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Negotiating Tips: Getting the Deal You Want

Negotiating is an essential part of a¬†graphic designer’s business, and it can be tricky even for experienced negotiators. You and the client are both looking to get as much as possible for your side of the deal, and while concessions and compromises may be inevitable, you want to make a few as possible. Here are [...]

4 Online Magazines and Journals for the Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, where do you go for inspiration, connections, business news, copyright and legal information, best practices, and technological advances? There are professional magazines and journals out there that cover a variety of news, research, issues, and developments related to various topics, including graphic design. So if you’re interested in design magazines that [...]

Will Design for Dollars: Considerations for Setting Fees

When you go into business for yourself, setting the right fees could help determine your success. It can be difficult to figure out what to charge; after all, it’s much more than knowing how much you want per hour. Start brainstorming by thinking about the following considerations:

Overhead. What are the actual costs of your business? [...]

Career Growth through Professional Mentorship

Have you ever thought about getting a professional mentor? If not, you should. There are a variety of advantages to having a graphic design mentor if you’re wanting help with career guidance, and finding a mentor can be a way for you to continue your graphic design education even when formal classes are over.

Advantages of [...]

Tips for Presenting Your Portfolio

Congratulations! You have a portfolio presentation coming up. But presenting your portfolio in an actual job interview can be just as challenging as putting the portfolio together. (If you’re still designing your portfolio, check out “The Dos and Don’ts of a Successful Portfolio,” Part I and Part II.) Once you have your portfolio prepared, let [...]

Business Classes for Freelance Designers

Going into business for yourself can be intimidating. Now, in addition to finding clients and completing design jobs, you’re also your own boss, accountant, janitor, art director, and IT specialist. But luckily, there are ways to prepare yourself for a freelance graphic design career, including business classes at graphic design school. In fact, the Bureau [...]

Eye-Catching: Making Pictures Stand Out in Print

How do you choose the right photo for a newspaper story, magazine article, or advertisement? It can be difficult to balance headlines, photos, and texts, so today we’re focusing on selecting the right images for storytelling. How do you make a photo really stand out on a page? Here are some tips to help you.

Psychology and Graphic Design

The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that graphic designers get a broad liberal arts education, and specifically mentions courses in psychology. However, if you’re tired of taking classes, it might be difficult to motivate yourself to take one more. After all, you’ve already learned abut how color and shapes affect graphic design. So what could [...]

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