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Career Growth through Professional Mentorship

Have you ever thought about getting a professional mentor? If not, you should. There are a variety of advantages to having a graphic design mentor if you’re wanting help with career guidance, and finding a mentor can be a way for you to continue your graphic design education even when formal classes are over.

Advantages of [...]

Tips for Presenting Your Portfolio

Congratulations! You have a portfolio presentation coming up. But presenting your portfolio in an actual job interview can be just as challenging as putting the portfolio together. (If you’re still designing your portfolio, check out “The Dos and Don’ts of a Successful Portfolio,” Part I and Part II.) Once you have your portfolio prepared, let [...]

Significant Fonts

The above photo, posted on Flickr.com by arnoKath, illustrates the art behind using different typefaces. A fonts gallery can seem like a graphic designer’s dream, an endless playground of symbols that can be combined to convey a message not only in words, but also through shapes. But of course, typefaces are often designed for more [...]

10 Tips for Landing that First Graphic Design Job, Part II

Okay, you’ve got things prepared for the actual job hunt: your own goals, your resume, and a great portfolio. Now here are the next five of ten tips about landing that first graphic design job.

6) Be patient. The economy is tough, so don’t panic and start sending generic cover letters to all job possibilities if [...]

10 Tips for Landing that First Graphic Design Job, Part I

Landing your first graphic design job is just as much about working smarter as working harder. To improve your chances of success, before you even send out an application, check out these first five of ten tips about getting a job in graphic design.
1) Know the job market. Read every graphic design job ad [...]

Associate Degree or Bachelor's Degree, That Is the Question (Part 2)

Now that you’ve read about the pros of a graphic design associate degree, here are some of the cons you should know.
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Associate Degree or Bachelor's Degree, That Is the Question (Part I)

A graphic design education can prove invaluable when applying for your first job as a graphic designer. Yet in addition to choosing from among the many graphic design schools available, you also have to decide which degree would best meet your needs: a 2-year associate degree or 4-year bachelor’s degree?
An associate degree usually qualifies you [...]

Big Industries vs. High Paying Industries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the top five industries with the highest concentration of graphic designers as well as the five industries that pay graphic designers the most. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no overlap between the two lists. Should you pay attention to one more than the other?
First, the industries with the highest level [...]

Design Career Profile: Environmental Graphic Design

Do you have the skills necessary to combine graphic, interior, architectural, industrial, and landscape design? Do you enjoy shaping the overall concept or feel of a place? Then you may enjoy a career in environmental graphic design.
What Is Environmental Graphic Design?
In this career, you could find yourself working in such diverse areas as creating the [...]

Choose Your Graphic Design Courses Wisely

“Graphic design” encompasses a wide range of jobs, each one demanding certain specific skills. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers with experience in animation and web design should have the best job opportunities. So how do you prepare for those careers?
Multimedia artists and animators need the ability to draw by hand and [...]

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