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HTML META TAGS AND HOW TO USE THEM FOR SEO: Links to Meta Tag Articles such as Learning the Basics of META Tags, What all of the Tags are Used For, How to Optimize Meta Tags to Get into Search Engines, and more.

How To Use HTML Meta Tags - This tutorial explains how to use HTML meta tags, with links to meta tag generators and builders. From, a guide to search engine …

HTML META, REL and REV Tags - An etymological dictionary of HTML META, REL and REV tags, and HTTP headers, as used to improve search engine indexing, select character sets, etc.

Web Developer - Back to Basics: META Tags - With all the new HTML tags that are coming out, it’s easy to overlook some of the greatest tools in our arsenal of HTML tricks. There are still a few HTML goodies lying around that’ll help you keep your pages more up to date, make them easier to find, and even stop them from becoming framed. What’s more, some of these tags have been with us since the first Web browsers were released.

The Robots META tag
The Robots META tag allows HTML authors to indicate to visiting robots if a document may be indexed, or used to harvest more links. No server administrator action is required.

Useful HTML Meta Tags - These are the HTML Meta Tags that I find useful or interesting. I am not intending to document all possible Meta Tags here. Check the references for more detail and other Meta Tags.

Meta Refresh Tag - One of the most common uses of the meta tag is to reload and redirect Web pages. This tag is easy to use and misuse.

What Are HTML Meta Tags? (Meta Tag Tutorial)
Meta tags are html tags that are included in the HEAD tag along with the TITLE tag. A meta tag is formatted in the following way,

W3Schools - HTML Meta Tags - As we explained in the previous chapter, the head element contains general information (meta-information) about a document.

HTML Reference Guide
Metatags are a way for you to define your web page and web site to the outside world. You can declare the title, keywords and description, which help your placement in search engines. In addition, you can specify who owns the copyright, how often the page is to be visited by search engines and many other useful pieces of information. (See Meta-Tags page for our Metatag creation form to easily create your own Metatags for your web site)

The META element is used within the HEAD element to embed document meta-information not defined by other HTML elements. The META element can be used to identify properties of a document (e.g., author, expiration date, a list of key words, etc.) and assign values to those properties.

HTML Dogs - Meta Tags - Once upon a time, many eons ago when the Internet was just a small number of cardboard boxes attached to each other with string, meta tags were the town criers of the internet... erm... town.

HTML Author's Guide to the Robots META tag. - The Robots META tag is a simple mechanism to indicate to visiting Web Robots if a page should be indexed, or links on the page should be followed.

Html Help - META - Meta-information - The META tag is used to convey meta-information about the document, but can also be used to specify headers for the document. You can use either HTTP-EQUIV or NAME to name the meta-information, but CONTENT must be used in both cases. By using HTTP-EQUIV, a server should use the name indicated as a header, with the specified CONTENT as its value. For example,

Tizag - HTML Meta Tags - Meta tags are used to supply information for search engines that will not be seen by the web surfer unless they were to view your web site's HTML. In the past, meta tags were a primary way for your site to be recognized by web spiders, but the internet community abused the meta tags to artificially increase their ranking in the search engine databases. Nevertheless, you should still include meta for those search bots that do recognize them, allow your site to be included in their search engine.


Power ASP - Using ASP and HTML Meta TAGS To Make A Dynamic Delay Message - This is a little trick to display a timed message to the user after doing some sort of task. By mixing some creative ASP with a simple HTML META Refresh you can display a message to a user for a specified period of time and then redirect them back to wherever you want.

Improving Search Engine Results… - When a search engine finds your page, it will need to index it (that is, add it to its searchable database) with some information off the page. Many search engines now support the tags, which allow you to give keywords and a description to your page. This gives you more control over how your page will show up during a search, and will often cause more traffic to your page.

Any Browser - META Tag Generator
META tags are HTML Tags that describe the contents of a web page. The primary purpose of Meta tags is to help catalog and categorize the contents of a web page. If your pages do not contain them then they may not get categorized the way you‘d like by the search engines.

Echo Echo - SEARCH ENGINES - It is a myth among web designers that with the right meta tags you can make it to the top on all search engines.

Web Pages - META FAQ - How can I redirect the user to another page ? …..

WDG - META - Metadata
The META element provides metadata such as a document's keywords, description, and author. Any number of META elements may be contained in the HEAD of a document.

Search Engine Watch - How To Use HTML Meta Tags - Want to get a top ranking in search engines? No problem! All you need to do is add a few magical "meta tags" to your web pages, and you'll skyrocket to the top of the listings.

WDVL - HTML's META-tag - The META element is used within the HEAD element to embed document meta-information not defined by other HTML elements. The META element can be used to identify properties of a document (e.g., author, expiration date, a list of key words, etc.) and assign values to those properties.

Web Reference - The META tag - Getting back to HTML, you might wonder what the syntax is for adding keywords to a document. Of course, the text of a page is the primary source of searchable material, but you may also need to add certain keywords without altering the page content. (Changing text color to make keywords invisible in the body of a document is a really ugly trick; please never resort to it!)

IUS Mentis - META tag information
An HTML document consists of two parts. The body of the document contains the content in HTML markup. An often-overlooked part of the HTML document is the "head", which contains metadata ( information about the document). Below is a list of the most useful HTML elements that can be used in the head part of an HTML document.

A Dictionary of HTML META Tags - META tags with an HTTP-EQUIV attribute are equivalent to HTTP headers. Typically, they control the action of browsers, and may be used to refine the information provided by the actual headers. Tags using this form should have an equivalent effect when specified as an HTTP header, and in some servers may be translated to actual HTTP headers automatically or by a pre-processing tool.

BeeLine - META Tags - META tags are used within the HEAD tag set to embed HTML document information that is not defined by other HTML elements. A META element can be used to identify properties of a document (e.g.: author, expiration date, keywords, etc.) and assign values to those properties. Although it is not as often used as the BODY tag set of a document, the HEAD tag set will convey the META information.

What are Meta Tags? - Meta tags are HTML tags that help you control how some search engines may index your site, by using the keywords and descriptions you provide.

Make META tags your secret weapon! - Only 25% of sites use them, but most search engines evaluate META tags when they rank your site.

Web Site 101 - HTML Meta Tags for Search Engine Optimization - Statistics show that only one of every four Web Sites use Meta tags. However using these tags can give your site an advantage over other sites that do not. Meta tags enable most visitors to initially find your site from the search engines.

Ultra Seek - Meta Tags - In the absence of other information, Ultraseek will index all the words in a document except for comments, and will use the first few words as a summary to describe your page in the search results.

Meta Tag Primer
META tags are bits of extra information that you can add to your web pages. This information can range from the more popular KEYWORDS and DESCRIPTION to the more mundane ROBOTS and COPYRIGHT.

Code Project - What are meta tags? - Meta tags are tags that reside in between the and tags of your html. There are two different types of meta tags. One uses the NAME attribute, and the other uses the HTTP-EQUIV.

Penn Computing - This document provides instructions on how to use the HTML META tag to help search engines better index your Web documents. It also provides specific instructions for using the META tag with the AltaVista Search utility. AltaVista is the search engine used at Penn to manage, search, and retrieve information across its Web servers. Web developers who do not want their documents indexed via the AltaVista Search utility should consult Excluding Directories from AltaVista Search. Presently, AltaVista does not support the META ROBOTS tag.



XS 4 All - Meta Tag Manager® 2.0.1 - Meta Tag Manager is the first and only software of its kind for the Macintosh. Meta Tag Manager is the ultimate tool for fine-tuning and optimizing a document's meta tags. This process can enhance a page's search engine relevancy ranking and assure that queries that should find a particular page, do in fact find that page. Anyone creating webpages should be using Meta Tag Manager.

Free HTML Meta Tag Generator
Enter the fields in the form below. Keep in mind, that good meta tags can increase the placement of your site in the search engines results pages. So think of possible keywords people will use when searching for your site.

META TAGS GENERATOR - META Tags are hidden text placed in the HEAD section of your HTML page that are used by most major search engines to index your site based on your keywords and descriptions. It is very important to use META Tags as well as a good TITLE if you expect to be found in most search engines. Note that META Tags are not the only thing search engines will look at when ranking your sites; also, some search engines will ignore META Tags completely. Most search engines will also index your body text.

Siteup - FREE SOFTWARE! META TAG GENERATOR - SiteUp Internet Promotions is proud to offer the Windows Meta-Tag Generator for free download by the entire Internet community. The Meta-Tag Generator will automatically generate META tags used by search engines to index your pages.

META TAG ANALYZER - Using this tool you can: - See how search engine robots analyze your or your competitors web site - Receive tips on how to improve your Meta Tags

Web Displays - Free HTML Meta Tag Generator (short) - Important Meta Tags - Use the other long version for more detailed help, and/or also read the Indexing chapter first!

HTML BasiX - Meta Tag Generator - Meta tags are a crucial part of getting your webpages rated better in search engines. Many search engines now require them before they will spider your site. Now you can generate the code for your Meta Tags quickly and easily using this online generator.

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