Monthly Archives: July 2010

Smart Design, Even Smarter PR

Just imagine: You and your team spend weeks and weeks preparing the perfect print campaign. You pull all nighters, tweak graphic designs, and perfect copy. Then on the big rollout day, you get banned. The horror!
It should be a crushing blow. But if you’re an expert social marketing group like PETA, being banned from the [...]

Corel is on a Quest for the Best

Over the past 25 years, Corel has grown from a tiny start-up company to a global software brand. So to celebrate, they’re throwing one heck of a virtual party for fans and customers across the world. Kicking off the bevy of special events and offers is the Quest for the Best Creativity Challenge, an open [...]

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Design School

When looking at design or art programs, there are so many things to consider. First and foremost, you have to be fairly sure that you really want to become a graphic designer. Whether you’re looking at part-time online courses or full-time graphic design colleges, it’s a major investment that you shouldn’t take lightly.
Once you’re feeling [...]

Positive Posters Design Contest

Do you have graphic design chops and a sunny disposition? Then the Positive Posters design challenge was made for you. Founded in 2009 by Australian graphic designer Nick Hallam, the non-profit international poster competition asks participants to come up with an original poster design based on a different positive theme each year.
The top 30 poster [...]

London Science Museum: A Great Logo, Decoded

Looking to attract a more sophisticated audience and re-energize its image, the London Science Museum launched a sleek new identity earlier this summer. But one question remains–can people even read their logo?
Comprised of letters resembling computer code stacked on top of each other, deciphering the new logo is no easy feat. But it seems [...]

Three Off-the-beaten Path Graphic Design Careers

According to The Princeton Review, nearly 25,000 people try to enter the field of graphic design each year. But only about 60 percent persevere the first two years, and only about 30 percent make it to the 5 year mark.
Perhaps that means graphic design is a tough career to pursue. Or perhaps those lost souls [...]

Think Your Rebrand Has What it Takes To Win?

Think you’ve done some outstanding rebranding work over the past year? In just a few days you can really see how your rebrand stacks up against the best of the best. The prestigious REBRAND 100® Global Awards are about to start accepting submissions for 2011. Winning one of these puppies is just about one of [...]

Understanding Copyright Basics: Part 2

OK, so you’ve got the basics on protecting your own work. Next up in your copyright and graphic design education–how to make sure you’re not stepping on the law’s toes when you use work from another artist.
Well, under fair use laws, there are ways you can legally and fairly use someone’s graphic design work. Using [...]

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