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Best Creative, Clever, Some Funny Print Ads - Best Print Advertisements

I think you will enjoy this collection of creative / clever print advertisements…most from magazines.

Best of Invitation Design - Cool Invitations for Design Inspiration

All out of new ideas for your next invitational design project? I have collected some invitations online that you might find quite inspiring. Some of these are promotional invitations and some of them are personal wedding and party invitations. But one thing that all of these invitations have in common is that all of them are inspiring, so please check them out.

Annual Report Designs - Best of Annual Reports

Take a look at these amazing Annual Reports. These are the best of the best annual reports…at least of what I could find.

Best of Brochure Design - Unique & Creative Brochures for Designer Inspiration - Part 2

You are going to love these creative and unique brochures. The brochures that you are about to see are some of the most amazing brochures that I have seen in a long time. As a graphic designer, you probably keep an inspiration file for when you are lacking inspiration for a project that you are working on. I suspect that you will want to keep this list of brochures in your inspiration file.

Best of Business Stationary, Letterhead & Business Cards : Inspirational Corporate Identity Design

Letterhead, envelopes, and business cards can be incredible works of art. Throw away the ideas of simple, plain white sheets of paper that you call stationary and look at these inspirational design pieces to move your concepts of identity design forward.

Funniest Record Album Covers - Funny & Worst Designed Record Covers Ever

Funniest Record Album Covers - Funny & Worst Designed Record Covers Ever
You will love these humorous record album covers. Don’t get me wrong, the people who designed these record album covers weren’t trying to be funny. These are just the worst record album covers that have ever been designed! You will laugh at these. Please [...]

Most Unique / Silly Shopping Bags Ever Designed - Inspirational Graphic Design

I have collected more than a dozen of the coolest shopping bags that I have ever seen. The creativity that was put into designing these bags could be put towards any graphic design project, and is not only limited to shopping bag design. These graphic designers thought outside the box (or bag in this situation) and I would love to have you submit some designs that you think showcase the same creative thinking (designing).

Best Cool, Clever & Unique Billboards and Outdoor Advertising Part II

This part II of a never-ending series of the coolest outside ads, billboards, and public advertising.

Best Cool, Clever & Unique Billboards and Outdoor Advertising

Best Clever & Unique Billboards and Outdoor Advertising
I have found tons of the coolest billboards, outdoor advertising, and transit ads ever. I am listing many of them today but I have found many others (and I am still searching for more) that I will list soon. I am listing them in a gallery [...]

Logo Design Inspiration - Cool Logos Part II

This is part II of a multiple part series of the coolest logo designs. You can use this list as a source of logo inspiration or just look at it because it is fun to do.

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