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Printed Paper and Storyboard Templates Galore

People sort of take paper for granted. It’s everywhere and has become such a common commodity that it is rarely given a second thought.
But for anyone in graphic arts, illustration or design, paperĀ  is useful in producing the end results.
Sometimes there is a need for the use of certain types of utility paper such as [...]

Get Graphic Design Tips and Courses for Free

There is an incredible amount of information on the Internet. Sometimes the hardest part about surfing is distilling the good info from the useless or even worse, the wrong info.
If you want to get a few training freebies related to using Photoshop, Illustrator, web design, and yes, even an introduction to basic graphic design, we’ve [...]

Free Photoshop Brushes for Creativity and Fun

Photoshop is an application that can be used by beginners for graphics projects and photo retouching. But as many seasonedĀ  PS users know, this is only the very surface of what this great program can do.
Seasoned PS users also start to collect all manner of plugins and add-ons to their Photoshop program. The number of [...]

Roundup of Trading / Bartering / Swapping Sites for Graphic Designers

Whether you want to barter your graphic design / web design services, swap your graphic design books, trade your graphic design software, your graphics, or some other graphics items, these sites will help you do that. You can save a ton of money by trading what you do have for something that you don’t have.

What to Expect with a Wacom Cintiq Drawing Tablet (and How to Set up Your Cintiq)

A very positive review of the Wacom Cintiq Digital Graphics Tablet and a tutorial on how to set up your Wacom Cintiq.

Which Graphics Tablet or Digital Graphics Pen Display Should Graphic Designers Buy

As a graphic designer, you probably have tried digital graphic tablets before. Heck, you might even own one or two already. But do you realize how far digital graphics tablets have come in the last few years?

27 Adobe Photoshop Cheat Sheets and Quick Reference Cards for Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS3, CS2 and Below

I would be hard pressed to find a web designer or graphic designer who doesn’t like a helpful Photoshop Quick Reference Card or Cheat Sheet. Cheat Sheets can help you save so much time and can really help you learn about Adobe Photoshop in an easy to understand format. I have gathered a list of Adobe Photoshop cheat sheets that I have found to be the most helpful.

GIMP Resources Part 2 - Ultimate List of GIMP Sites, Plugins, Tutorials Oh My!

This is Part 2 of our GIMP Resources Articles. We have put together a huge list of online GIMP resource sites such as GIMP Tutorial Directories, GIMP Brushes, GIMP Color Palettes, GIMP Gradients, GIMP Patterns & Textures, GIMP Podcasts & Blogs, GIMP Communities, GIMP Forums, GIMP Art Galleries, and GIMP Plugins & Scripts.

Web Based Image Editors - Online Photoshop Alternatives for Image Editing

With Adobe recently launching their online version of Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Photoshop Express - you might be wondering if there are other quality image editors online. You don’t have to wonder anymore. We have put together a list of more than 30 web-based picture editors that are great alternatives to Photoshop Express. I am not saying that any of these online image editing tools are better than Photoshop Express, but they are all quality tools that can be used to create great image effects.

Freelance Graphic Design Jobs and Web Design Jobs - We’re Rolling in Them

We have set up a script to take the freelance design jobs from dozens of freelance sites, graphic design forums, web design forums, job boards, and graphic design job sites. This script is set to automatically update this job board several times a day so you can be assured that you are looking at regularly updated freelance graphic design and web design projects on this aggregator.

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