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HTML CHARACTERS SETS REFERENCE SITES : Links to Reference Sites for HTML Character Sets, including Lists of Special HTML Characters , Character Sets, and HTML Charts.

HTML Character Sets - Character sets & encodings in XHTML, HTML and CSS - Listing of HTML Tag Character Sets, published 19 Mar 2004 by Richard Ishida

HTML Character Sets - HTML Character Sets - Character sets determine how the bytes that represent the text of your HTML document are translated to readable characters. Microsoft Internet Explorer interprets the bytes in your document according to the applied character set translations. It interprets numeric or hex character references ("〹" or "ሴ") as ISO10646 code points, consistent with the Unicode Standard, version 2.0, and independent of the chosen character set. Named entities ("&") are displayed independently of the chosen character set as well. The display of an arbitrary numeric character reference requires the existence of a font that is able to display that particular character on the user's system. Accordingly, the content in the first column of the following tables may not render as expected on all systems.

Special Characters
There is a huge list of extra characters and symbols in existence that couldn’t be crammed onto a keyboard, so HTML allows you to use them through a series of special codes commonly known as “ampersand characters” or “character entities.”

ISO Characters
All characters have an ISO value that relate to them. This means that if the ISO value is typed in the HTML, the character that relates to it will be shown on the web page. This is useful for characters that cannot be typed, for example, the Copyright symbol (©). The chart below lists the ISO values for all the characters.

HTML help: Special Characters
The keyboard contains only alphabet, numbers and some punctuation marks. What if you wanted to include a © symbol on your pages like I have (scroll down this page, and you shall find this symbol). Such symbols are special characters called Character Entities, which can be displayed in HTML pages using a certain notation.

HTML Character Entities
Some characters like the character, have a special meaning in HTML, and therefore cannot be used in the text.To display a less than sign () in HTML, we have to use a character entity.

Special Characters
Here we discuss : How To Use These Special Characters, Special Character Generator and Special Characters List.

Special Characters
Sometimes you may need the feel to use a special character in an HTML document, an accent or diacritical mark. The ones that are known as ISO These special characters are marked in HTML as…

Special characters
You might have seen symbols and things around the net and wondered how they did it, might of even wondered how I have managed to display the full tags so you can see them, here's how…

Using HTML special characters
The markup language uses the character to start a markup tag. The consequence of this is that can not be used to represent the less than character directly in a web page. The HTML markup languages defines an escape sequences of characters to represent such special characters.

Special Character in HTML
The following table shows the special characters that can be displayed in html with the codes given on their sides. For example copyright symbol '©' can be displayed using the following code in html "©".

Special Characters
Special characters are designed for many purposes. The font you're using might not have a copyright symbol or, like these lessons, you are trying to show tags (using the angle brackets) without actually making them instructions to the browser.

Special Characters
Special characters are characters which are not found on standard keyboards, or are reserved for use with HTML. For a tutorial on how to use special characters, please read…


Special Characters
Certain characters, such as the left bracket (), ampersand (&), etc. are reserved by HTML to represent special attributes such as the start of HTML elements, graphic characters, and so on.

Character Entity References
Character Entities References are the way you put special letters, numbers and symbols on the web page. A character entity reference consists of an ampersand (&), followed by a pound sign (#), the number of the character entity, and finishing with a semi-colon (;). Alternately, for some characters you can put ampersand, the name of the character (but no # sign), followed by a semi-colon.

Special Characters
Certain characters are not available on some keyboards, and some characters, if used in HTML code will be interpreted by the browser as code, rather than literal letters. For example…

Special HTML Characters Tutorials - Special Characters
So, have you been wondering how to add an extra space on your page, or how to get a copyright symbol to show up? Then let's see how right now! Special characters are placed on your page by using a special reference to the character you want to use…

HTML Character Entities
An entity is a fancy term for a symbol. Several symbols such as copyright, trademark, or foreign cash symbols exist outside of the ones you see on your keyboard. In order to display them. In order to display these characters, you need to know 4 parts…

Special Character Reference Codes
The following character entity references can be used to create special characters and symbols for use on a web page. Note that some codes have been omitted, as certain popular web browsers (particularly Netscape versions 4.x and earlier) do not support them.

HTML Characters & Symbols Tips - Special characters
Special characters like these are constructed with some special code. Consisting of an ampersand (&), an abbreviated description or number, and a semicolon. The character for example, is described as lt, short for 'less than'. As you may have guessed, a plain ampersand cannot be used in html, as it starts a special character, so it has its own special code.

HTML Characters & Symbols Tips - Html characters
Greater-than and less-than signs have special meaning within HTML documents and, because of this, can't be used on a web page unless they are specified in a particular way. These special characters are specified in HTML by "surrounding" a simple description of them with an ampersand (&) and a semi-colon (;).

HTML Characters & Symbols Tips - HTML Coded Character Set
List of useful Special Characters.

Special Characters
These Special Characters are Commonly use in HTML…

Special Characters
Special characters, such as ampersand (&), less-than () and copyright (©) can be displayed in your document using special code. The code for special symbols is always held between an ampersand (&) and a semicolon (;).

Special HTML Characters
Following table is indecating the special characters of html.

HTML Characters & Symbols Tips - Coding Special Characters inside HTML
Special characters are those characters that can be inserted using a HTML code for which you cannot enter them via the keyboard or because of conflicting codes that are used in HTML. For instance, the less than sign is used in HTML to open every HTML tag.

HTML Characters & Symbols Tips - Special characters
List of useful Special Characters.

HTML Characters & Symbols Tips - HTML Special Characters
Here is a list of some commonly used special characters in HTML. If you would like to see more on how to use them, go to our tutorial, Special Characters.

Special Characters
Some text for display cannot be entered directly into an HTML document - such as & or £. Instead these symbols must be entered using CHARACTER ENTITIES. A character entity has three parts...

Special Characters in HTML
When writing code into an HTML document, there are some characters that are used to perform different operations, which is translated by the browser as HTML code. Some of these characters include the ampersand (&), the percentage symbol (%), less than () and greater than () sign. If these symbols are simply inserted into an HTML document, they might be interpreted as HTML code. This is a very simple page that will give you the code for a great deal of symbols that you can insert into an HTML document. Inserting the code will allow you to display the character on the screen of a web browser, as opposed to having the symbol read as code.

HTML Characters & Symbols Tips - Special symbols
You can be sure if your typing any number or letter of the English alphabet (symbols 32 -126) in to your html document, that it will appear in any browser just as you anticipated it would…

HTML Characters & Symbols Tips - HTML Characters & Symbols Tips
Special characters can be embedded into web pages using numerical codes or readable text names that are easier to remember. This tutorial is based on the detailed W3C resource which is rather technical and hard to understand.

HTML Characters & Symbols Tips - Special Characters
Here is a list of some of the special characters that you can use.

HTML special characters
List of useful HTML special characters…

Special characters
HTML [ Hyper Text Markup Language ] requires that certain characters are used only for coding…

Special characters
The following lists the special characters that can be obtained in HTML using the &name; form.

How to create special characters in HTML web pages
Special characters are properly known as character entities and come in two forms, numeric and symbolic. In both cases, the coding for these characters always begins with an ampersand (&) and ends in a semi-colon. In the case of numeric entities, a hash symbol immediately follows the ampersand.

HTML Characters & Symbols Tips - Special Characters
HTML is a programming language. As with many computer related programming languages, some characters have special meanings.Below is a chart showing characters and their respective HTML code.

Special Character Codes
Here's a list of entities and their HTML code.

Special Characters
There will be times when you want to insert special characters in your HTML. Some characters you simply can't "make" with your keyboard. Others screw up the XHTML 1.1 validation or processing of forms. So, it's best to use their appropriate character entity names.

HTML 4.01 Entities Reference
HTML 4.01 supports the ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) character set.

Using Special Characters in HTML
When you're using HTML, you can type most text characters without using any special codes…

HTML Characters & Symbols Tips - Special Characters
Here a list of commonly use html special character.

HTML Characters & Symbols Tips - Special Character Entitities
This chart lists each ISO Latin-1 numeric entity name, the decimal value of that character, the HTML escape sequence, the common name for that symbol and the symbol as it appears typed from the keyboard of a Power Macintosh 7100/66 running system 7.5.3 in a table row. If either the ISO Latin-1 numeric entity name or the HTML escape sequence appears in the row, or if the character appears to be different than the common name, then your browser does not recognize the entity and cannot render it as designed.

Special Characters
Special characters are symbols that may not be included on your keyboard such as "¢" and symbols that are reserved for HTML use such as "" and "". HTML contains special markup for displaying these symbols in your document. This markup begins with an ampersand(&) and ends with a semi-colon (;).

Special Characters
A list of special charaters…

Special Characters Tutorials - Using special characters in Web documents
Some characters will not display properly in Web documents because they are characters used in tags or for other purposes in HTML. Examples of such characters are and . However, you can include these special characters on your Web pages by using what are called "escape sequences."

HTML Entities
The 'Special Characters' section of each group is probably the most useful; the others are largely provided for completeness. In most cases the numerical character reference will work with more browsers than the entity name (assuming there one exists), so it's worth using them out of preference.

Special Characters Tutorials - Special Characters
In languages other than English, and often also in English, you may need to use a character, symbol or accented letter not represented in your keyboard. In order to make these characters show up on your webpage, you can use a special set of codes called character entities, which you insert into your HTML code and watch your browser display as the corresponding characters.

Special Characters Tutorials - Entity references
Handling special characters presents a bit of a challenge. For example, how can one use any of the markup characters like , or & in an HTML document without the browser thinking they are being used as markup. How am I able to write a phrase like the following...

Special Characters Tutorials - Special Characters
There are plenty of special characters you can use in your html. Here are a couple examples…

Special Characters Tutorials - ASCII Special Characters
The following list includes the HTML codes for many of the ASCII symbols used on Web pages. The first section includes the first 255 character codes and their related HTML codes. Then, at the bottom you'll find some other symbols and the HTML codes to create them. Not all browsers support all the codes, so be sure to test your HTML codes before you use them.


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