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TUTORIALS ON HTML FRAMES: Learning How to Create a Web Page within HTML Frames, and how to Handle the Difficulties That Arrise When Designing a Website inside Frames. Also, Learn How to Create Multiple Frames, Frame Borders, Opening Pages up Within Frames, etc.

Page Tutor - Frames Tutorial - Hello. My name is Joe and I'm going to give you a few simple lessons on how to make frames for your web documents. The intelligent use of frames can give your pages a cleaner look and make them easier to navigate. Note the operative word is intelligent. Nuff said?

MiMiDomain - HTML Frames
With frames, you can display more than one Web page in the same browser window.

Your HTML Source - Frames - Frames give you the ability to open multiple pages in the same browser window, and have static navigation bars on the side of the screen and whatnot. They also incorporate a slightly different method of coding from the rest of HTML. Despite their drawbacks, frames are undoubtedly useful for many types of website.

TLC Design - FRAMES 2 - Multiple Frames - One of the most common uses of frames is a page in which there is an index or site map on the left, a header at the top and under that the main page information which is usually the only thing that changes when you click a link. Here is a graphic representation of combining rows and columns:

Spoono Host - Frames - Frames can create a professional looking sidebar at the side of your page. They can split a web page into precise parts while keeping it neat. Frames work like this: you split a web page into as many equal parts as you like, and each part contains a separate page. Click on this link to see what I mean.

Introduction to Frames - This is a basic introduction to frames covering the commands and what they do to the browser screen.

Seamless Frames - Use frames...but don't let them see the seams.

In-Line Frames - Think frames -- but frames within a page that act just the same as full-screen frames. This is how you do it.

Frame Border Color
Here's a very short tutorial on adding some color to your frame pages.

Multiple Frame changes with one button - Follow this tutorial to learn how to use one button to change two or more frames in one shot.

Escaping Frames and Staying within Frames - Got a page you don't want to open in someone else's frameset? Got a page that you do not want to open outside of a frameset? This will tell you how.

HTML 4.0: Frames - How does HTML 4.0 affect frame creation? Here's how!

Depiction - Inline Frames - Floating or inline frames enables a full page to be added inside another. Unlike PHP and SHTML, inline frames use a .html file as the embeded file and includes a scrollbar. However inline frames aren't supported by every browser. Netscape 4.x and Opera 5 for Macintosh don't support inline frames.

HTML Tutorials CA - Introducing Frames and Frames in a Row - Frames will be easier to understand if you understand how HTML TABLES work. I will assume that you have read or know the material in Lessons 11 and 12 on tables. On this browser screen, the frames are set up like a table with two rows as in:

egoVision - Floating Frames
The HTML 4 standard makes provision for an additional level of control using frames, the floating (or inline) frame. This tag is added into your normal HTML script and allows you to position a frame into the main body of your document as you would an image, giving it height, width, justification etc. The frame contents become an item in your page with scroll bars if necessary allowing you to place one entire HTML page into another and strictly control it.

Free HTML Tutorials - No Borders Between Frames
By default frames have visible borders between them. Sometimes, however, you want the frames to join directly to each other with no border between them. MSIE and Netscape recognize different attributes in for this purpose, but they are mutually compatible, so you can use all of them at once.

Biggs - HTML Frames - That was so much fun I think we'll do it again! Let's divide Lisa horizontally into 3 sections. The top window needs to be 50 pixels high. The other two can be split equally. We will put Lisa into all three. Here are all the changes in one big chunk.

HTML Frames Help - Frames used to be a Netscape only technique, but they have been added to the HTML 4.0 specification. They give you many more options for different looking pages that serve many purposes.

Jennifer Kyrnin - Creating Framed Web Pages
- Frames is one of the more complicated parts of HTML, but once you get the idea, they are easy to write, they just take some time.

Jennifer Kyrnin - Frames FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Frames


Resource Center - Working with Frames - There are times when you have lots of pages, when you need to keep a part of the screen free the links to navigate around your site, through what is commonly known as a "Nav[igation] Bar". Also, you may want to have a page header that is constantly present throughout your site, without constantly having to enter it manually into every page. This division of the screen is achieved through the use of frames, as shown by the picture to the right.

HTML Tutorials CA - Test Frames - Getting Started with frames

Frames Tutor - No thin lines - set everything to zero. Sometimes different browsers understand different things. By covering everything that any browser might understand, you solve the problem. The only time this won't work completely is if you have fairly complex framesets. In that case there's often a stubborn remaining line that just won't go away no matter how hard you try.

Web Monkey - Changing Two Frames at Once - Soooo, you think you can pull the old Double Frame Change maneuver, eh?

Creating Framed Web Sites - Learn the specifics of frames, the tags and attributes, and how to put up a framed page quickly and easily.

Don`t Forget the Non-Frames Folks - Don`t make your site look like doo-doo to the frame challenged.

80 Four - Targeting in frames quick reference - targeting in frames quick reference ….

Nicholas - Website Building Tutorials - HTML CSS SSI Tables Frames Forms PHP Tags CSS and SSI tutorials, javascript, forms, complete lists of HTML tags, tools, discussion forums, and more. Lessons and examples for beginners and the more advanced.

Free Computer Tutorials - Web Design Tutorials HTML Frames - Part Five
You can mix Rows and Columns in the same Frameset document. It's not done much in web design, these days. But it's useful to know how to do it.

FrankBullen - HTML Frames Tutorials - Sharky's Netscape Frames Tutorial Fun, friendly, five-lesson tutorial transforms the frames newbie into the frames knowbie! Hailed as "completely terrific" by Netscape, "excellent" by PC Week.

Chass Utoronto - Frames - Frames divide the browser window into scrollable regions each containing a different document. The types of document displayed in each frame can vary from plain text, images, multimedia to another frames document. Each frame can contain URLs which can be activated and loaded into its own window independent of the other frames. It can also contain URLs and targets so that when an URL is selected, the new document is loaded into a targeted frame.

Adult Chamber - HTML Tips: Frames
- Frames are a little different than anything you've done in html in that you are not writing a page in the traditional sense. What you are doing is creating a template where more than one page can sit. Here's an example using TABLE commands

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