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Prepress Checklist : Use on Graphic Design Projects Sending Out to Printers

Your project is camera ready and you are ready to ship it out the door. Here’s a quick list that you can use on almost any project you send out for printing. Print one of these and check off each one as you verify things for each project you do.

Don’t Go Broke at the Printers - How to Save Money at the Print Shop

Find out ways to save yourself money the next time you go on over to the print shop to get one of your graphic design projects printed out. The more you can do in house before sending a project to a printer, the more money you can save on the printing cost. Below I have shared some secret tips with you to save some of your precious money at the commercial printers.

Easy Guide to Commercial Printers for Designers Who Always Get Lost

The most common issue printers face with graphic artists and designers are deadlines. Some graphic designers think that when they hand the design project over to a printer, that they should get the final project back within 30 minutes. While that may be possible on small-scale projects done at quick-copy establishments such as Kinkos, it is not going to happen with a commercial printing press printer. First, understand that getting the project off your computer and turned into the final product has several steps.

Advice for Graphic Design Students - Characteristics of Top Design Students

Find out what the characteristic demeanor is of great graphic design students. This article will provide helpful tips for first year graphic design students on becoming successful in their graphic design education.

Should You Purchase a Web Site Template or Hire a Web Designer

Looking for an appropriate Web Template to use for your business or hobby site is not an easy thing to do. Most of the templates you find (especially the free or low cost templates) are going to be stale, look unprofessional, or have already been cloned all over the web. If you decide to go with something pricier, there is a better chance of getting something that will be decent but then you really need to do your homework to make sure it was worth the money. Also, if you are going to spend a pocket full of dollars on a better template, then should you go with a web designer instead?

Logo Design Inspiration - Best of Cool Logos Part III

This is part III of a multiple part series of the coolest logo designs. You can use this list as a source of logo inspiration or just look at it because it is fun to do. Either way, enjoy the following list of beautiful / cool logo designs.

The Coolest Business Cards - Beautiful & Unique Business Card Designs Part 6

This is the 6th part of our Coolest Business Card series. You will love these new business cards that I found online. I hope that you enjoy the next set of ‘cool business cards’.

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