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50+ Vector Clip Art Sites for Editable Graphics

One of the drawbacks of most clip art is that you cannot edit these images in Adobe Illustrator or other vector art programs such as CorelDraw. The other major drawback is that you can not resize rasterized clip art without pixelating them. Because of these two major setbacks, many graphic designers prefer vector graphics and clip art. That is why I have taken the time to put together this list of 50+ vector clip art sites.

The History and Copyright of Clip Art : A Guide for Graphic Designers

Clip art is a collection of graphic images of various shapes, sizes and colors, including maps, diagrams, illustrations, cartoons and designs, available to you for copying and pasting into your own page layout. You can shop for any activity that needs an image, such as business presentations, birthday/wedding invitations, sports events, holiday greetings, etc. People associate clip art with web decoration, but the images are also available in printed format. Clip art consists exclusively of illustrations, and excludes photographic images.

Collection of Free Photoshop Pattern Sites - Start Downloading Those Patterns

If you are a Photoshop guru, then you are probably always on the lookout for new free Photoshop stuff. Well, we try to do that legwork for you. On this page you will find a nice roundup of free Photoshop pattern sites. Click through to these sites and download some of those free patterns. Have fun.

List of Vector Conversion Software - 30+ Tools to Turn Photos into Line Art and Illustrations

I love Vector Magic, a free online vectorization tool. It is a really cool browser-based tool that can be used to turn a photograph into an illustration. It doesn’t always succeed in getting that look that you might be looking for, but it does a pretty good job. I usually just use it to play around with photos to see what Vector Magic can do with it, but it also can be very useful if you want to convert a photo into an illustration. I started to wonder how many other vectorization tools and software packages there were out there and I was surprised to find out that there are a ton o them. Basically, most of these tools turn Raster / Bitmap / Photo Images into Line Art / Illustrations / Vector Art.

Free Photoshop Shapes Downloads - Mega List of Free Custom Vector Shapes for Adobe Photoshop - Part I

I am in love with vector shapes right now. I think they are so handy to have around when you are building a site. The way that you can stretch vectors without creating jaggy edges, makes them incredibly useful. Most of the time I just land up breaking them apart to use a curve that I like. I also love using them for as badges or buttons on web sites. I have collected a huge selection of free custom Photoshop shapes. If you download every single one of these, there are probably close to 15,000 free Adobe Photoshop shapes. There are more to come in Part II. Enjoy.

A New and More Accurate Search Engine for Finding Free Clipart

As graphic designers, we are always on the hunt for quality free clipart images to use in our designs. The problem is that often searching for clipart often brings back very inaccurate search results. Well, thanks to one of my friends, I have found a new site called Find Free Clipart which will make my life much easier the next time I search for clipart online.

Networking with Other Designers Using Flickr, Flickr Alternatives, and Photoblogging

You are a Graphic Designer / Web Designer and you need to get your work out there in order to get noticed. I wrote an article with 120+ Self Promotion Ideas for Designers, but I didn’t have time to delve deeper into Social Networking. Social Networking is a way to get 1000s of viewers [...]

List of 180+ Best Design Inspiration Sites (Graphic Designers & Web Designers)

List of 180+ of the Best Design Inspiration Showcase Sites (Graphic Designers & Web Designers)

digg_url = ‘http://allgraphicdesign.com/graphicsblog/2007/12/16/list-of-180-best-design-inspiration-sites-graphic-designers-web-designers/’;
Are you looking for a little inspiration for your next design project? This list will get you through next million inspiration jams. This is a list that boasts 180+ design inspiration sites. If I have missed [...]

Huge List of Free Stock Photography Sites on The Net

Today, our blog is about finding free stock photography & images on the Internet. We have compiled a large list of websites that allow you to use the images on their site for free. Most of the below resources, are large compilations of photos that are both searchable and browsable.

Huge List of Free Stock Photography [...]

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