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ARTICLES & TUTORIALS FOR COLDFUSION DEVELOPMENT: A Collection of Links for Advanced ColdFusion Tutorials & Guides to Advanced ColdFusion....for Expert ColdFusion Programmers.

Browser Check UDF Library - User Defined Function Library for ColdFusion 5.0 and up. The Library checks to see what the user browsing your site is running, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Windows, Mac, etc

10 ColdFusion Scripting Tips
If you've gotten your feet wet with ColdFusion, these tips should clue you into some more advanced techniques that will really enhance your coding. We'll cover everything from combining variables and SQL statements to creating one form that can be processed into numerous pages, to making your Web applications secure. Read on to advance your ColdFusion skills

Coldfusion Tutorials CF_LiveChat
CF_LiveChat is a fast ColdFusion web based chat which requires no database.This application is very useful for a small site or an intranet

Coldfusion Tutorials CFX_Google
Access the Google Search Engine with the Google Web API through ColdFusion, Free and Open Source

Coldfusion Tutorials CFX_XMLParser
A fast Java CFX XML Parser for ColdFusion for those who have the intermediate knowledge of Cold Fusion. This will enhance your skill level to a beacon

Coldfusion Tutorial
3 part tutorial from Topics include databases, templates, and advanced functions

ColdFusion Developer Resources
Resource site for ColdFusion with links to articles and tutorials. Just visit this site and find many more useful links and tutorials which had desgined for Your interst

What's New in ColdFusion Server 5?
ColdFusion 5 is all that jive and not a hint of lint. Join Cameron as he tests out the new user-defined functions, added CFML functionality, queries of queries, and more

Coldfusion CFX_JSocket Free and Open Source Java CFX Tag
A Java Based Socket Client for ColdFusion, great for SOAP requests. Learn many more…

Creating a User Login Feature with ColdFusion
Want to know what your users are using? Let Cameron show you how to build a site login, authorization tools, and how to track your users with ColdFusion.

Coldfusion Tutorials cf_encrypt
Encrypts are very useful in ColdFusion. Encrypts a string of text. Good for low security encryption. No Decryption function provided


Coldfusion Tutorials cf_findit
Allows visitors to easily search for a particular string of text on your page.

Coldfusion Tutorials Creating a Newsletter system
This tutorials will show you how to create a fully automated system to allow visitors to subscribe and unsubscribe to your newsletter. It also shows the administration panel to mass mail all members. Let's Begin

Coldfusion CF_AntiSpam
Anti Spam prevents spam bots (or email harvesters) from harvesting email addresses contained on web pages

ColdFusion Snippets
Snippets included are:50StatesAbbreviated - A select box with the 50 US states listed - abbreviations as the value, abbreviations as the option shown.50StatesFull - A select box with the 50 US states listed - abbreviations as the value, full state names as the option shown.AlertBox - Simple javascript alert boxAlternating Row Colors - Example of how to alternate row colors in a table.

A ColdFusion weather custom tag
This custom tag will allow you to easily add a weather control to your website. Using the XML data feeds from we can produce owesome looking weather controls, both for current conditions and for forecasts. This control has a multitude of attributes, is fully customizable, easy to use, comes with example templates, and full source code provided.

Coldfusion CFQUERYPARAM and Oracle Databases
This document explores how CFQUERYPARAM works, specifically related to Oracle. Most other major relational databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server or Informix, also implement bind variables. Smaller "desktop" databases like Access may not. Check with your database vendor, as well as the drivers, to see if bind variables are supported

ColdFusion Best Practices for Oracle Databases
This article explores integrating Oracle databases into your ColdFusion applications, from both a performance and development perspective. While Oracle is used as the chief example, some of the concepts apply to other database vendors products as well.

Simple Caching Techniques with CFSAVECONTENT
As you can imagine, the CFCACHE tag allows you to cache a page. It takes all of two seconds to add to a template and it can immediately speed up the delivery of your page. Unfortunately, this tag only works if you want to cache an entire page. Consider listing one

Looking At ColdFusion Memory Usage
When trying to judge expected behavior from potentially problematic behavior, looking at memory behavior often is a place ColdFusion Administrators will start.Even though the standard amount of RAM continues to increase, a close examination of an application's use of system memory remains a critical part of the Q&A process

Internationalizing Macromedia ColdFusion MX applications
A Macromedia ColdFusion application for an international user audience can incorporate several languages; the application can dynamically determine the language and numberic formatting to display to a user.

Live Half-Life Game Stats From ColdFusion
TCP/IP consists of three protocols called: ICMP, UDP and TCP. ICMP is used only to PING for the distance between computers and TCP is used to do most of the heavy-lifting on the internet, powering such familiar things as HTTP, FTP and all your email through POP3/IMAP4 and SMTP.

Creating an ODBC Connection within ColdFusion MX Server…
This tutorial will guide you step by step on how to make an ODBC connection with your ColdFusion server administration area. Let's begin:The first thing you need to do is to open the ColdFusion Administrator

Creating Databases in MS SQL2000
Firstly We are going to assume you have made your database already in Microsoft Access, as this is the easiest way.ok firstly make sure your Access file is on the server.

enable Unicode-aware storage and display in ColdFusion MX
Your ColdFusion JDBC database connection has to support Unicode. I will only describe how to do it in MS Access: Set up your Access DSN in the ColdFusion administrator using the ''Access With Unicode Support'' option. There's nothing more to it than that with Access db's.

Dynamically Generate Static HTML Files Using Coldfusion
How to publish a section of my dynamic site as static html files. Sometimes there are benefits to this and sometimes not, but either way to know how to produce the technique could prove useful. I had looked around on the web for solutions to this and did not really like any of the solutions I found, as I thought they lacked elegance and were too complex.

Transactions in MySQL
In this tell-all tutorial, Jay Greenspan, author of MySQL Weekend Crash Course and co-author of MySQL/PHP Database Applications, starts with a tour of the basics: He answers the age-old Q: "What's the big deal with Transactions?"; investigates the four properties that a database must have to be considered transaction-capable; takes a closer look at locking mechanisms; and finishes up with a look at MyISAM tables, the lesser cousin of fully transaction-capable table


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