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Why You Should Consider Graphic Design Contests

Want to improve your resume, impress potential employers, and get your name in front of the biggest firms and most important people in the design community? Then you need to consider entering some graphic design contests and competitions.
However, consider a few things before entering.
1. How worthwhile is this competition?
Look at [...]

How to Get Booted from your Freelance Gig

Freelancing can be a great gig for graphic designers–the projects are always changing, you have more flexibility, and you can set your own schedule. Many designers get to know certain clients and companies well, getting repeat business. Freelancing can even be a great way for people working on their graphic design education to get their [...]

How to turn your internship into a job.

Awesome! You’re lucky enough to be among the millions of eager designers who are furthering their graphic design education this summer with an internship. But don’t think of it as just a chance to get a little experience and maybe a couple of after-work happy hours. With the right moves, you could turn your internship [...]

School’s Out! So Now What?

Whether you just graduated or you’re just on summer break, it’s important to make the next few months count. Yes, we’ve heard the job market is terrible. But it doesn’t have to slow you down. Here are a few tips to help put your graphic design education to work, even if you’re not working:
1. Fine [...]

Keeping Your Cool as a Graphic Designer - Part II

In the last post, we started to look at managing the more difficult moments as a graphic designer.  Let’s continue this professional therapy and consider how to work with a difficult client.
The Client/Professional
Before you roll your eyes in recognition of this persona, trust us, you have probably had your moment.  This client comes into the [...]

Creating a Graphic Design Resume

Many graphic design colleges instruct their graduating students on the appropriate content, outline, and presentation for their portfolios as they prepare to enter the market.  This is great! This is important! But, it’s not all you need.  With equal attention to detail, recall your academic and work experiences and attack your professional resume.
Every Little Detail [...]

Graphic Design Competitions

What better way to get the word out about you than to enter a design competition? Whether you are a student at graphic design school, looking to make a career change to graphic design, or a veteran in the field, competitions can be a great way to challenge yourself, network, and exercise your creativity.
AIGA 365
AIGA, [...]

Starting a Graphic Design Business: Part II

You’re in the Money
In our last post we identified some of the advisors you need on your team as you start a graphic design business.  Lucky for you, the logistical fun doesn’t end there.  Armed with your graphic design education and ready to take on your first project, you first need a pricing structure. Design [...]

Self Promotion & Designing Tips, Ideas, & Resources for Graphic Designers & Web Designers

A collection of design information that is useful for all web designers and graphic designers. Some of the information that you will find below are ways to inspire yourself when you have designers’ block, marketing your design business, lists of design competitions for 2009, and many more topics.

Networking with Other Designers Using Flickr, Flickr Alternatives, and Photoblogging

You are a Graphic Designer / Web Designer and you need to get your work out there in order to get noticed. I wrote an article with 120+ Self Promotion Ideas for Designers, but I didn’t have time to delve deeper into Social Networking. Social Networking is a way to get 1000s of viewers [...]

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