives 9 summertime patterns free for non-commercial use.


This is a place for designers to pick up freebies for both personal and commercial use.

Squidfingers - Patterns

158 free patterns from Squidfingers.

Brusheezy - Patterns

Lots of patterns available for download. The site even includes a rating system to see what others thought of them.

Photoshop Patterns @ deviantART

This is where you can find the most popular deviations in Photoshop patterns.

BioRUST.com :: Adobe Photoshop Patterns

Free Photoshop patterns from Biorust.

TipClique Photoshop Patterns - Set 001

5 high resolution Photoshop patterns for Adobe Photoshop. You can use them in style with the pattern overlay, and bevel texture options.

Photoshop Ninja Noise Patterns Vol 1

Photoshop Ninja Noise Pattern Vol1

A set of seamless Photoshop noise patterns. It containes 10 noise and grime hand-crafted textures.

Photoshop Patterns From Art Photos On Webshots

Webshots brings us 5 pages worth of Photoshop patterns.

Photoshop Patterns - DigiScrapDepot.com

A few Photoshop patterns from basic to pretty designs.

Photoshop Patterns by Shelby Kate Schmitz

Lots of patterns for Photoshop 7 or higher. Supports both Windows and Mac.

Photoshop Patterns by Athryius Designs

It provides 36 decorative patterns. Colors can be changed using the various color tools in Photoshop.

Photoshop Patterns | Alice Grafixx

Alice Grafixx brings us 38 pages of patterns.

Patterns from ::: Screentones :::

Textures, backgrounds and images for comic-style Photoshops.

Patterns at -=KLEKART=-


Very nice Photoshop patterns by an aspiring Illustrator.

1001 Tours - Photoshop Pattern Downloads

Photoshop patterns from 1001 Tours.

Photoshop Patterns @ DinPattern

4 pages of high quality patterns here.

Design Spice - Free Photoshop Patterns

65 simple Photoshop patterns for backgrounds.


It provides various Photoshop textures and patterns.


It gives you tips on how to use brushes and make patterns. Check it out and have fun!

Free Vector and Photoshop

Free to use and you can change its color to whatever you like. A quick guide is available for your need.


This is the site where you can learn and master the Photoshop pattern handling.

Photoshop Patterns // OptikTutorials

A simple pattern pack containing 50 patterns.

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