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ARTICLES & TUTORIALS FOR COLDFUSION DEVELOPMENT: A Collection of Links to Coldfusion Functions Tutorials, including topics such as Creating User Defined Functions, Custom Functions from a Query, Array Functions, and more.

User Defined Functions in ColdFusion - User defined functions allow developers to keep frequently used pieces of code together in reusable units. For example, you may often find yourself checking the size of a particular file or counting the number of records in a database table. You might find that you need to find out if a string is upper or lowercase, or convert a string to an array of single characters

Introduction to ColdFusion Part 2 (Section I) - Functions And The ColdFusion Application Framework - The aim of this tutorial is the further your ColdFusion development knowledge and provide you with the building blocks necessary to begin building your own more useful ColdFusion applications.

Custom ColdFusion Functions
The ColdFusion function ParagraphFormat() is designed to take blocks of text and format them as HTML, converting carriage returns and line breaks into code. This is very useful for taking information in a database and displaying it dynamically in a page. The way the function works, however, creates invalid XHTML, and not clean HTML either. What it does is take every combination of carriage return and line feed and convert it to a single

Query to XML - Create XML Files from a Query
User Defined Function that makes it easy to create XML files and RSS feeds! All you have to do is pass the Query Name!!! In fact, you can even pass two queries and the key field that links the two que...

Tutorial: Hello world with ColdFusion with Functions - This Lesson will step you through the creation and deployment of a "hello world" application using a server-side scripting language such as ASP, ColdFusion, PHP, PERL, etc.

CF_UPSMX - UPS XML Shipping Tag
This custom tag function allows registered developers of UPS to query the UPS Rates & Services database from within their applications. This tag uses the most recent UPS XML API (Volume 3, Number 3/Revision Da...

User Defined Functions in Coldfusion - User defined functions allow developers to keep frequently used pieces of code together in reusable units. For example, you may often find yourself checking the size of a particular file or counting the number of records in a database table. You might find that you need to find out if a string is upper or lowercase, or convert a string to an array of single characters.

CFX_XMLParser XML Parser
CFX_XMLParser is a Fast Java CFX tag that takes an XML document and returns a ColdFusion structure containing the XML document. Our tests show this parser to be about 1000% faster than the MSXML Parse...

Coldfusion Functions Tutorials - Array Functions
ArrayDeleteAt Deletes data from an array at an index position. When an array index is deleted, index positions are recalculated. For example, in an array that contains the months of the year, deleting index position [5] removes the entry for May. To then delete t.. and many Array's Functions are listed here

Convertion Functions
ToBase64 Returns the Base64 representation of the string or binary object. Base64 is a format that uses printable characters, allowing binary data to be sent in forms and e-mail, and stored in a database or file


Coldfusion Functions Tutorials - Decision Functions
IsNumericDate Evaluates "real value" of date/time object. Returns TRUE if the number represents "real value" of the date/time object; otherwise, FALSE . And there are many more Function on Decision Making

Dynamic Evaluation Function
Returns its argument wrapped in double quotes, and inner double quotes escaped. DE prevents evaluation of a string as an expression when it is passed as an argument to IIf or Evaluate. And many more function on Dynamic Evaluation functions

List Functions
Returns the index of the first occurrence of a value within a list. Returns 0 if no value was found. The search is case-insensitive. And many more Functions are availanbel at here

Query Functions
Adds a new column to a specified query and populates the column's rows with the contents of a one-dimensional array. Returns the number of the column that has been added. Padding is added, if necessary, on the query columns to ensure that all column. And many more fucntions are avaiable here.

Structure Function
Returns a clone, also known as a deep copy, of a variable. Unlike StructCopy, Duplicate copies the variable, so there is no reference to the original variable. And many more functions have listed here/

Coldfusion Functions Tutorials - Authentication functions
Returns TRUE if the user is authenticated for a ColdFusion security context. If you specify a security context name, IsAuthenticated returns TRUE if the user is authenticated for it. See the Usage section for crucial information. And many more…

Coldfusion Functions Tutorials -Date and Time Functions
Returns the number of intervals, in units of type datepart, by which date1 is less than date2. there many more functions are

Advanced Functions Troubleshooting - In Day 1 and Day 2 of this tutorial, we used ColdFusion to display a database that contained a definitive record of the content of my pockets. As fascinating as these items may be, I feel it's time to move on to a new hypothetical database so that I can demonstrate some of ColdFusion's sorting functions.

Coldfusion Functions Tutorials - Display and Formating Function
Returns a formatted date/time value. If no mask is specified, DateFormat returns the date value in the dd-mmm-yy format. DateFormat supports dates that have the U.S. date format. For international date support, use LSDateFormat

Coldfusion Functions Tutorials - International Functions
Converts local time to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) or UTC to local time, based on parameters. The function uses the daylight savings settings in the executing computer to compute daylight savings time, if required

Mathematical Functions
Returns the absolute value of a number. The absolute value of a number is the number without its sign.

String Fucntions
Returns the ASCII value (character code) of the first character of a string. Returns 0 if string is empty

System Functions
Used with cftry and cfcatch, this function allow you to retrieve a Java exception object from a Java object. Returns any Java exception object raised by the previous method call on the Java object

Simple Dynamic Calendar - Simple and effective code to output an endlessly dynamic calendar using just basic ColdFusion functions

Having Your Database Do The Work… not ColdFusion! - This tutorial will demonstrate how you can use the functions that come built in on your database to do the work, instead of doing the work in your code the hard way!

Custom ColdFusion Functions (not a tutorial, but helpful) - Just a collection of ColdFusion functions I've created based on need that I thought I would share.


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