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ARTICLES & TUTORIALS FOR COLDFUSION FORMS DEVELOPMENT: A Collection of Links to Coldfusion MX Forms Tutorials & Form Processing Tips, including topics such as such as Form Checkboxes, Text Inputs, Multiple Form Values, Database Integration, Radio Buttons, and Selected Lists.

Cool Forms with ColdFusion - HTML forms were created for a simple purpose: user input. Look back through the HTML specs that have come and gone and see how forms are described. You will find language like "fill out forms," "user input forms," and so forth. Back in 1994, in the simpler times of yore, that was really the only purpose forms had to serve

ColdFusion MX: Forms
we’d like to build a form application that will collect contact information from a user that is interested travelling to some exotic location. We’d like to store that data in a database and use things like server-side validation on the form data the user supplies

About Flash forms - ColdFusion MX can deliver forms to the client in Macromedia Flash (SWF) file format. ColdFusion automatically generates the Flash binary from your CFML code and displays it on the client. Flash forms have the following advantages over HTML forms:

ColdFusion forms and Xforms - CColdFusion MX forms tags include attributes that provide information that does not correspond directly to the XForms model, such as appearance information, validation rules, and standard HTML attributes. ColdFusion skinnable forms retain this information in XForms extensions so that an XSL transformation can use the values to determine appearance or do other processing

Conditional Processing in ColdFusion Development Lessons
Conditional processing is code that reacts to specified conditions and behaves differently based on those conditions. When application behavior depends on data that is not known at the time of development, such as user data or query information, conditional processing is an important tool. Conditional processing is essential in the development of ColdFusion applications. Learn what tools are available for this, and which are best under specific conditions.

ColdFusion MX: Forms - In this tutorial we’d like to build a form application that will collect contact information from a user that is interested travelling to some exotic location. We’d like to store that data in a database and use things like server-side validation on the form data the user supplies

Rich Forms - Using familiar CFML tags, easily create complex, multistep forms with tabbed or accordion interfaces. Applications can use Macromedia Flash controls that are unavailable in regular HTML, such as data grids, tree controls, and calendar date pickers. Best of all, forms will look good and be intuitive for end users without requiring developers to spend extra effort coding presentation-tier information.

Creating Better Forms Faster with ColdFusion MX 7 - ColdFusion MX 7 allows developers to create accessible, high-quality forms in minutes using the new Rich Flash and XML forms capabilities.

Daryl's Colfusion Primer - Forms Processing - Learn the basics of creating forms within Coldfusion, such as checkboxes, text inputs, multiple values, databases, radio buttons, and selected lists.

Remoting for ColdFusion Flash Forms - We had given for granted that it was not possible to use Flash Remoting with ColdFusion Flash Forms because of the ActionScript language restrictions that they have. All workarounds used external .swf loaded into the form, so we never used them and we never investigated any further. Otherwise, we would’ve found that there is a simple way to get remoting in ColdFusion Flash Forms sooner. In any case, here it is, better late than never. Note that this does not use external swf and therefore it is not a hack.


ColdFusion Forma Tutorials - Form Page - This tutorial will show you how to create a ColdFusion form that will include client-side and server-side validation of the form.

ColdFusion Tutorials for DataGrid and Binding for Interactive Forms - Use the new Rich Flash Forms feature to create interactive form controls that are not available in ordinary HTML.

Forms Faster with ColdFusion MX 7 - Mike Nimer, Sr. Engineer on the ColdFusion engineering team, gives his report on the changes in CFFORM in ColdFusion MX 7. How has the tag been updated, and what did the Macromedia team take into consideration when revamping the tag? This account is a fascinating look both at CFFORM and at the process of software development at Macromedia

File Upload with ColdFusion Flash Forms
As you may expect, you need the Flash Player 8 to run this example. In the zip file you will find a custom tag, an example, and a swf file. We aren’t allowed to post the .fla, so don’t ask for it ;)

ColdFusion Form Validation vs Python FormEncode Tutorials
I've been doing alot of work with validation in python recently, and wanted to point out a few nice things about validation in a python web app using FormEncode vs the client side validation in ColdFusion.

Handling PDF forms with ColdFusion - All Internal Revenue Service forms are now available this way. However, it doesn't take long to realize that if the data on mailed-in PDF documents needs to be input into a database, or if the filled-in form needs to be kept as an electronic image, it's more efficient to have the users do the data entry in the...

How Do I Update One-To-Many-Record Forms in Coldfusion Form Processing? Lessons - We'll concentrate on the fundamentals of the problem at hand. Stuff like validating form inputs, testing referers and whatnot are beyond the scope of this tutorial, although we do make use of cfqueryparam, which should be a mandatory part of all ColdFusion database operations.

Form processing
Every form that you create in ColdFusion consist of two parts: the form page and the action page.These two pages work together to process user input. The form page contains the user interface elements, such as input fields, and radio buttons. The action page handles the processing of the form page data

Coldfusion Form Processing - Rich ColdFusion Forms Lesson - Create complex, multistep forms using familiar CFML tags to describe form layout and design.

Coldfusion Form Processing Tutorial: Post and Get What Are They? Lesson - We do not want to busy ourselves with that at the moment though, we are going to look fairly and squarely at the methods that are used for passing data from the form page to the response page.

Processing form data - Virtually all web applications that gather and write information to a database use a form to accomplish that task. Forms let you collect information from a user (using an order form, registration form, and so on) and write that information to a database. Like HTML, there are two independent steps for creating a form in ColdFusion

Processing Acrobat 7 form in ColdFusion
Firstly, the field formatting when posting from PDF is bracketed which is a problem because CF expects that the data is an array and will throw java errors. This will happen even if you try to just read the variable. The solution I have come up with is to strip out all the garbage, ie; Brackets and page names to get just the field names and values

Testing Coldfusion Forms Tutorial
In this article, you'll learn how to create a form tester page that you can use to view the results of forms submitted via GET and POST. These can be regular HTML forms, or forms created using the cfform tag. You can even test Flash forms in ColdFusion MX 7.

Using Forms in ColdFusion to Specify the Data to Retrieve - You can use forms in ColdFusion applications to allow users to specify what data they want to retrieve in a query. When you submit a form, you pass the variables to an associated page, called an action page, where some type of processing takes place.

Updating Data with Forms with Coldfusion - Here are a few tips for using Coldfusion forms.


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