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Populate data into array from text file. - To populate a data into an array from a text file. The text file is the replacement for a database. Not always wud ur back end will b a database!

Sort arrays - Function that sorts an 1D array of number either ascending or descending. This function sorts using the well known double principle. Script gives an overview of passing parameters and especially passing arrays of numbers to a function.

ASP 101 - Array Sample
Most variables that you deal with contain one value. Sometimes however it's useful to store more than one value. Arrays are one easy way to do this.

ASP 101 - Returning Safe Arrays from ASP Components - This article will show how to return a Safe Array from an ASP component. It is important to remember that ASP script can only handle Safe arrays of VARIANTs and not any other types. This is, of course, not true about a Visual Basic environment which can handle many types of Safe arrays.

Programmers Resource - Arrays - This is a simple example of using an array. The Dim statement declares the PageTitles array. Elements of an array always start with zero (0). Each element is assigned its value.

Multidimensional Array Sort function in VB Script - This function will sort an array. Currently it keys in on the first column of the array(0,?). It will reorder all the information in each row of the array so that the fist column of the array is sorted.

Donutboy - This code shows the use of a dynamic array for the storage of data. Recordsets are memory hogs, and shouldn't be passed across the server, so why even use one? What I was doing with this code was displaying a list of users on my website. After getting the data, I would have it build a table for the information and create hyperlinks for the appropriate fields. I've seen others do this, but they use recordsets to build them, which defeats its purpose. All the code is done with one trip to the server, so you won't see all those carrot tags being opened and closed throughout my work : )

Filtering Arrays with Filter!
Have you ever needed to pick through an array, grabbing values that, perhaps, match a certain pattern, or grabbing values that do not match a particular pattern? For example, imagine that you have an array with the values: "Scott," "Fred," "Steve," and "Bob." Imagine that you were only interested in the array elements that contain the letter "s". If so, you can write your own function to snip out the particular array elements, or you could use a handy, little-known VBScript function: Filter. Filter has the following definition:

Dynamic Arrays Made Easy - If you've used VBScript's arrays before, you're likely aware that you can dynamically resize arrays using the Redim statement. (To learn more, see the technical documentation for Redim.) Sometimes this can be a pain, though. For example, imagine that you wanted to read each line of a text file into an array. Since you do not know the number of lines in the file initially, there is no way to create a preset array size. Rather, you would use code like:

Passing Arrays Between the Browser and an ASP Page
This article demonstrates how to create and use arrays on a client-side form and pass this block of data (the array) to an ASP page when the form is submitted. If you are looking for a solution on passing an array from one ASP page to another be sure to read: Passing Arrays from One ASP Page to Another.


Codefixer - ASP Arrays
In short arrays are variables that can store more than one value. They are used to store a series of related information. Lets create an array called 'myArray' that will hold the names of 7 soccer teams.

Dynamic Arrays - In our 'Arrays' tutorial we showed you how to create a fixed size array. The code below declares the array using the Dim statement and passes in a parameter which specifies the maximum number of items that the array can contain. In this case it's 7 as the array has a zero based starting index.

Sort an Array - This is a simple but usefull function that is will sort an arrays in an ASP page. An example array is included in the code and demonstrated as the page loads.

Multiple Key Shell Sort - This VBScript subroutine sorts an array of records in place using 1 to n sort key definitions. The sort keys can be defined as offsets into the record or as relative word positions

Arrays in plain English. - Arrays are without a doubt mans best friend. Sorry dogs but I think you now come in second. There are many ways to use arrays. Here are a couple of quick examples:

LoudASP Knowledge Base - ASP Functions - Some useful common functions that you will use a lot when programming in ASP

Implementing Dynamic Arrays of Objects
Within any application there eventually is a need to use arrays of data. We find we need the data to hold objects in order to simplify the logic we will be implementing, as well as to make our code more flexible and scalable. Using a class that encompasses an array of objects, which itself holds and array of objects, we find that the topmost class allows us to acquire a simplified means of sorting, filtering, and keeping track of data items, as well as the values of those data items.

Microsoft - How To Declare an Array at Application Level Scope in Active Server Pages - In developing a Web Application, you may want to declare a table of data for use by one or more pages at application level scope. This article demonstrates how to declare, populate, and reference an array that has been declared at application level scope.

Remove item from array - Sample function remove a member from an array !

Lets Play With Arrays - Think of an array as a block of information. Or information that is linked under a common name. The links or blocks are called cells. Confused? Ok here is a what an array looks like:

Add Item to array
This is a great function that can be used to dynamicly add an item to an array. Code is short and easy to follow.

Beginner's Guide to Effective use of Arrays in ASP - Covers the basics from dynamic resizing of arrays, to useful array functions, to finding elements in an array and passing an array from page to page.

Iterate Arrays with For Each - The most common technique for iterating the contents of an array is to use a For Next loop and indicate the subscript for the array within the loop, like this:

Extract Unique Values from arrays - This code is very simple which helps you in extracting unique values from ana array.i wrote it b'coz there is no ()n defined to do this. Happy Programming

ASP Alliance - Sorting an Array Using Combsort - The other day I had to sort a rather large array. I could have used the wellknown quicksort-method, but then I remembered the combsort-method. (Unfortunately I can not remember, who has made this exellent sorting algorithm). Combsorting is very simple to implement and it is comparable in speed to quicksort, but is is not known by very many programmers.

Multi-dimensional arrays
To create a multi-dimension array simply specify the number of columns and rows you want the array to have

Arrays :: The Basics
Arrays in ASP starts with 0, this means the first item on the array is 0 the second is 1 and so, you can redim the array variable to enlarg item number while working with it. the following shows you how:.

Splitting Array - This tutorial will show you how to use Lbound and UBound function of an Array with a Variable to store large data.

ASP Boot Camp - Arrays - Arrays are a set of indexed elements containing the same type of information, whether it be numeric or string values. Each element of the array has its own sequentially numbered unique index and may be accessed and changed independently of the other array elements.

Accessing and Changing Arrays - In order to use our newly-created array, we will need to know how to access and modify elements within the array. Since each element is indexed, with the first element being 0, this is an easy task. For example:

Putting Arrays to Work
In the previous sections, we have created an Array and modified it. Now, let's see how we can put this to work for us.

Manipulating Arrays in ASP - Arrays are a very powerful data structure that is available in VBScript. Not only do they work well when storing lists of data, they can be expanded and contracted at will. The following routines demonstrate the technique used to do both.


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