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ALLAIRE'S HOMESITE HTML EDITORS TUTORIALS & ARTICLES: Links to Articles for HomeSite , including Editing HTML, as well as Integrating ColdFusion, XHTML, DHTML, ActionScript, and other Coding Languages.

1-2-3-Live: Making Live Edits in HomeSite 4.5 - The ability to open a file directly from an FTP server, make edits, and save the file using a single interface can both minimize the tedium of straightforward content changes and corrections and save time.

Advanced Homesite: Inside the Homesite Validator VTML Configuration Files - The Validator feature is a very useful and well-liked tool in Homesite. Many developers use it to validate their documents against the supported namespaces in the VTML based Validator tag definitions. Up until this writing however, the internal layout of the Validator configuration files has never been fully documented. There are many reasons for this...

CodeSweeper! - CodeSweeper is a new feature in HomeSite and ColdFusion Studio 4.0 that automatically reformats HTML code based on user configurable templates. The products come with several predefined templates, but most users will customize the templates to fit their coding style. Ok, so why should I care about the way my code looks? Many people have asked that question. Also, many people have asked for a magic button that does what CodeSweeper does.

Collapse Your Code - The Collapsed Text feature introduced in HomeSite 4.5 and ColdFusion Studio 4.5 can help you streamline your Web development. In a nutshell, Collapsed Text does exactly what the name suggests… it allows you to "collapse" selected text or code. For example, you can collapse a 100-line chunk of code into a single symbol that indicates that more code exists but is being hidden from view. The code is still present, but it is obscured from view. When you need to access the code again, simply double-click on the collapsed code marker on the page to restore the code.

Cutting Keystrokes with Auto Completion in HomeSite - The tag sequences that you type all the time may be so ingrained in your head that you touch-type the tags, attributes, and values without thinking about each keystroke. The extra " and > marks that appear thanks to HomeSite's Auto Completion feature can quickly dirty your code and cost you extra time backtracking to clean out rogue marks. As a result, Auto Completion may be one of the features a Web-savvy coder turns off as a first-step in customizing her development environment.

Extending Homesite when working with XML and XSL - Every developer is tasked with a different set of problems, but we all find ourselves with repetitive work. The challenge is to find a way to speed up the repetitive stuff so that we have a little more time to learn the new stuff.

Getting XHTML form Homesite 4.5
HomeSite, a robust text-based HTML editor for the Wintel world, can be prodded to produce XHTML with a little help. Here's a guide to doing it in the current 4.5 version…

How to setup a server mapping in HomeSite - You are trying to use the "Browse" tab in HomeSite with server side pages and you get an error "Unable to open file, do you want to download it?". The problem is, you do not have it mapped in either the web server or HomeSite.

Integrated Image Mapping
Regardless of how frequently you work with maps, when you do need to configure a set of hotspots, you need a quick and easy-to-use tool. The map editor integrated in HomeSite 4.5, ColdFusion Studio 4.5, and JRun Studio puts image mapping at your fingertips, eliminating the need to purchase additional software.

Snippets Save Time And Reduce Coding Errors - Easily recycle your code using the Snippets option in Allaire's Homesite (a popular HTML editor that's a mix of code-based and WYSIWYG editing). Snippets help you code your pages more quickly and reduce typing errors.

Adding an ActionScript to HomeSite - The steps in this TechNote show how to add an ActionScript to HomeSite or ColdFusion Studio.

Deploying projects in HomeSite 4.5 or Studio 4.5 - The following Tech Note shows how to deploy projects in Home Site 4.5 and Studio 4.5.

Macromedia HomeSite Tutorials - Essential Homesite 4.5 Tips - HomeSite 4.0 is undoubtedly the best code based HTML editor that I have ever used. Like any other good program, the more time you spend using it, the more ways you find to use it more efficiently. I have assembled my Top 10 Homesite 4.0 Tips below…

Editing Referenced Files in HomeSite and ColdFusion Studio - New and existing features make editing complex documents easier.

Macromedia HomeSite Tutorials - Go Virtual - Depending on how complicated your site architecture is, it can be tedious just to open the files with which you need to work as you knock out edits, updates, and additions. If each file belongs to a separate site and needs to be tracked down, the process can become even more laborious. Having files clustered together for easy access, regardless of where they physically sit, can streamline both daily and task-specific processes. HomeSite 4.5 offers you that option with virtual folders.


Macromedia HomeSite Tutorials - HomeSite 5.x: Error when using Visual Source Safe with HomeSite/HomeSite+ on Windows Server 2003 - When using Visual Source Safe for source control with Macromedia HomeSite 5.x or HomeSite+ 5.x on Windows Server 2003, an Access Violation in oleaut32.dll error will appear in HomeSite/HomeSite+ when performing any source control operation.

Macromedia HomeSite Tutorials - HomeSite Wizards Jump Start Web Development
To stay competitive, Web sites constantly evolve to offer better usability and more features to attract and retain users. For example, easy site navigation ranks among the most important aspects of site design. HTML frames and JavaScript navigation menus are common methods to improve navigation.

Macromedia HomeSite Tutorials - HomeSite Stays Out of Developer's Way Until Needed - Do you hate searching through hundreds of lines of code for a missing tag? Do you bang your head against the keyboard when you can't find the right tag definition in your dog-eared HTML reference book? Do dread checking into version control just to make a few changes to a file?

Homesite 4.0 - Homesite 4.0 earns our highest recognition for making life easier for Web developers. Our Product of the Year, 1998 award is a designation we assign to the top new products in a variety of categories. This designation means we have tested the product and its competitors in our daily work lives and found to be it by far the best of its category. Look for this symbol in the Web Developer’s Journal for an indication of products we consider to be the best.

HomeSite Software Gets a Boost from Mozquito Technologies - Mozquito Technologies, a leader in XHTML software, has launched a product that will put the power of eXtensibilty into Allaire's (now Macromedia's) HomeSite. Mozquito FML for HomeSite is made up of two components: the Mozquito Matrix and the Mozquito XHTML-FML component for HomeSite. XHTML-FML, or Forms Markup Language, is an XML-based language created by Mozquito Technologies, which simplifies creation of interactive online applications for retail, surveys, and other uses by eliminating the use of applets and cumbersome scripting.

Macromedia HomeSite Tutorials - Integrating multiple users with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe via HomeSite or Studio 4.5.1 - The following procedure takes you through the steps on how to have multiple users integrate with a VSS Project via a HomeSite or ColdFusion Studio 4.5 Project.

Macromedia HomeSite - HomeSite is a HTML editor currently owned by Macromedia. HomeSite isn't a WYSIWYG HTML editor like FrontPage or Dreamweaver, more a handcoder's tool.

Macromedia HomeSite Tutorials - Palette Power - It's great that HomeSite comes with several built-in palettes (e.g., Named Colors, Safety Palette, and Windows 16 Colors). You can easily switch back and forth between these palettes, depending upon your needs.

Project Management in HomeSite - Remember when Notepad was the HTML editing tool of choice? Recall the thunderclap that HomeSite produced when it took the fledging Web community by storm with its rainbow of colorful code and plethora of usability features?The more things change, the more things stay the same.

Macromedia HomeSite Tutorials - Revealing the Hidden—CSS Visibility and Display Properties - We will look at two CSS properties that can be used for selectively hiding and revealing information -- display and visibility. Then we will look at scripting techniques for dynamically hiding and revealing information, considering three typical scenarios. Along the way, we will also make a brief excursion into JavaScript event handlers.For the second example, we will create a little expanding menu similar to one you can create using one the DHTML Wizards in Allaire HomeSite. In this demonstration, we will use the display: none property to hide the submenu items until the user clicks on the main item.

Roll Your Own Features in HomeSite and Studio - HomeSite (and ColdFusion and JRun Studios) includes a built-in scripting language based on Microsoft's ActiveScripting engine. This scripting engine allows you to use either JScript (a JavaScript-derived language) or VBScript as a language base and utilize all of the native statements, functions, and objects of these languages. On top of this base-language functionality, the HomeSite and Studio products add additional objects which allow you to control features specific to these applications. These additional objects comprise the Visual Tools Object Model (VTOM) and allow the advanced user to manipulate and extend the product beyond its core feature set. So, instead of waiting for that next release, we can begin to evolve and tailor the software right away.

Setting up FTP in HomeSite or Studio 4.5 - How to setup an FTP connection in HomeSite or ColdFusion Studio 4.5.

Macromedia HomeSite Tutorials - Setting up a Project in Source Control with HomeSite or Studio 4.5 - The following procedure takes you through the steps of adding HomeSite/Studio projects to Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.

Macromedia HomeSite Tutorials - Setting up server mappings with HomeSite/Apache/PHP - If you're using Allaire HomeSite and wish to develop web pages using PHP, you may find it convenient to install PHP and Apache locally on your computer, then use HomeSite's server mapping to allow you to process your pages through the local server just as if you were viewing them through your web host over the Internet. You can then develop and debug your PHP scripts offline, within the HomeSite editor environment. Actually, this is useful for development using any type of server-side processing, such as SSI's, MySQL, etc.

Setting up Server Mappings in HomeSite - HomeSite's internal preview is a convenient way to quickly switch between your code and a preview of how your page will look in a browser. If that was all there were to it, the preview would be somewhat useful, but the preview is more than that. It also allows you, in the proper environment, to see how the Web server will process the page. Here are a few situations where this is much more handy than just opening a local file in a browser window:

Speeding JSP Development Using HomeSite - HomeSite is one of the most popular Web site development tools available today; however, it does not provide integrated support for Java Server Pages (JSP)1. This article describes the steps for combining the features of HomeSite and JRun and to create a JSP Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Street Level: Designing Page Layout Tables - Most Web developers use HTML tables for their page layouts, and probably will continue to do so for a long time. Cascading Style Sheets may eventually give us a better alternative, but the promised day of cross-browser support for sophisticated CSS positioning and widespread abandonment of those old browsers still seems pretty far off. In the meantime, let's look at a few techniques you can use to get the most out of those layout tables.

Street Level: Getting Started with CSS - HomeSite 3.0 (or Cold Fusion Studio 3.1) includes a CSS Wizard, and the 4.0 version will include a full-blown CSS editor.

Macromedia HomeSite Tutorials - Street Level: Going Dynamic - This proved to be an impossible resolution to carry out. I (of course) use HomeSite templates to build all pages and try to keep the page contents rigorously separate from the HTML code that makes up the page layout. But each time I've added a new section, I would inevitably want to try out some new HTML coding technique, or employ a new design technology such as CSS, or automate some additional information item through JavaScript. I try to be disciplined about retrofitting existing sections with the new layouts, but in my desire and sometimes external pressures to get new sections up, I often fail to do so. To make matters worse, I often give in to the temptation to tweak some aspect of the page layout when I'm adding new pages to a section or updating some items on existing pages.

The 'HomeSite' of the 21st Century? - Of the many ways to create and edit Web pages these days, arguably the most useful is the HTML/CSS combination editor, a leading-edge tool that helps to save valuable time in the editing process. One of the best HTML/CSS combination editors, TopStyle Pro, was developed by Nick Bradbury, creator of the HomeSite HTML editor. For those of you who like the highly popular HomeSite editor, you'll love TopStyle Pro. This program is jam-packed with all kinds of features.

Using HomeSite 4.0 from Allaire Software for ASP Development - HomeSite version 4.0, from Allaire Software, fits this need perfectly. It stays completely out of your way, unless you tell it to aid in your coding. It provides flexibility in how it will display your code, leaving it up to you whether or not to have the software do anything at all. HomeSite provides a lot of useful, time-saving features, easily found and used, but not forced. Finally, it can be used as a code editor for many technologies, allowing you to transport it from one language to another, Microsoft-related or not.

Using Netscape as the internal browser in HomeSite /HomeSite+
In HomeSite and HomeSite+, you can plug in the Mozilla browser as the internal browser.

Macromedia HomeSite Tutorials - Unicode issues in HomeSite/HomeSite+ 5.5 - The following Unicode issues have been discovered with Macromedia HomeSite 5.5 and HomeSite+ 5.5.

Using JavaScript in HomeSite 4.0 Part I
Macromedia's HomeSite 4.0 HTML editor is one of the most popular HTML editors around. It introduces many powerful features that simply aren't supported by other well-known editors. In particular, HomeSite 4.0 enables you to customize its toolbars. In this column we'll show you how to deal with the program's toolbars, and how to create new buttons. You'll find out...

Using JavaScript in HomeSite 4.0 Part II - Macromedia's HomeSite 4.0 HTML editor is one of the most popular HTML editors around. It introduces many powerful features that simply aren't supported by other well-known editors. This column is part II of a three-part series on using JavaScript in HomeSite 4.0. In Part I, we taught you how to write and execute scripts, and how to use Application Object's methods and properties. In this column, we'll show you how to use JavaScript to take advantage of HomeSite 4.0's powerful ability to manipulate toolbars. We'll introduce its concept of Projects, found in other known development environments, and we'll show you how to control projects with JavaScript. To boost performance, HomeSite deals with one active document while caching all the other open documents. We'll teach you how to use its DocumentCache and ActiveDocument objects. You'll find out...

Using JavaScript in HomeSite 4.0 Part III - Macromedia's HomeSite 4.0 HTML editor is one of the most popular HTML editors around. It introduces many powerful features that simply aren't supported by other well-known editors. This is the third column in our three-part series on using JavaScript in HomeSite 4.0. In Part I, we taught you how to write and execute scripts, and how to use Application Object's methods and properties. In Part II, we taught you how to manipulate toolbars and projects and how to use HomeSite's DocumentCache and ActiveDocument objects. In this column, we'll show you how to use HomeSite's HTTP interface and ZIP file manipulations. We'll teach you how to use its HTTPProvider and ZIPProvider objects. You'll find out...

Under the Hood in HomeSite - Give Your Development Environment a Tuneup
One of the strengths of HomeSite has always been to offer its users support when they need it, but to get out of the way when they know what they're doing (at least when they think they know what they're doing). For example, Tag Insight is great when you're starting to learn HTML, or another markup language like ColdFusion. But once you're in "fifth gear" with your coding skills, you don't want any extra drag, so more often than not, expert coders will turn off Tag Insight (or at least throttle the timer up so it doesn't kick in so fast).

Macromedia HomeSite Tutorials - Understanding Snippets - Snippets are the primo way to develop customized, site-specific chunks of reusable code for HTML, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, or your other favorite scripting language. If you're not using snippets yet, you're missing out. In the first release of Home Site, "snippets" weren't called "snippets," and they sat in a horizontal toolbar. So, your number of "folders" was limited. When I first upgraded to 3.0, I hated the new handling of snippets -- a window on the resources tab.

Use of the Microsoft Script Debugger with HomeSite - I'm still pretty time crunched, so the article is still on the back burner, but here are a few tips to get you started.

Macromedia HomeSite Tutorials - Writing or Converting Help Sets for HomeSite Use
One of the more useful features of the HomeSite editor (and its siblings CF Studio and JRun Studio) is that it has a system for built-in help and documentation that is very easy to customize and extend. Users can easily install their own sets of documents in HTML or text format that will be completely integrated into the editor's help system. Useful documents can include such things as W3C specs, references or tutorials on Web standards or techniques, or any set of HTML files that you find personally useful to have at hand when you're editing. This article will lay out some guidelines and suggestions for how to write help doc sets or convert existing sets for best use under HomeSite.

Macromedia HomeSite Tutorials - Writing JavaScript in HomeSite 4.5.2 - If you need to generate JavaScript, you can benefit from several of HomeSite's timesaving features. HomeSite has a wizard to generate six common scripts and a JavaScript Tree for writing custom scripts. It also has several other features that come in handy while scripting. The following sections describe each of these topics in detail.

Macromedia HomeSite Tutorials - Writing Structured Code
When I develop Web page code, I mainly use HomeSite. The easy-to-use code structure and tag color identification scheme facilitates development, as do its code-assisting wizards. Sure, I know HomeSite is Allaire's product and this is their Web site, but after coding HTML for years using all kinds of editors, I like this one the best. I also use Macromedia's Dreamweaver to create some of the initial code and image placement. Their layers option is a great design tool. Additionally, HomeSite and Dreamweaver allow me to work back and forth almost seamlessly on a Web page. The final page, however, is always completed in HomeSite and validated there.

Why use HomeSite for ASP? - You may be asking why I'm bothering to build this site or why anyone would want to use Home Site for Active Server Pages (ASP) development, especially when MS Visual Interdev exists as a relatively mature tool designed specifically for ASP development.

XHTML Coding in HomeSite/ColdFusion Studio 5 - In a previous DevCenter News article, An XHTML-Aware Editor, Amy Cowen described how coders can use built-in customization settings and features to produce cleaner, more XHTML-aware code. Now, with the new version of HomeSite and ColdFusion Studio, it is even easier to code in XHTML. You can set XHTML-specific options, use coding tools that support the XHTML 1.0 specification, use an XHTML color coding scheme, use a CodeSweeper to reformat your code to be XHTML-compliant, and validate against the XHTML 1.0 specification, all without leaving the product.


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