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The most basic purpose of ASP is to allow a website to connect to a database and show "Live data". It is called live data because ideally the database administrator will be updating the database routinely which will therefore automatically update the website.

Bullschmidt - ASP Web Database Sample - A sample Web database can give you ideas about tying everything together and can even be used as a starting point for a Web project. Login and add, edit, or view fictional customers and invoices!

Database Simplicity With Class
This database class handles Select, Insert, Update, and Delete. It also takes steps to ensure your SQL syntax is valid, and that memory leaks / errors are prevented. Tutorial comes with demo, downloadable code, and an in depth explanation.

ASP Speed Tricks - This article describes practical methods of optimizing the performance of ASP pages which retrieve and display tabular data from a database. Test results of each coding technique show the potential for dramatic speedups of dynamic web pages.

Optimized Heirarchical Table Printing in ASP - An common task of ASP pages is to display heirarchical reports or tables. This section generalizes one aspect of the problem and then provides techniques for increasing performance. Finally, test results of different methods and Providers is shown, and an optimal technique presented.

Print Javascript Array from ASP - An optimized ASP function for printing a quoted list of Javascript array elements.

Print Select Options from ASP - An optimized ASP function for printing select options.

ASP Speed Tricks Appendix
This page contains testing notes, book recommendations, references, links, and other information for the ASP Speed Tricks article.

Optimized Table Printing in ASP - Microsoft's ASP technology enables beginners to write dynamic web pages with little effort. The ADO object model hides the complexity of obtaining data from the database. However, hiding complexity under a simple interface also allows unsuspecting programmers to write wildly inefficient code. Consider the common task of querying the database and displaying the results in an HTML table.


Running ASP in Linux and Possible Problems - This writing will discuss several things to do to ensure the application migration carried on in a good way, particularly for ASP Database applications and to overcome possible problems might occurred. Basically, migrating ASP to Linux means you have to convert to database supported by Linux platforms. Currently, Chili!Soft ASP is already supporting MS Access but not all web hosting companies install this feature. They prefer to use more common database in Linux such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Pay attention to some Chili!Soft specific ADO methods and properties, since there are slight differences with IIS ASP. You might need to convert some codes in your applications to make it run in Chili!Soft ASP.

IPortalX - Search a Database - Learn how to search a database with keywords.

iPortalX - Get image from database
Learn how to get a stored image from a database and display it on a page.

Somacon - Faster Singleton Queries with ADO
It is very common operation to request one field of information via a database query. This is called a singleton query. ADO.Net has specific functions for singleton queries, but not ADO (ActiveX Data Objects). This article describes how to use an ADO command object to perform faster singleton queries.

INSERT NEW RECORD - There are a lot of instances where you may need to add new records to your database. For example, it is always a good idea to have your website contact form be recorded in your database for future reference.

ASP 101 - Single Quotes Work Fine With ADO - When using the native ADO methods for dealing with your recordsets there is no need to double up your single quote characters. For instance, this code is perfectly valid and won't cause any quote related problems when executed:

Mavweb - Adding Records to an Access Data Base Using ASP
- Adding a new record to a Database can be really easy. Lets use the "Add To Mailing List" as our example. It seems most sites now have input boxes for anyone to add themselves to a mailing list. You may not want this and that's ok. However, the functionality is what we are after here. So lets dig in.

Planet Source Code - Inserting the contents of a two-dimensional array into a database. - The Basics... As we all know, an array is a special type of variable that can be used to represent a list or table of related values. Basically, it is a numbered series of related items. One popular application of an array is utilizing it in an e-commerce shopping cart.

Code Fix - Inserting records into a database table - The code here simply inserts data into the table called 'tblFriends' in an Access database called 'Friends.mdb'. The table has 3 columns, firstly an 'ID' field that is an autonumber, secondly a field called 'FirstName' which is a textfield and lastly another textfield called 'SurName'.

Code Fix - Form to database - We are going to create 2 pages. The first will display a simple HTML form and the second will be an ASP page (known as the action page) which will process the data sent by the form and insert it into our Access database. We will be using a DSN-less connection.

Web Wiz Guide - Adding Data to An Access Database - In this tutorial we are going to be adding data to the Guestbook database made in the tutorial Part: 1 Connecting to an Access Database.

Start Developer - Inserting Images ( binary data ) into Database - In this tutorial you are going to learn everything in detail step by step you'll ever want to know about inserting binary data ( images, zip files etc ) into database. This is actually first of the three articles I am going to write on manipulating binary data in the database. After this article you'll be able to upload binary data into database, then in second article you'll learn to get this data out of database and show it as you like and finally in the third article I'll explain uploading files. All of this is going to be plain ASP ( VBScript ) and nothing else, so stay tuned.


LoudASP Knowledge Base - ASP and Database - Active Server Page knowledge dealing with databases

Paco's Drive - Adding Records To Databases - Adding a record from a database table is a simple task. Fill out the form below and click submit. The sql statement will be generated for you. It's just that easy. If you have not yet seen how to connect to the database there is a tool here to make the connection for you. This generator assumes your input will be coming from a form.

LoudASP - How to Connect to a Database (DSNLESS) - There are a couple things that you need to remember before you try to connect to a database. Make sure that database has read/write permissions and that you point the physical database path in the code. The code below is how to connect to an Access Database. This code should work for both Access 97 and Access 2000.

LoudASP - Easy SQL How To (Insert) - If you need to put data into a table using SQL this is the code you will want to use.

LoudASP - Easy SQL Help (Update) - Updating records in a database via SQL is simple once you get the hang of it.

Easy SQL Help (Delete) - This is how you delete records from a database using SQL.

Egg Head Cafe - Insert Records - XML/ADO Marshalling Over The Net - Like many of our articles, this one was spawned from a forum question. The basic question was this: "If I insert a record into an Access database on server A how can I marshall the ADO recordset and insert a duplicate record in another database on server B?". Of course, most of us are aware of how to use the XMLHttp object and ADO to stream recordsets across the internet. If you don't, that's ok. Just read a past article entitled Web Services - Server To Server With XMLHttp and you'll learn all you need to know. From this point forward, I'll assume you are familiar with the process and won't discuss it here.

How do I populate a dropdown list from a database ? - To populate a dropdown list from a database table, first open a recordset and read from it one record at a time and dynamically write a html dropdown list.

Using System Objects in MS SQL-Server to Create a Web-Based Database Admin Interface - Have you ever wanted to set up a web based tool for you or perhaps users in your organization to be able to add, manipulate or delete records in a specific table in your database? This could be used for one of many different tasks such as adding/editing user accounts or even just allowing your boss to be able to search for specific information in a database, and then make changes to a specific user/vendor/employee, etc. without needing direct access to the database (or your time and effort to teach him/her the SQL commands to make the edits).

SQLProcess - A Powerful SQL Statement Generator
Usually when I put together an ASP application to provide some dynamic content from a database to a web page, setting up the actual display of the data on the web page is the easy part. Most of the work ends up in putting together an administrative back-end, usually password protected, that allows adding and editing records in individual tables. Coding all the script to build SQL statements that add, update, search, and delete records for all of the tables that require individual attention can be a lot of work. This function takes care of much of that coding work by taking the query string and building a SQL statement based on the information submitted from the form. Using this function only requires the use of a few extra hidden input HTML tags.

15 Seconds - Writing ISQL_w in ASP - When first testing a database, nothing is more useful than iSql, and to be able to display and modify your data quickly and simply. This software is given with almost all sql databases and is used to execute queries.

ASP Faq - Why can't I access a database or text file on another server? - Access isn't really designed for this type of application (see Article #2195 for more info), and if you need your database server to reside on a separate machine from your web server, it might be time to look for a more scalable database (e.g. SQL Server or Oracle). However, there is a way to connect to an Access database over the web, assuming you know the absolute file structure of the remote server (and know this won't change). Keep in mind that Access is not the most prudent performer on the same machine as the web site, and is likely to be more problematic over the web (which has many more variables). Here is a sample connection string:

Sample Database Connection Strings - If you are planning on making a database call from the web the first thing you will need to do is plan on making a "Database Connection". Here are some sample database connection strings to help you get started.

4 Guys - Use an include file for database connectivity!
- I've found that many ASP developers don't like repetitive tasks, yet many developers do the following: on each page using database connectivity, they write the follwoing code.

Database Connectivity in ASP - This reference will show you how to connect to a variety of databases in different ways.

Planet Source Code - Database Basics - Doing anything interactive in ASP requires using a database. But how does a beginner master ADO, SQL and the rest? This takes you through it one step at a time at with examples on how to add, delete, modify, page records, and other db topics

ASP Tutorials - An Overview in ASP and SQL - A basic tutorial on using Active Server Pages to access a database through a web browser. This guide steps the user through the simple process of writing the code and accessing the database through a web browser with VBScript and SQL.

PowerASP - Connections And Server Database - This article is an overview of SYSTEM DSN's, DSN-LESS Connections, and any permissions that may need to be set on the server. It also covers the troublesome "80004005" error.

SidneyForcier - Duplicate Records in SQL - This article will give you a foundation for building SQL queries that retreive duplicated information from a table. It is geared towards the beginning database developer.

Programmers Resource - ADO GetRows Method - The GetRows method is used to retrieve a recordset into a 2 dimensional array. For really large recordsets this is the way to go. It is much faster than looping through the recordset.

ASP101 - Use Ad Execute No Records - This optional parameter can be used when you're running an ADO command in a way which normally returns records, but you know that none will actually be returned.

ASP101 - Use RecordSet.Filter
Reuse a single Recordset by using the filter method. It is much more efficient and so much easier to maintain, than opening up multiple recordsets, using multiple SQL

ASP101 - Reference Recordset Fields - When writing ASP scripts that deal with databases, you often aren't fortunate enough to have a database whose naming conventions make sense given the context of your script.

ASP101 - Properties of ADO Connection - The objects in the collection will vary based on the provider you're using. Try this with one of your Connection objects and you'll be amazed at all the information.

ASPZone - Transforming ADO Recordsets - Whether or not it's crept its way into any of your projects yet, eXtensible Markup Language is the data transport medium of choice for the foreseeable future.

ASPFaq - When should I use a recordset? - This article serves as an answer to the question, "When should I use a recordset object (ADODB.Recordset)?"

ASPFaq - Why does RecordCount return as -1? - Recordcount is not supported with the default forward-only cursor. If you open a recordset in the following manner, you will have access to recordcount...

ASPFaq - How do I page through a recordset? - This article demonstrates how to page through a recordset WITHOUT using an explicit ADODB.Recordset object. We have updated this sample to use a stored procedure in addition to straight ASP.

Programmers Resource - Testing for EOF (End Of File) - By checking for both Beginning Of File (BOF) and End Of File (EOF) then you can be certain that there are no records.

Planet Source Code - ADO GetRows - You can use ADO GetRows to output an ADO recordset to an array. This is often useful in n-tier applications when you are moving data between tiers--or if you want to persist your data in another way.

Planet Source Code - Generate Table From Recordset
This code snippet written by Shmarya will generate a table with alternating rowcolours from any ADO Recordset.

Planet Source Code - Make ADO calls simpler - This is an essential file I use for all basic ADO methods. It makes SQL queries very easy, all you need to do is set up global.asa with the appropriate DSN string, then you can make statements like the above.

Planet Source Code - Add Records to a Recordset
The purpose of this code is to read a text file and put it into a record set. The code does not depend on DNS and programmer has full control of record set properties.

ASP101 - Database Search Sample Code
This sample code answers the call for for a sample of how to search a DB for certain records. It's really no different then doing any other query except that you need to use wildcards. Here's a quick sample to get you started.

ASP Web Pro - Let Users Sort Records - It's one thing to list your records in ascending or descending order on your web page, but how about letting the user sort your records the way they want?

4GuysFromRolla - A Nifty Table Searching Script - This tutorial shows a script, which with just one ASP page, allows you to dynamically search a column in a table using a string comparison. This one script can be used over and over due to its dynamic nature.

Planet Source Code - Searching a Database - This tutorial creates a search utility designed to show you the basics behind doing a simple database search using ASP. If you just want to download it, change the data in the Access database, make a DSN called "Employees," and use it....go for it!

Programmers Resource - Limiting Text in Query Results - Simple Way of limiting the amount of text shown from dbase results just replace the 10's with the amount of charactors you wish to limit.

ASP Alliance- Jim Ross - Search with ASP and SQL - There are three files in the "" file that make this work: The database (employees.mdb); The HTML file that posts to the ASP file (ASPSearch.htm); The ASP file that does all the work(DaEngine.asp).

Active Server Pages Resource - Searching data within a DB - The code below prints the first name from the table labeled "Publishers" where the first name contained the letter "J". The "%" is the equivalent of a wildcard.


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