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Social Networking Communities for Graphic Designers & Web Designers

Are you a graphic designer looking for a place to fit in online? Well, I have put together a comprehensive list of community sites for graphic designers and web designers.

50+ Vector Clip Art Sites for Editable Graphics

One of the drawbacks of most clip art is that you cannot edit these images in Adobe Illustrator or other vector art programs such as CorelDraw. The other major drawback is that you can not resize rasterized clip art without pixelating them. Because of these two major setbacks, many graphic designers prefer vector graphics and clip art. That is why I have taken the time to put together this list of 50+ vector clip art sites.

How to Choose Fonts : A Guide to Choosing Fonts for Graphic Designers

Ben Baker has put together this guide to choosing fonts for your design layouts. I hope that Ben’s Fonts Selection Guide helps you out…if it does, please pass the link on to other graphic designers.

Graphics Compression Tips for Print Design Projects

Although compressing images isn’t as essential for print design as it is for web design, being able to compress graphics certainly comes in handy on some occasions.Hopefully the following article will help you with tips for print design compression.

A Guide to Binding Multi-Page Documents for Graphic Designers

Binding is mostly an issue where multi-page documents are concerned, like magazines, books and multi-page event programs. Most multi-page event programs are center-stapled (saddle stitch), as are most magazines. Only a few high-end magazines, like National Geographic, take the extra expense of having a glued binding. Briefly, here’s a list of the most common kinds of binding.

Numbering Pages in a Single-Fold Layout Graphic Design Project

Numbering a multi-page single-fold document is anti-intuitive to many people. It does not make sense to most people if they just glance at the numbering pattern.

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