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ARTICLES & TUTORIALS FOR COLDFUSION DEVELOPMENT: A Collection of Links to Coldfusion Templates Tutorials & Styles Tips, including topics such as Parameters, Database-Driven Templates, Flash Forms, Custom Tags, SQL Statements & More.

Templates and Parameters In ColdFusion - Cold Fusion development begins and ends with the template. A template in the Cold Fusion world is vastly different than a template in straight HTML development. A Cold Fusion template is the ".cfm" file that generates the user experience in their browser.

Run ColdFusion Templates
Some customers have found that they are unable to run ColdFusion templates with the Developer Edition of Macromedia ColdFusion Server. This article describes a workaround for this issue.

Coldfusion Database Driven Templates
The first step in developing consistent (and by extenstion consistently-easy) database driven templates is to establish for yourself a standard method for organizing your code. The method I learned, and recommend, is the same one that Ben Forta (all bow before the master) recommends in the Cold Fusion Web Application Construction Kit. Essentially, here is the format

ColdFusion MX access to templates
ColdFusion MX installations running on IIS and which relies on NTFS file permissions for access protection needs changes to the default configuration

CMX CF Row Style
CMX CF Row Style is a Server Behavior for ColdFusion that takes your repeat region and changes the style of every other row to match a style from your Cascading Style Sheet, or the embedded styles on your page. This allows you to have not only a different color for every other row, but different colored text/font in every other row as well.

Coldfusion Templates Tutorials - ColdFusion has a nifty program called CF Studio that provides a visual interface for building templates, but that means more dollars out of pocket. It's pretty simple to build basic templates in a standard text editor, and doing so will greatly increase your knowledge of the workings of ColdFusion as well as make you a hot property at parties.

Flex Styles in CFMX Flash Forms
Figuring out the nuances of formatting and positioning flash forms in CFMX is a challenge - especially when you first start out.

Style Practices for Programming Databases
One of the more important techniques to improve the quality and readability of your code is to use standards to name variables, procedures, and objects in database and in your application. A naming convention is a practice, not a standard. While a practice can be treated as standard, not every circumstance can be prescribed.

Encrypting Coldfusion Templates - If you are interested in adding an extra level of security to your templates and custom tags this section may be useful to you.

Using text styles
A text style is similar to a font style in Microsoft Word. Instead of explicitly associating a text element with font specifications, you associat
e the element with a text style. This provides you with report-wide control of the font characteristics of your repor


Using text styles
The following styles are valid for all ColdFusion Flash format form tags except for cfformitem tags with the following type attributes, which do not take style attributes:

Styles for cfform
color; background color of the form.length; number of pixels between the label and child components. The default value is 14.length; width of the form labels. The default value is the length of the longest label in the form

cfformgroup with horizontal or vertical type atributes
Horizontal alignment of children. Possible values are left, center, and right. The default value is left.length; number of pixels between children in the horizontal direction. The default value is 6.

Using Custom Tags as Page Templates - Tutorial to show how to use a custom tag as a page template. This will help manage static HTML that rarly changes.

Styles for box-style cfformgroup elements
The following styles apply to the cfformgroup tag with the following type attributes. Some types have additional attributes, which are listed in the following sections. hbox vbox hdividedbox vdividedbox panel tile page

Styles for cfformgroup with accordion type attribute
The following styles apply to the cfformgroup tag with type="accordion": length; height of the accordion container buttons, in pixels. The default value is 22.length; number of pixels between the container`s bottom border and its content area. The default value is -1.

ColdFusion Templates and using basic SQL Statements - ColdFusion Templates - Templates are the key to the whole ColdFusion experience. Once you master the basics, you'll notice you have lots more free time on your hands.

Styles for cfformgroup with tabnavigator type attribute
the preferred width of each tab in the tab navigator container is the size of the label text, you must use the tabWidth style to increase the width of the tab to a size larger than its preferred width to see different alignments.

Styles for cfformitem with hrule
The following styles apply to the formitem tag with type="hrule" or type="vrule": color; color of the line.

Styles for cfinput with radio, checkbox, button, image
The following styles apply cfinput tags with the following type attribute values: button checkbox image radio submit In some cases, a style applies only to the subset of these input types, as specified in the description

Getting Started With ColdFusion Templates - This tutorial will show you how to create your first ColdFusion template. Once you’ve learnt the basic steps everything else will come easy.

Styles f
or cfselect with size attribute value of 1
The following styles apply to the cfselect tag when the size attribute is 1; that is, if the control displays one option at a time, with a drop-down list (also known as a combobox):

Styles for cfselect with size attribute value greater than 1
The following styles apply to the cfselect tag when the size attribute is greater than 1; that is, if the control is a list box that displays two or more options at a time

Styles for cfcalendar tag and cfinput with dateField type attribute
The following styles apply to the cfcalendar tag and dateField type of the cfinput tag

ColdFusion Locking Best Practices - Locking shared scope variables within ColdFusion templates is an often overlooked process that has severe consequences

Styles for the cfgrid tag
The following styles apply to the cfgrid tag:Horizontal alignment of children in the container. The default value is left. Possible values are left, center, and right

Styles for the cftree tag
The following styles apply to the cftree tag:Type: Array; colors for rows in an alternating pattern. Value can be an Array of two or more colors.


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