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4 Online Magazines and Journals for the Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, where do you go for inspiration, connections, business news, copyright and legal information, best practices, and technological advances? There are professional magazines and journals out there that cover a variety of news, research, issues, and developments related to various topics, including graphic design. So if you’re interested in design magazines that [...]

Specific Fonts: A Short History Lesson

Knowing the history behind various typefaces and why they were originally used can be a graphic design education in and of itself. If you know why and how typefaces were originally used, choosing your fonts could become not just about current aesthetic sensibilities and preferences, but also about referencing the technological and typography past. So [...]

Significant Fonts

The above photo, posted on Flickr.com by arnoKath, illustrates the art behind using different typefaces. A fonts gallery can seem like a graphic designer’s dream, an endless playground of symbols that can be combined to convey a message not only in words, but also through shapes. But of course, typefaces are often designed for more [...]

Lessons to Learn from Gap’s Rebranding Disaster

Creating logos can form a large part of some graphic design careers. If that logo is for an entire company, then you have a huge responsibility on your shoulders. Here are three important things Gap’s recent failure at rebranding their own logo should teach you not to do:
1. Don’t underestimate the public’s awareness of design
As [...]

Smart Design, Even Smarter PR

Just imagine: You and your team spend weeks and weeks preparing the perfect print campaign. You pull all nighters, tweak graphic designs, and perfect copy. Then on the big rollout day, you get banned. The horror!
It should be a crushing blow. But if you’re an expert social marketing group like PETA, being banned from the [...]

Graphic Design, Book Covers, and You - Part II

Reading a Book by Its Cover
The chance to produce art for a book cover is rare, but the essential thought processes and creative steps are very similar, if not identical, in the inventive process. In this series we actually try to read a book by its cover–to see if the design concept is successful or [...]

When Design Becomes Literal

As a graphic artist, you face the challenge of creating designs that are unique, and interesting. Some designers, as you will see, have taken the idea of design to a very literal form.
The following examples are fun to look at and admire, but also serve as inspiration to think “inside the box” by approaching design [...]

Great Ideas for Package Designs - Part I

See, Learn, and Get Inspired
Designing a package can be quite challenging when trying to think of unique ways to present a product. The following examples show how graphic designers think outside the packaging box by using creative techniques that are novel in approach, and also quite functional by design.
Otokoyama Sake

A simple design can be more [...]

90+ Graphic Design Blogs - Blogs about Graphic Design, Web Design, Typography, Photoshop

Do you like to keep up with up and coming news about graphic design, typography, web design, and design industry news? We have come up with a list of almost 100 quality graphic design blogs and we thought that we would share this list with you.

Freelance Graphic Design Jobs and Web Design Jobs - We’re Rolling in Them

We have set up a script to take the freelance design jobs from dozens of freelance sites, graphic design forums, web design forums, job boards, and graphic design job sites. This script is set to automatically update this job board several times a day so you can be assured that you are looking at regularly updated freelance graphic design and web design projects on this aggregator.

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