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Online Drawing Tools & Free Online Painting & Sketching Tools

As Graphic Designers, we are all creative individuals. I thought that most of you would love to know about all of the fantastic online drawing and painting tools that are available online. Not only are they fun, but they are also quite useful for sketching out some of our ideas. Some of these tools can also be used as design collaboration tools to use with your co-workers, clients, friends, teachers, and family. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to send me links to online drawing tools that I might have missed.

55+ Color Tools for Color Palettes, Color Combinations, Color Schemes & More for Graphic Designers & Web Designers

55+ Color Tools for Color Palettes, Color Combinations, Color Schemes & More for Graphic Designers & Web Designers - Part II

Every designer will find these free online color tools to be useful. Whether you are a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Fashion Designer, Interior Designer, Landscape Designer, or any other sort of Designer, color combinations are [...]

Huge List of Adobe Illustrator Plugins & Filters & Tools

Huge Mega List of Adobe Illustrator Plugins, Filters, and Tools

If you are an Adobe Illustrator user, then this mega-list of Adobe Illustrator Plug-ins is just what you are looking for. Enjoy! Also visit our Mega List of Free Adobe Photoshop Filters and Plug-ins.
3D Invigorator Plugins for Macs (Zaxwerks) - The Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator is [...]

1000s of Free Photoshop Plugins & Filters MegaList

Have you been looking for a way to add some extra zest to your Photoshop images? Have you wanted to find some cool Photoshop filters but didn’t want to spend any of your cash? Well, I have put together a long list of Free Photoshop Plugin along with a summary of what you will find [...]

The Debate Between QuarkXpress and Adobe InDesign

Quark vs. InDesign 

Short Moment in History 

Since the late 80’s (and early 90’s), Quark and Adobe have battled to see who would reign victorious to become the best choice in desktop publishing.  In the late 80’s Aldus Inc. had a desktop publishing program called PageMaker.  Soon to follow, Quark Inc. released QuarkXPress, which become Aldus’s main [...]

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