Big Industries vs. High Paying Industries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the top five industries with the highest concentration of graphic designers as well as the five industries that pay graphic designers the most. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no overlap between the two lists. Should you pay attention to one more than the other?
First, the industries with the highest level [...]

Design Career Profile: Environmental Graphic Design

Do you have the skills necessary to combine graphic, interior, architectural, industrial, and landscape design? Do you enjoy shaping the overall concept or feel of a place? Then you may enjoy a career in environmental graphic design.
What Is Environmental Graphic Design?
In this career, you could find yourself working in such diverse areas as creating the [...]

Choose Your Graphic Design Courses Wisely

“Graphic design” encompasses a wide range of jobs, each one demanding certain specific skills. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers with experience in animation and web design should have the best job opportunities. So how do you prepare for those careers?
Multimedia artists and animators need the ability to draw by hand and [...]

You Finished Graphic Design School… Now What?

“Graphic designer” encompasses an array of careers from animation to web design, but some newer job titles have risen to the top in recent years.

Brand Identity Designer
How do companies want to appear in the public’s eye? What image does their logo, advertising, and website project? The brand identity designer oversees all these aspects of the [...]

Best Paying Cities for Graphic Designers

Should you relocate to make more money as a graphic designer? Or even look for graphic design colleges in specific cities to improve your employment prospects? Certain cities do pay significantly more than others.
If a high salary is your primary goal, then you should know the five highest paying metropolitan areas for graphic designers in [...]

Three Off-the-beaten Path Graphic Design Careers

According to The Princeton Review, nearly 25,000 people try to enter the field of graphic design each year. But only about 60 percent persevere the first two years, and only about 30 percent make it to the 5 year mark.
Perhaps that means graphic design is a tough career to pursue. Or perhaps those lost souls [...]

How to Avoid Facebook Disaster

Since we’re on the topic of good office and freelance behavior, it would be remiss to leave out the rules of engagement when it comes to Facebook and work. We’ve all heard the horror stories–someone leaves a disparaging status update about their boss, and the next day they’re fired. Remember Heather Armstrong, who was promptly [...]

How to Get Booted from your Freelance Gig

Freelancing can be a great gig for graphic designers–the projects are always changing, you have more flexibility, and you can set your own schedule. Many designers get to know certain clients and companies well, getting repeat business. Freelancing can even be a great way for people working on their graphic design education to get their [...]

How to turn your internship into a job.

Awesome! You’re lucky enough to be among the millions of eager designers who are furthering their graphic design education this summer with an internship. But don’t think of it as just a chance to get a little experience and maybe a couple of after-work happy hours. With the right moves, you could turn your internship [...]

School’s Out! So Now What?

Whether you just graduated or you’re just on summer break, it’s important to make the next few months count. Yes, we’ve heard the job market is terrible. But it doesn’t have to slow you down. Here are a few tips to help put your graphic design education to work, even if you’re not working:
1. Fine [...]

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