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University of Wisconsin System - Creating Transparent Images - Because Photoshop offers a unique layer system when creating images, many options are available concerning the background of an image. One option is creating a transparent background for an image. Another option is to make an existing image's background transparent.

Absolute Cross - Photoshop Tutorials Transparent GIFs
Transparent GIFs will allow the background color or texture of your website to show through the areas that you define as transparent. Version 6 of Photoshop has a built-in way of creating Transparent GIFs - choose Help -> Export Transparent Image and follow the instructions it gives from there (you may still need to prepare your image using several of the steps below though). In previous versions however, there are some extra manual steps you need to take... follow along!

mccannas - Create a Transparent Gif in Photoshop
If you're using Photoshop 3.0, you'll need to get the Gif89A Export Filter from Adobe. Later versions should automatically install this filter: you'll find it within Photoshop under File/Export/Gif89 Export. If it's not there, try reinstalling Photoshop.

Carl Volk - Compositing Transparent Images - Photoshop has a variety of methods which allow you to digitally "splice" different scans together. Creating a photo "montage" is what I call "compositing images" and this Tip discusses techniques that allow for the seamless merging of transparent (and semi-transparent) images. If you haven't read my other Compositing Images tip, Photoshop Tip 10 on Photo Montage Techniques, please do - these two tips go hand-in-hand.

Axialis - Create a Transparent Image using Adobe Photoshop® - All Axialis Software products support images with Alpha Channel transparency. PNG, BMP and PSD file format actually support alpha channel. If you want to create a nice icon (using Axialis IconWorkshop) or a screensaver with smooth sprites (using Axialis Professional Screen Saver Producer) we recommend you to use images with Alpha channel.

Lehigh University - Selecting/Copying/Creating Transparent Images in Photoshop 7 - Now that you've isolated a section of an image that you'd like to incorporate into a multi-layered image such as an advertisement, you need to place it on a transparent background. To do this, we'll want to copy our bug into a new image file. Start by using the magic wand to select the white space around the bug. Because the white space is separated into multiple sections, you'll have to select multiple selections by holding down the Shift key and clicking in each individual part.

Media College - How to Create a Transparent Background in Photoshop
This page demonstrates how to use Adobe Photoshop to create a transparent background.

Ehow - How to Create a Transparent GIF in Photoshop
Transparent GIFs (in which the background of the image is transparent) are ideal for blending into the background of a Web page or creating Web animations. Adobe Photoshop makes transparency easy!

Graphics Soft - Transparency From Here to There - So, you just painstakingly removed the background from an image and now you want to use the partially transparent image somewhere else. What do you do? Well, the answer isn't simple--it depends on where you are going with it. So let's take a look at your options.


Web Developers Notes - Making transparent Gifs in PhotoShop - Any color in a gifs can be made transparent. We'll look at how to do this in Adobe PhotoShop (version 5.0).

Grafx - Photoshop--Transparent GIFs - Hi, this is the eighth in a series of PhotoShop tutorials I have planned. I will only continue if I get some positive feedback from people, though, so send me some e-mail and let me know what you'd like to see here.

How to master transparency with our Photoshop plugin
Transparency and transparent images, like gifs with transparent backgrounds, has never been easier to master. Make foreground or background transparent. Or select any brightness range to make softly transparent areas for correction layers or graphics.

NODAK - Making Transparent GIF Images
In order to make a transparent image using Adobe Photoshop let's first determine what is is that we are going to make. For this tutorial I have chosen to make a transparent GIF image of a green Corvette. I will place this car into motion.

Jessett - transparent images
Saving graphics with transparent backgrounds is beneficial for reducing file size and for placing these images inside a html document with a background colour specified. Sometimes, colours that are specified in html or style sheets vary across browsers and platforms and therefore if you have an image with a background colour, this may appear a slightly different shade to the table cell background. If you select transparency, the partially transparent pixels at the edge of an anti-aliased image are "matted". The background colour in the html document shows through the transparent pixels and the edges of the image blend with the background. Matting the partially transparent pixels prevents the ugly "halo" effect that sometimes happens if the edge of an image is a different colour to the html background colour.

Gina Menzes, Web Designer -Transparent GIFs
In this lesson, I will assume that you are already fluent in PhotoShop, enough to know how to save a GIF. This isn't too advanced, and with a little practice, you should be a pro. This is also assuming that you understand what a transparent gif is, and what you plan to do with your gif.

Create a trransparent background for an image - PhotoShop is the premier image editing program against which all other products are judged. However, at around $600 it is best suited for the professional. Nevertheless, it is widely installed in many sites and is not difficult to learn for many simple and commonly used applications. The following example illustrates a few of PhotoShop's capabilities:

Phong - Transparent Reflecting Sphere
Use this tutorial to create shiny spheres for your interfaces or to enhance your logos and whatnot. Right now it's working in Photoshop 5x, but not guaranteed for Photoshop 6. This tutorial is quite long, and complex; however, every detail is described. If you encounter any problems, try reading it more closely, or take some of my other tutorials, to ge more aquainted with Photoshop. Good luck!

Rdrop - Photoshop Tip #3: Transparent PNGs - PNG is an image format that, like GIF, allows parts of an image to be transparent. Unlike GIF, transparency in PNGs isn't an all-or-nothing affair. Image transparency has 256 levels, allowing an image to blend smoothly with its background. However, creating a good transparent PNG is more complex than it appears. This tip will illuminate some of the subtleties.

Transparent buttons - Okay, this week I will show you how to make some Transparent Buttons in Photoshop.

Making Transparent Images in Photoshop 7 - open the image you want to make transparent. use the magic wand or some other tool to select the part of the image you want to make transparent

Making Transparent Images in Photoshop - Like another individual who posted a similar question, I recently attended the Inspiration Conference and learned about the creating PNG files in Photoshop and importing them into PowerPoint allowing the file to save it's transparency/opacity level so I can layer them. I thought I had all the steps I needed to process my images in photoshop, but I missed a few.

HTML Tutorials - Transparent Images - Often an image will look better with a transparent background. A transparent background simply means that you cannot see the background color of the image in your browser. There is a background color but it isn't visible on the web page. In actual fact, the background color of the web page (no matter what color it is) simply replaces the background color of the image.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Transparency... - If that statement didn't make any sense, you can see here (if you have a compatible WWW browser) what I meant: the following picture has no background; the area around the flower is part of the GIF but is the same color as the rest of your display. It's not just a good match to the default Mosaic colors, I swear. :-) I use a strange purple Mosaic color-scheme myself .... and this looks great there.

Helping you to make Transparent Images - Transweb allows anyone with a forms-capable web browser to create transparent GIFs.

Transparent images
Transparent images are a simple feature that can be used to create very impressive images for webpages. To do so, select a part of an image using the Magic Wand tool(hokey w), or going to Select in the drop-down menu, then select from a color range, either selecting the background then inverting the selection, ect. From there, copy the image(control-c), then make a new image. When the options for the new image, be sure to select a transparent background. From there you can paste your selection and go from there.


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