Monthly Archives: January 2011

Specific Fonts: A Short History Lesson

Knowing the history behind various typefaces and why they were originally used can be a graphic design education in and of itself. If you know why and how typefaces were originally used, choosing your fonts could become not just about current aesthetic sensibilities and preferences, but also about referencing the technological and typography past. So [...]

Significant Fonts

The above photo, posted on Flickr.com by arnoKath, illustrates the art behind using different typefaces. A fonts gallery can seem like a graphic designer’s dream, an endless playground of symbols that can be combined to convey a message not only in words, but also through shapes. But of course, typefaces are often designed for more [...]

10 Tips for Landing that First Graphic Design Job, Part II

Okay, you’ve got things prepared for the actual job hunt: your own goals, your resume, and a great portfolio. Now here are the next five of ten tips about landing that first graphic design job.

6) Be patient. The economy is tough, so don’t panic and start sending generic cover letters to all job possibilities if [...]

10 Tips for Landing that First Graphic Design Job, Part I

Landing your first graphic design job is just as much about working smarter as working harder. To improve your chances of success, before you even send out an application, check out these first five of ten tips about getting a job in graphic design.
1) Know the job market. Read every graphic design job ad [...]

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