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ARTICLES ABOUT HTML / CSS VALIDATION : Links to Articles for Learning how to Validate CSS and HTML with HTML Validators in order to check for Errors in your Script's Syntax.

HTML and CSS Validation - If you don't hang around webmaster circles, you may not realise that HTML validation and CSS validation are controversial issues with some people. This article discusses some of the positions taken in these discussions to provide some perspectives on issues that have come increasingly to the fore in web development. Hopefully, the article will also provide a practical method that overworked webmasters can use to improve their website

Free HTML / CSS / Link Validation
In a nutshell: this page lists HTML validators (which check HTML code for standards compliance and errors), CSS validators (which check Cascading Style Sheets for errors and standards compliance), browser compatibility checkers (checks your page to see if it is compatible with various browsers), broken link (or dead links) checkers,

Loriswebs - HTML Validator and Code Error Checker
The reason you should check your code with a HTML validator it because it can cause some browsers to crash or not display your code properly and most importantly search engine spiders cannot pick up the text off your page with some broken HTML codes and your site may be penalized and your keyword rank may drop out of site unless your code validates and the same goes for broken links on your website

HTML and CSS Validation
For those who are unfamiliar with what validating a web page (ie validating your HTML or CSS code) means, it basically refers to using a program or an online service to check that the web page that you created is free of errors

HTML Checkers
HTML Validation has historically referred to the process of checking that some HTML code conforms to a very precisely formulated definition; we'll discuss this in more depth later in this article.

HTML Validator
CSE HTML Validator for Microsoft Windows is the most powerful, easy to use, user configurable, and all-in-one HTML, XHTML, CSS, link, spelling, and accessibility checker available

HTML And CSS Validators
While there are many code validators that can be run online (or from your own computer following software installation) to check a single file I prefer the W3C's HTML and CSS validators. With both types of validation you have the option of validating a file from a server or checking a .html or .css file that resides in your computer.

Common Problems in HTML Validation
A common error (and the most common source of erroneous bug reports for the WDG HTML Validator) occurs when writing HTML tags within a SCRIPT element

Validator Tips
Validation of the referring URL allows authors to conveniently use the same HTML as a validation link on any page

Validator Differences
The WDG HTML Validator is similar in many ways to the W3C HTML Validation Service. Most of the previous differences between the two validators have disappeared with recent development of the W3C validator. The errors reported are the same in virtually all cases.

4 Reasons to Validate your HTML
HTML validation allows authors to check their HTML syntax. Valid HTML is less likely to cause problems with different browsers and more likely to survive the next browser release. There are many reasons to validate your HTML, but here we have chosen to focus on historical examples that show why visually checking your Web pages in browsers is not enough

HTML and CSS Validation
The HTML and CSS validation, like many other things, have got two folds of people: one fold which realizes the underlying advantages of this proposition and other which does receive the notion but with their set of reservations. Thus, to some people taking recourse to HTML and CSS validation is some kind of a debatable issue while others are sufficiently convinced why the same is more than worth the hassle.

Hosting Service HTML Validation Test Page
Free website hosting services provide a valuable service to the community. Many people get their start in web publishing by using one of the free hosts. Free hosting makes web publishing possible for many people who could not otherwise afford it, such as the poor, students, and people from the developing world. Free hosting also offers a measure of protective anonymity to people who might be endangered by what they publish, such as those working for political change and the advancement of human rights.

CSE HTML Validator Professional
Create syntactically correct and accessible HTML, XHTML and CSS documents. The new HTML Tidy Tool can fix HTML and XHTML. CSE HTML Validator will help you locate and fix problems so that your documents can be viewed by a variety of Web browsers, and not just Internet Explorer.

Perform HTML form validation with ASP.NET
The builtin validators are great for basic stuff, something I find missing is a conditional validator -- i.e. one that validates only if a third condition is met. For example, I have a form with payment methods on it

HTML Validator
Enter the details in the form click check and the result will appear on new window


Validator to test
Many people think of HTML as a text format which just has formatting tags embedded in it that are denoted by "<" and ">". What you may not realize is that HTML is a formal file format specification known as an SGML application

Quality Assurance Tools
The Alpine HTML Doctor identifies common HTML code errors, corrects the code, and generates a repaired file for you to upload. The HTML Doctor is provided without charge

HTML Validator
You may also upload files from your computer to have them checked. The validator checks HTML documents for conformance to W3C HTML Recommendations. It is mostly HTML level 4 compliant

Validate Your Markup
This is the W3C Markup Validation Service, a free service that checks Web documents in formats like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards

HTML Validators
If your code validates, then it's correct, and therefore very likely to work as intended on every web browser out there. If you don't validate your pages, then you might find that people who visit your site with less forgiving browsers see nothing at all

HTML Validators
HTML-Kit and HTML Tidy—Web page editor that also converts to XHTML 1

Understanding HTML Validation
Most everyone knows that the "L" in HTML stands for Language. In one sense, computer languages are no different from spoken languages. Every language (including HTML) has certain known "rules" that determine what passes for sensible communication.

Validate your HTML
Improperly formatted HTML can have one or both of the following effects: your webpage will not display correctly on browsers, and/or search engine spiders may not be able to index your webpage properly. The bottom line is that you want your webpage to look presentable when displayed on all types and versions of browsers, and at the same time, you don't want to present any search engine indexing problems to crawlers with improperly coded HTML.

HTML / XHTML Validator
Before you use the validator, a page needs to have a Doctype declaration. The Doctype declaration, or DTD, needs to be the very first line of code on a Web page. The DTD sets the standard to be used in the validation. It also serves another purpose

Validation and Accessibility Testing
This semi-automated system of validating our pages was first developed as a site utility to speed up the validation, link checking and Accessibility profiling process of our own web pages

Why Validate?
Validation is a practice sorely underused in modern web design, a fact that is unfortunate when coupled with the fact that most modern businesses rely on a solid web presence to enhance their bottom line.

Validation: css and html
If your HTML is not valid, or you use syntax in your CSS which is not correct, then you have a much greater chance that your style sheet based web pages won't work. This final section looks at the process of validating and checking our HTML and CSS code

A Real Validator
A Real Validator is an HTML syntax checker for Windows. Unlike other HTML "validators" for Windows, A Real Validator uses a sophisticated SGML parser to give true HTML validation

Surviving the Validation
To say that the site's author was pushed to the edge of their patience is like saying Darth Vader occasionally lost his temper. The first thing to be done is to start small, find the smallest corner of a site and change the DTD to this:

HTML& CSS Validation Articles - Html Validator
Following are links to several online HTML validation services. After giving the URL to a page in your Web site, these programs will scan your HTML and report back any problems it finds in the structure or syntax of the page. Some will even report on links to external resources (pages or files) that appear to be no longer valid

HTML& CSS Validation Articles - Form Validation
Validating Linden’s blog yesterday had me scratching my head. Why wouldn’t the page validate? The small login form seemed to be the problem, an error indicating an equals sign and (hint hint) a long line of numbers. So after breaking it a couple of times in the fixing, two things made the page validate. The first was to pull out the form entirely - duh no way! The second was to pull out the PHP entirely - duh no way even bigger!

HTML& CSS Validation Articles - HTML / XHTML / WML / XML Validator
Validome allows Web Publishers to check their syntax with a reliable, high-speed validation service, in accordance to current official Standards. Valid code is very helpfull, in order to avoid problems with different browsers and releases.

HTML& CSS Validation Articles - Netbulge - HTML& CSS Validation
Validating HTML is a painful process associated with hard tedious work. After spending weeks working on the code for my pages, I’d like to think I am done once it is finished, but the& CSS Validation always tell a different story.

HTML& CSS Validation Articles - HTML& CSS Validation
After spending weeks working on the code for my pages, I’d like to think I am done once it is finished, but the& CSS Validation always tell a different story.

HTML& CSS Validation Articles - Multi-Purpose HTML& CSS Validation
There are several& CSS Validation out there that do more than just validate your HTML. You can run these tools and validate your HTML, check your links, determine your download time and much more.

HTML& CSS Validation Articles - Validate HTML Code
HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) code& CSS Validation check that the web page HTML coding is in compliance with HTML standards set by the W3C.

HTML& CSS Validation Articles - Using an HTML Validator
Problems with your Web page often are caused by incorrect HTML code. HTML& CSS Validation are available to help you write correct HTML code

HTML& CSS Validation Articles - Bobby Accessibility Validator
Bobby is a tool to help expose and repair barriers to accessibility and encourage compliance with existing accessibility guidelines

HTML& CSS Validation Articles - HTML& CSS Validation and Checkers
Most people have encountered at least one or two truly "bratty" Web pages in their Websurfing careers -- misbehaving pages that cause browser errors ranging from an abrupt termination to a complete system lockup

HTML& CSS Validation Articles - HTML& CSS Validation
HTML& CSS Validation are programs used to check and report on syntax errors in HTML codes. Unclosed tags, illegal attributes, and other errors can make your Web pages garbled and ugly. Even if your favorite browser shows your pages properly, don't relax, some other browsers can render possible errors in different ways, producing unexpected results

HTML& CSS Validation Articles - HTML& CSS Validation
HTML& CSS Validation are Web page analysis tools that retrieve an HTML page and report on any problems that they find.

HTML& CSS Validation Articles - Free HTML / CSS / Link Validation
In a nutshell: this page lists HTML& CSS Validation (which check HTML code for standards compliance and errors), CSS& CSS Validation (which check Cascading Style Sheets for errors and standards compliance), browser compatibility checkers (checks your page to see if it is compatible with various browsers), broken link (or dead links) checkers, accessibility checking (check if your web page is accessible to people with disabilities), etc.

HTML& CSS Validation Articles - HTML Validator
Problems with your Web page often are caused by incorrect HTML code. HTML& CSS Validation are available to help you write correct HTML code....


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