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Learn how to use cookies in ASP. - Setting and playing around with cookies is a fun and useful way to save data on a user's hard drive, and can successfully store valuable information which may be helpful the next time they come to the site. It's fairly simple to set up, and even easier to read. To use it, you have to remember some guidelines:

Introduction to Cookies
- Cookies method is very similar to Session method: the basic difference is that with Cookies method the information is save in the clients computer and not in the server, so it is more suitable for sites with a lot of visitors. This method implies sending information to the client and requesting it whenever the information is needed. Additionally, we will learn how to delete the information save in the clients computer when it is not necessary anymore.

Paco's Drives -Cookies - No matter how you feel about cookies, good bad or indifferent, they are an integral part of many webs. Why not unlock the mystery and write your own? Here's a quick rundown on this.

Quick-Cookie-101 - Everyone thinks that cookies are evil things but as you'll learn while doing web development, cookies can save everyone a hell of a lot of time....

How to create and retrieve cookies using ASP - Cookies can be used to remember things about a user when they come back to your site. Cookies expire after a certain amount of time which you can set. Also, the clients browser must have cookies enabled for them to work. Here is a very simple example of creating a cookie and setting the cookie to expire in one year using ASP

Let's bake some cookies! - One of the problems on the net is that you seldom know whom your dealing with. Is it a newbie on your site, a regular guest or your boss? Wouldn't it be cool if you could display different pages to each of them? With cookies you can tag them, and know if they been on your site before etc. This turorial explains how to set and read cookies in ASP pages.

Cookies with ASP - Cookies can be a good method for passing data between pages and especially for retaining data between sessions. Today, it's pretty safe to assume that anyone who is using your site can use cookies, since nearly every site that is non-static makes use of them(including all ASP sites that use sessions). It is also possible to set and read cookies using client-side code, but it is a bit more difficult. Reading and writing cookies using Active Server Pages' built in Request and Response objects is incredibly easy.

Write and Read A Cookie - Cookies enable you to write text directly to a users computer. This can be used to easily recognize if a user has been to your site before or used to prevent multiple entries in to forms. This example will take any input you type in and write it to a cookie. A hyperlink to the same page is created to demonstrate on subsequent visits (within 3 days) the user will see their input rather then the text input box.

bantrax - How to Create and Use Cookies - How to Create and Use Cookies. Little bit of code that shows how to create cookies and retrieve cookies.

The Code Project - Working with cookies Basics - This is a small ASP (Microsoft Active Server Pages) application that implements working with cookies. The project has next main-functionality: read cookies, write cookies, and set expired date for cookies.

Planet Source Code - Show all cookies - This code displays all cookies that are on your computer from a specific domain. That domain is whatever site you view the .asp page through.

ASP101 - Using Cookies in ASP - Cookies, those small files that live in the Temporary Internet Files folder, are a great way to personalize your ASP pages.

Planet Source Code - Detect if Cookies are Enabled - In looking for an easy way to detect the client browser's cookie settings, everything I've found has been complex. Each example I've found requires a page refresh or redirect to itself.


Haneng - Let's bake some cookies - The basics of this tutorial is to have you learn how to use cookies in your ASP pages for the first time.

Planet Source Code - I.D. Without Variables/Cookies - This code can be used to identify a user while he registers himself without using session variables or cookies.

Planet Source Code - Write Cookies
When a page is loaded, the browser uses a piece of memory to store the pages information. When the user exists the browser, this information can be written to a flat file on the client machine or on the server. This flat file is called a 'cookie'. General

PowerASP - Create & retrieve cookies - Tutorial shows you how to create and retrieve cookies using ASP. They can be used to remember things about a user when they come back to your site.

4 Guys From Rolla - The Lowdown on Cookies - This is a tutorial that discusses what cookies are and how you can use them on your web site to provide customization.

LearnASP - Passing Data w/ Cookies - This page demonstrates how to have several pages that are forms yet after all pages are filled out the final form has access to all inputs even after the browser is opened and closed. The browser must accept cookies.

4 Guys From Rolla - To determine if cookies work - This tutorial shows you how to determine if the user's browser is javascript and cookie enabled. Knowing the user's browser configuration lets you adjust your site design to make it more accessible. A printable version of the code is also available.

Codefixer - Write and Read Cookies - Tutorial explaining how to write and read cookies and why they can come in handy. The tutorial also gives examples of how cookies can be used to personalize webpages.

Codefixer - Cookies with Keys - Cookies can also store multiple values of related information. When this is the case they are said to have Keys. This tutorial outlines how to read and write Keyed Cookies.

Codefixer - Track Customers with Cookies - This tutorial will show you how to create a basic customer tracking system using cookies, the querystring and PayPal.

LoudASP - Making them Cookies Right
This HOWTO explains what is needed to make a good cookie. Not the kind you eat, but the kind that makes your web site richer and more functional. Written in English. Network - Learn how to use Cookies - Get some information about those cookies you keep hearing about, learn how to create one yourself. With this tutorial you'll be tracking users in no time.

15seconds - Detect If Cookies Are "ON"
This tutorial offers a quick and easy way to check if your browser accepts cookies. If it does, then you're clear to use session variables when writing ASP scripts. Just follow the sample code to learn how to copy a form and compare Session IDs.

15seconds - Sharing Cookies Across Domains - In this issue of 15 Seconds we will show you how to share the same cookie across multiple sub-domains and multiple domains.

Microsoft - Disabling Cookies Sent by ASP - If Internet Explorer is configured to "Warn before accepting cookies," you will see a warning dialog box when this SessionID cookie is sent to the browser. This article explains how to prevent ASP from sending these cookies.

Microsoft Product Support - Use Cookies in an ASP Page - Web developers can use cookies in Active Server Pages (ASP) to store and retrieve text-based information on a client browser's computer. Cookies are a great way to persist user information and maintain state with the browser.

Smart Panda Solution Library - Quick View of Manipulating Cookies - This example on is a quick view of manipulating cookies in Active Server Pages scripting.

SP Heute - Manipulating Cookies in Flash - Flash does not support direct setting and reading of cookies. Thus, you either have to take the often published detour of using JavaScript or you just use ASP scripts to set and read cookies.

ASPFAQs - JScript/Cookies enabled or not - Determining if your visitors have JavaScript and cookies enabled is very important if you are interested in making your site more interactive and want to make the site user customizable.

W3Schools - Cookies - What a cookie is, how to set a Cookie, how to get a Cookie, how to set Cookie paths, and how to handle browsers that do not support cookies. All these questions are answered in this simple tutorial.

Submitside - Cookies and the Session Method - In this page we will learn how to keep information from the user in our server (Session method) and how to share information between users (Application method). This is only a basic tutorial for beginners, so only basic features will be described

cyScape - Detecting disabled cookies
Learn how to easily and accurately detect disabled session and/or persistent cookies in this lesson. Source code included.

ASP Alliance - Problem & Solution of Cookies - You must also remember that if you set the cookie, you must make sure that the code completes the page...that is, you do not buffer and then send out new content..this would apply if you had something like "response.redirect"

ask ASP - Cookies 101 - Cookies are a very useful; they can store usernames/password, preferences, last visits, etc. I will focus on storing information a user may type in at a typical website.

NetSpade - Cookies in ASP - Overview of creating and retrieving cookies using ASP. Also covers cookies with multiple values (using keys) and how to list all cookies in a particular request. Quick reference table for properties of the Cookie collection.

The Code Project - Chocolate Chip Cookies - In this article you are going to learn the mastery of bakery - a recipe for Cookies. Cookies are small text files, which are sent from your server to the client's hard drive...

ASP Web Pro - Write Cookie Basics - A great way of personalizing your website is through the use of cookies. There are a lot of things that you can do with cookies. This script shows you how to write a basic cookie to the browser.

Programmers Resource - Cookie Basics - The Cookies collection is what handles all cookie requests. Cookies are used for many different purposes such as welcoming your visitor back to your site, allowing the visitor to specify how he/she wants to view the site, or to just track your visitors.

Philip Quinn's ASPAlliance Section - Cookie Security - If your site is going to use cookies to store things like usernames and passwords then you should apply some security to the cookie (even if the information is encrypted).


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