Numbering Pages in a Single-Fold Layout Graphic Design Project

Numbering Pages in a Single-Fold Layout Graphic Design Project
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Numbering Pages in a Single-Fold Layout Graphic Design Project

Numbering a multi-page single-fold document is anti-intuitive to many people. It does not make sense to most people if they just glance at the numbering pattern. A single fold layout is a piece of paper which is folded once in order to make 4 pages. Take a sheet of paper. Fold it down the middle. Now, instead of a front and back, you have a front and a back and an inside 2 pages.

Numbering Pages in a Single-Fold Layout Design Project 1

Do this. Get 5 sheets of paper. Imagine each page being folded (see example at above.) This will give you 20 pages. Without folding them, number each page with a large number. in the order you think they should be in. Now, fold the pages. Are they in actual order? If not, here’s the correct numbering scheme is at the bottom of the page. This may not make sense until it is applied to paper. Numbering single fold pages is important when you do projects like programs for special events which will be printed on single-fold sheets.

Now, take 5 sheets of paper. Fold them once. Now, number them like you would pages in a book. Take the pages apart and see which numbers are on each page. You’ll see the even number pages are all on the left and the odd number pages are all on the right.

If you do a project which will be singlefold sheets, turning 2 pages into four, you can lay this out by doing 2 pages on a single file.

Numbering Pages in a Single-Fold Layout Design Project 2

This example above is a scaled down 8×10 page turned 90 degrees. The dotted line represents the fold, which creates two pages to a side. The bottom example is the other side.

20 1
2 19
18 3
4 17
16 5
6 15
14 7
8 13
12 9
10 11

Those 5 pages you numbered after folding them, when you take the pages apart will be numbered like this.

Numbering Pages in a Single-Fold Layout Design Project 3

How many single-fold sheets can be fit into one program or book? That depends on the printer’s capabilities, so you must ask the printer first. In things like high school programs, local talent shot programs, the printer is likely to be local copy machines and people standing around folding pages, putting them together and stapling them. Many small job printers also work this way because sorting and stapling machines don’t generate enough revnue to offset the cost.

Numbering Pages in a Single-Fold Layout Design Project 4

When numbering single-fold projects, the easy way to know which pages are where is to start two columns, like above. See how the numbering scheme goes.

Regardless of how many pages are in your single-fold document, Page 1 will be on the top of the left column and the last page will be on the top of the right column. Page 2 will be the next number in the left column. The bottom number in each column will always be the middle pages.

Another way is to get some paper and cut it down to small sheets equal to the number of sheets in your project. Stack the sheets together. Fold them once. Now, number them like a book. When you take the sheets apart, you’ll know the numbering sequence.

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