Best Cool, Clever & Unique Billboards and Outdoor Advertising Part III

People drive by so many billboards in cities today–what does it take to get someone’s attention? Here’s Part III in a never-ending series with images and three new links, created in the past year, to other clever billboards.

42 Unique Billboards That Push the Advertising Envelope
15 Brilliantly Clever Billboard Ads
35 Cool Billboard Ads from Around the [...]

Sources of Graphic Design Inspiration

Graphic design schools can teach you all the top techniques to create brilliant designs, but if you don’t feel inspired where do you begin? Fortunately, the Internet can prove an excellent source of inspiration for both website and print designs. Here are some of the best sites you should check out:

Raster: An Internet website dedicated [...]

Best Paying Cities for Graphic Designers

Should you relocate to make more money as a graphic designer? Or even look for graphic design colleges in specific cities to improve your employment prospects? Certain cities do pay significantly more than others.
If a high salary is your primary goal, then you should know the five highest paying metropolitan areas for graphic designers in [...]

Why You Should Consider Graphic Design Contests

Want to improve your resume, impress potential employers, and get your name in front of the biggest firms and most important people in the design community? Then you need to consider entering some graphic design contests and competitions.
However, consider a few things before entering.
1. How worthwhile is this competition?
Look at [...]

Smart Design, Even Smarter PR

Just imagine: You and your team spend weeks and weeks preparing the perfect print campaign. You pull all nighters, tweak graphic designs, and perfect copy. Then on the big rollout day, you get banned. The horror!
It should be a crushing blow. But if you’re an expert social marketing group like PETA, being banned from the [...]

Think Your Rebrand Has What it Takes To Win?

Think you’ve done some outstanding rebranding work over the past year? In just a few days you can really see how your rebrand stacks up against the best of the best. The prestigious REBRAND 100® Global Awards are about to start accepting submissions for 2011. Winning one of these puppies is just about one of [...]

Tackling Great Typography

With thousands of fonts and the ease of digital technology, you’d think that every art director, graphic designer, and amateur out there would be able to achieve typographic perfection. But typography has been a specialized art since the printing press was invented, and it takes skill to really get it right–whether you’re a pro or just [...]

A Lesson in Composition–with LEGOs

So we were just discussing the basic building blocks of great composition. Well, designer and author, Christoph Neiman, seems to have taken those lessons to heart. Literally.
In his new book, Neiman showcases his spot-on impressions of life in NYC, composed with nothing more than a few LEGOs and simple hand-written captions. An award winning illustrator, [...]

Designing a Logo - Part II

Whether you attended traditional graphic design school or an online degree program, logo design was most definitely covered. Still, it’s different when you get into the real world and have to design a logo that will sell the client’s company.
In the last post we discussed how to get started. Now that you have formulated your [...]

Designing a Logo: Part I

The outfit you decide to wear on your first day of graphic design school tells your classmates a lot about you.  It’s the first thing they see.  It represents you.
In the same sense, a logo tells a prospective client about a company, and it may be the only thing this client sees when flipping through [...]

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