Quick and Easy Logos, Clip Art, and Graphics

Graphic designers are collectors of tools. It can be clip art, vector graphics, illustrations, fonts, or website apps. All these little tidbits create a nice library of things that can be used in projects or work.

its-freeFreebies Aren’t Always Free
One thing that you’ll always see on the Internet are the so-called free graphics tools.

The problem is that the tools or downloads aren’t really free and are merely a ruse to get you to go to the website.

Then you suddenly realize, “Hey, this isn’t for free. I actually have to pay if I want to download or use the program! #@@!$%#!” (Censors have prevented the preceding word from appearing to sensitive eyes).

Or other times, the sites are a little more honest and say, “Free download!” Which is actually true, but they don’t tell you that while the download is indeed free, you have to pay in order to use the software or feature.

Quick and Dirty and Really Free
But here are a few places that offer services and helps that really are free with no strings attached. These sites provide quick and not so dirty results for making text logos, clip art, rendered .psd and .il logos, and a few other things without charge.

The next time you’re under the gun in trying to think up a logo, a font, or a design, you might want to visit a few of these sites. Just click on the logos or bold text to go visit them.

logoeaseLogoEase is a simple to use online design tool that offers users a clean and easy to use interface to design a logo with text really fast.

If you are in a rush or just want to experiment with a few ideas to get your thinking cap going, this is the site to go to.

Registration is required but there is no charge to use the website.

cooltextCoolText offers some nice text logos that are simple to use and make.

You’ll be out of there in under five minutes after your first design.

No frills. No bogus programs. Just straightforward text entry, selection of style, font and color, and you’re done.

allfreelogo2AllFreeLogo: Looking for company logos to use in your next project such as Lays, Trekk bicycles, or some other corporation or business? You need look no further than here.

You can download hundreds of corporate logos. Or maybe you just like to collect logos to view and admire. If so, this is the place to be.

logo-instantLogo Instant: Graphic artists upload their logo designs for all to see and use. You can download them and alter them to suit your personal needs.

This is a really cool site for just browsing for ideas and inspiration. And if you see something you like, it’s a totally free download with no strings or restrictions for use.

flamming-textFlaming Text: With a title like this, how could you not take a look? This site is the epitome of simplicity and function if you want to turn plain text into a stylized format.

Type in your words and the site does the rest for you. In addition, you’ll have a big selection of clip art, webmaster tools, buttons, and web art at your disposal.

currencyA few of these websites ask for voluntary donations, and if you like what you see or use, feel free to donate a couple of dollars or other currency to show your appreciation of their work.

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