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Understanding Copyright Basics: Part 1

A crucial part of any graphic design education is understanding copyright law. Yes, it sounds boring, but you’re an artist–and knowing how that little “c” mark works can help you protect your original stuff and protect yourself from an infringement lawsuit.
What is a copyright, anyway?
A copyright protects “original works of authorship,” meaning any literary, dramatic, [...]

Tackling Great Typography

With thousands of fonts and the ease of digital technology, you’d think that every art director, graphic designer, and amateur out there would be able to achieve typographic perfection. But typography has been a specialized art since the printing press was invented, and it takes skill to really get it right–whether you’re a pro or just [...]

How to Avoid Facebook Disaster

Since we’re on the topic of good office and freelance behavior, it would be remiss to leave out the rules of engagement when it comes to Facebook and work. We’ve all heard the horror stories–someone leaves a disparaging status update about their boss, and the next day they’re fired. Remember Heather Armstrong, who was promptly [...]

How to Get Booted from your Freelance Gig

Freelancing can be a great gig for graphic designers–the projects are always changing, you have more flexibility, and you can set your own schedule. Many designers get to know certain clients and companies well, getting repeat business. Freelancing can even be a great way for people working on their graphic design education to get their [...]

A Lesson in Composition–with LEGOs

So we were just discussing the basic building blocks of great composition. Well, designer and author, Christoph Neiman, seems to have taken those lessons to heart. Literally.
In his new book, Neiman showcases his spot-on impressions of life in NYC, composed with nothing more than a few LEGOs and simple hand-written captions. An award winning illustrator, [...]

The Building Blocks of Great Composition

No graphic design education is complete without a thorough understanding of composition. It’s the basis for any design, whether you’re working in photography or film or comic book illustration. So how well versed are you in the building blocks of great composition? Take a look at these basic composition principles from the book The Designer’s [...]

3 Ways to Create a Vintage-looking Photo

We’ve all got super high-resolution cameras that take beautifully clear, crisp shots. And then what do we want to do with them? Give them a warmer, vintage look. Make it seem like the edges are crinkled and the images faded. Some tricks even give the illusion that the camera malfunctioned.
It’s might seem a little nuts [...]

How to turn your internship into a job.

Awesome! You’re lucky enough to be among the millions of eager designers who are furthering their graphic design education this summer with an internship. But don’t think of it as just a chance to get a little experience and maybe a couple of after-work happy hours. With the right moves, you could turn your internship [...]

Tarnished Logos: Can Brands Bounce Back From Scandal?

In the wake of the ongoing oil disaster in the Gulf, petroleum giant BP is taking flak from all sides, including attacks on their logo. As the irony in BP’s “beyond petroleum” tagline becomes painfully obvious, GreenPeace is calling for a re-brand of the bright green and yellow BP logo, which had implied a certain [...]

School’s Out! So Now What?

Whether you just graduated or you’re just on summer break, it’s important to make the next few months count. Yes, we’ve heard the job market is terrible. But it doesn’t have to slow you down. Here are a few tips to help put your graphic design education to work, even if you’re not working:
1. Fine [...]

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