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ARTICLES & TUTORIALS FOR COLDFUSION DEVELOPMENT: A Collection of Links for Intermediate ColdFusion Tutorials & Guides to ColdFusion for those Programmers Who Code in Coldfusion.

Coldfusion CFX_XSLT
A pluggable XSLT Processor for Transforming XML with XSL StyleSheets

Coldfusion CFX_XSLT -
ColdBookmarks is a ColdFusion application for storing bookmarks (or favourites) in a database for searching. The advantage in using ColdBookmarks is that your bookmarks are available at anytime from any browser with Internet access.

Coldfusion CF_DataSource Encrypted
Add, Edit, and List ODBC datasources for Access, or SQL Server databases

Coldfusion AutoResize
A tag based on Jukka Manner's CFX_Image tag, which allows dynamic resizing of photos and automatic thumbnail creation

Coldfusion cf_highlight
Highlights all occurrences of selected words in a block of text using Cold Fusion tag

Threaded Discussion with ColdFusion
This article is geared toward intermediate-level ColdFusion developers: We'll be working with databases, custom tags, and other ColdFusion nitty gritty

Cool Forms with ColdFusion
Join Robert as he makes killer ColdFusion forms. Along the way, get a primer on cookies, custom tags, and other goodies

Cookies and ColdFusion
This tutorial shows you the ins and outs of implementing cookies with ColdFusion.

Loading/manipulating coldfusion data in flash
This tutorial covers how to use flash to load/manipulate coldfusion data, it does not explain how to write the coldfusion pages.

Coldfusion Tutorials (Intermediate) - ColdFusion MX Overview
Macromedia's ever-popular tool, famous for making it easy to create dynamic sites and Web-based apps, gets a massive overhaul and some new, drool-worthy features.

Creating A ColdFusion Guestbook
Learn how to create the flashkit guestbook and integrated with a database using ColdFusion instead of Perl.


Coldfusion Tutorials
Excellent ColdFusion database interaction tutorial for those have touched the Coldfusion at Basic level. Increase your skills …

OpenCFThumbnail Gallery
A thumbnail gallery system built in cold fusion. Automatically resizes GIF and JPG files, organizes by galleries, etc.

A Coldfusion color picker custom tag
Remembering color codes is not the easiest task, even for veteran web developers. In this article we'll see how to use a custom tag which allows you to easily select a web safe color. In the process, we'll also take a look at how easy Coldfusion makes it for us to create a custom tag

Query Caching in ColdFusion
Query caching is designed to accomplish two goals:Decrease the time between a page request and the page view. Reduce the amount of work generated for the database server for each page view. Implementing query caching is very simple.

Locales and ColdFusion code
This article explains the changes in Macromedia ColdFusion MX that concern the locale construct. It introduces the tools that you use to assign and use locale settings, and it provides locale-specific information.

Coldfusion Understanding Encrypt
This Technical Note is designed to give you greater understanding of cryptography in general, and, in particular, the Encrypt and Decrypt functions, the ToBase64 function, and the Hash function. It examines the algorithms used by each function and explains how to use each one

Coldfusion CMX Unzip CFC
Use this ColdFusion component to extract files from ZIP archives from within your ColdFusion applications

Coldfusion CFMX and SQL Server Data Transformation Services
So what we are going to do today is use coldFusion to generate some data for our text file and then we are going to use coldFusion & DTS to import that data from the text file into SQL Server

Coldfusion CFMX and SQL Server Data Transformation Services (Part two)
With your package design sheet still open, click the Text File (Source) icon under your connection objects and in the connection properties window select "New Connection" then type "Tracking datasource", select " Text File (Source)" if it is not already selected then under file name browse to your "browserLog.txt" file and click OK.In the text file properties window select Delimited, select "ANSI" for file type, "0" for skip rows, " {CR}{LF}" for row delimiter, "" for text qualifier then click next, select Comma as the delimiter then Finish > OK.

ColdFusion Mad Libs - Part I
For those that may not be aware, Mad Libs were very popular in the late 70’s and early 80’s (yes, I *am* that old). A Mad Lib is a story with certain words omitted. The type of word is specified (eg noun, verb, adjective, etc). One person asks another person (or group of people) to provide those words, and proceeds to fill in the blanks. The result is often amusing (and more often than not, kind of dirty).

Coldfusion Creating Static HTML Pages from Dynamic Pages
Creating static HTML will help reduce the resources on your server such as the CPU power, memory usage, etc. The content will also be displayed quicker to the visitor since it won't have to be parsed by the server before it is delivered.

Database With ColdFusion!
Deleting records from your database.This tutorial will demonstrate how to delete records from the database

Easy automatic debugging
In many web development situations, you are often only allowed to use the automatic ColdFusion debugging in the test and/or QA environments. With a little additional code, you can use the new tag in CF5

Easy Pagination With MySQL and ColdFusion
This Tutorial will show you an example of a more efficient pagination method than those commonly used on small web sites. Although the query does run on every new page view, it ONLY returns the rows needed for the current page. Another great thing about this method is that the url variable to go to any page is simply the page number that you want to go to.

Print your web pages on the fly!
A feature a lot of people always are asking me how they can print their web pages automaticaly with a button on their page. Here's the best way to achieve this:

Retrieving Records From a Database
When you need to retrieve and display records from a database, ColdFusion is the easiest and fastest way to do so, simply because it takes less coding then all other developers languages to do so. In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to query a database using and then display the records using . Let's begin

Using ColdFusion for things other than serving web pages
Re-writing the procedures was not an option as they dealt with a lot of other files besides the ones that were changing besides, why break something that is working well. I asked the group providing the files what the pattern for ‘Y’s and ‘N’s were.

Custom Tag for Multiple Related Text Boxes
A tutorial for something simple which would let me re-use the code over and over again without re-visiting it and that’s what smart programming is all about with "n" levels.


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