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Negotiating Tips: Getting the Deal You Want

Negotiating is an essential part of a graphic designer’s business, and it can be tricky even for experienced negotiators. You and the client are both looking to get as much as possible for your side of the deal, and while concessions and compromises may be inevitable, you want to make a few as possible. Here are [...]

Will Design for Dollars: Considerations for Setting Fees

When you go into business for yourself, setting the right fees could help determine your success. It can be difficult to figure out what to charge; after all, it’s much more than knowing how much you want per hour. Start brainstorming by thinking about the following considerations:

Overhead. What are the actual costs of your business? [...]

Big Industries vs. High Paying Industries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the top five industries with the highest concentration of graphic designers as well as the five industries that pay graphic designers the most. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no overlap between the two lists. Should you pay attention to one more than the other?
First, the industries with the highest level [...]

Best Paying Cities for Graphic Designers

Should you relocate to make more money as a graphic designer? Or even look for graphic design colleges in specific cities to improve your employment prospects? Certain cities do pay significantly more than others.
If a high salary is your primary goal, then you should know the five highest paying metropolitan areas for graphic designers in [...]

Creating a Graphic Design Resume

Many graphic design colleges instruct their graduating students on the appropriate content, outline, and presentation for their portfolios as they prepare to enter the market.  This is great! This is important! But, it’s not all you need.  With equal attention to detail, recall your academic and work experiences and attack your professional resume.
Every Little Detail [...]

Starting a Graphic Design Business: Part II

You’re in the Money
In our last post we identified some of the advisors you need on your team as you start a graphic design business.  Lucky for you, the logistical fun doesn’t end there.  Armed with your graphic design education and ready to take on your first project, you first need a pricing structure. Design [...]

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