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Collaborating and Negotiating: Part II

Today, we’re looking at the collaboration side of negotiation and collaboration in graphic design. Because your work is ultimately for the client, at times you as the designer must be willing to compromise to reach a mutually agreeable goal. Here are some tips to help you collaborate with clients.

Ways to Collaborate

Listen. On page 28 [...]

When Things Go Bad: 5 Tips for Firing Clients

Most graphic designers will be in a similar situation at some point: the client will not pay, the client is never satisfied with your work yet won’t collaborate to fix it, or you simply realize that you and the client are not meshing. Regardless of when and why you need to fire a client, everyone [...]

Tips for Working with Clients: Approaching the Relationship

Whether you’re looking for design classes, design degree programs, internships or first jobs, it’s important to choose an option that will help you learn clear communication, especially when it comes to designer/client relationships. Knowing how to work with clients should always be part of a successful graphic design education. The following tips can help you [...]

Working for Good: Pro Bono Design, Part II

If you’re interested in doing pro bono graphic design work, it’s important to educate yourself about smart ways to do it. Once you’ve got some guidelines, you can approach your pro bono work with creativity; unless your client specifically requests it, you don’t need to limit yourself to a brochure. Consider these ideas for pro [...]

Working for Good: Pro Bono Design, Part I

Doing pro bono (”for the public good”) work has a variety of advantages, including the chance to do something good for someone else, network in your community (or in the online business and design community), possibly get a tax break, and build up your portfolio. Today, we’re taking a look at smart ways to do [...]

Negotiating Tips: Getting the Deal You Want

Negotiating is an essential part of a¬†graphic designer’s business, and it can be tricky even for experienced negotiators. You and the client are both looking to get as much as possible for your side of the deal, and while concessions and compromises may be inevitable, you want to make a few as possible. Here are [...]

Will Design for Dollars: Considerations for Setting Fees

When you go into business for yourself, setting the right fees could help determine your success. It can be difficult to figure out what to charge; after all, it’s much more than knowing how much you want per hour. Start brainstorming by thinking about the following considerations:

Overhead. What are the actual costs of your business? [...]

Tips for Presenting Your Portfolio

Congratulations! You have a portfolio presentation coming up. But presenting your portfolio in an actual job interview can be just as challenging as putting the portfolio together. (If you’re still designing your portfolio, check out “The Dos and Don’ts of a Successful Portfolio,” Part I and Part II.) Once you have your portfolio prepared, let [...]

Business Classes for Freelance Designers

Going into business for yourself can be intimidating. Now, in addition to finding clients and completing design jobs, you’re also your own boss, accountant, janitor, art director, and IT specialist. But luckily, there are ways to prepare yourself for a freelance graphic design career, including business classes at graphic design school. In fact, the Bureau [...]

10 Tips for Landing that First Graphic Design Job, Part II

Okay, you’ve got things prepared for the actual job hunt: your own goals, your resume, and a great portfolio. Now here are the next five of ten tips about landing that first graphic design job.

6) Be patient. The economy is tough, so don’t panic and start sending generic cover letters to all job possibilities if [...]

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