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JAVA EDITORS ON THE INTERNET: Listed here are software Java Editors to Download That Allow Programmers to Edit Java Code, Compile it, View Errors in the ode, Run Java Applications or Applets and more.

JCreator is a powerful IDE for Java. JCreator provides the user with a wide range of functionality such as : Project management, project templates, code-completion, debugger interface, editor with syntax highlighting, wizards and a fully customizable user interface

Java editor
Java editor allows you to edit java code, compile, view errors, run application or applet and much more.

The Batjac Java IDE
Batjac is a Java IDE, written in Java (open source), and patterned after the Smalltalk IDEs in that it has code browsers, inspectors, workspaces, and sophisticated querying of source code

Edit Revolution
Edit Revolution is a freeware HTML/Javascript/CSS/Text editor for Windows 95 and above. The program itself has many extremely useful functions, tools and features which you would expect to find in paid editors

WebFlex's primary purpose is to format Netscape and Microsoft compatible scripts that give your webpages more functionality.

Decaf Java Editor
With Decaf, you can write, compile, run, run in the appletviewer, and run in your browser your applets AND, Decaf will generate the HTML file with a custom APPLET tag all from with the same program

Java Plug-in
Enables enterprise customers to direct Java applets or JavaBeans components on their intranet web pages to run using Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE) instead of the web browser's default virtual machine

The Java 2 Platform
Provides cross-platform compatibility, safe network delivery, and smartcard to supercomputer scalability. It provides software developers with a platform for rapid application development, making it possible to deliver products to market in Internet time.

Java Editors - Jasupremo
Write your Java projects in a comfortable editor, compile and run them instantaneously by clicking on a toolbar button. You can access all your classes, interfaces, methods of your project by clicking on a tree view that hierarchically represents you project

Java editor
Associated with the editor is a Java-specific Outline view, which shows the structure of the active Java compilation unit. It is updated as the user edits the compilation unit

While jEdit beats many expensive development tools for features and ease of use, it is released as free software with full source code, provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Java Editor and IDE
Both JPad Pro and SitePad Pro support the Java IDE. Java features include support for Sun's Java tools, ANT, java build and rebuild commands, visual debugger, code folding (outlining), smart keys, smart indent, code completion, syntax coloring, Jad (a Java decompiler) and source code browser

Gel is a Java IDE that is written in a language other then Java and is natively compiled for Windows. Unlike other Java IDEs available, this enables Gel to be very small and very quick. It works great on suboptimal hardware and consumes little memory


DrJava is a lightweight development environment for writing Java programs. It is designed primarily for students, providing an intuitive interface and the ability to interactively evaluate Java code. It also includes powerful features for more advanced users. DrJava is available for free under the DrJava Open Source License, and it is under active development by the JavaPLT group at Rice University

NetBeans IDE 5.0 Beta 2
The 5.0 Beta release introduces comprehensive support for developing IDE modules and rich client applications based on the NetBeans Platform, the new intuitive GUI builder Matisse, new and redesigned CVS support, Sun Application server, Weblogic9 and JBoss 4 support, and other editor enhancements

The Java Editor
The Java Editor example demonstrates the standard features available for custom text editors. It also shows how to register an editor for a file extension (in this case .jav) and how to define a custom Document provider for use by that editor. This example is only for demonstration purposes. Java editing support is provided by the Eclipse Java Tooling.

Java Editor
You can split the view so that you can have two editors visible at one time, by dragging one of the editor tabs to the left, right, or bottom of the editor view until you see the black "docking arrow". This allows you to see one file while editing another file

Visual Editor for Java™
The Visual Editor for Java is a code-centric editor that helps you design applications containing a graphical user interface (GUI). It is based on the JavaBeans™ component model and supports visual construction using either the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) or Swing

Java Editor
The Java Editor is a full-featured text editor that is integrated with the Visual Editor, the compiler, the debugger, and other parts of the IDE. You can open the Java Editor by double-clicking the background of a page in the Visual Editor. You can also open the Java Editor by double-clicking any editable .java file in the Project Navigator. You use the Java Editor to edit your page beans, session beans, application beans, and other Java files in the project, such as any Enterprise JavaBeans you have added to the project

Java Editor
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JE, Version 2.0 Java Editor
The JE (Just an Editor) is an ordinary ASCII editor written entirely in Java. The editor has some features you won't find easily in another editor. In general, it is a multi-file ASCII editor with syntax highlighting, which provides a graphical user interface

jEdit Syntax Package
The jEdit Syntax Package is a syntax highlighting JavaBean. It is being maintained by Tom Bradford, and is based on an earlier version of The jEdit programmer's text editor. jEdit continues to be developed by Slava Pestov and others.

Jext 5.0 for J2SE 5.0 !
No, this is not a joke, Jext 5.0, its sources and the WebStart version are available. This special release is a new development branch I've created for those of you who use J2SE 5.0 aka "Tiger". Note that this release can run previous J2SE and may break some plugins. This new release also provides a brand new look and feel based upon Karsten Lentzsch work. The new icons are from Eclipse and therefore subject to its license.

The Java Simple XML Editor
jsXe is a fast, intuitive, scalable, platform-independent XML editor It is written in Java using the Swing toolkit, and Xerces-J and is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It aims to provide end users and developers with an intuitive way of creating XML documents that is simple enough to deal with any XML document but flexible to allow the addition of support for XML document formats through the use of plugins

Java Studio Creator
Java Studio Creator is an easy-to-use visual tool for developing Web applications with Java. Designed for the corporate developer who needs to be productive and doesn't have the time to learn the details of Java technologies, the product combines the Java integrated development environment with a rapid visual designer, a smart code editor, synchronized editing, and easy deployment resulting in rapid iterative development of Web applications.

Crossfire Java Editor
The Crossfire Java Map Editor runs on any operating system (Windows, Unix, Linux and MacOS)! To use it, you need to install a Java Runtime-Environment.

Java Editor and IDE
Both JPad Pro and SitePad Pro support the Java IDE. Java features include support for Sun's Java tools, ANT, java build and rebuild commands, visual debugger, code folding (outlining), smart keys, smart indent, code completion, syntax coloring, Jad (a Java decompiler) and source code browser.

Java Extractor
Extractor decompresses and unpacks archive files of type ZIP, GZIP, TAR and JAR. It is meant for everybody who likes to extract archive files here and then without the aim of buying a big archiving application. HTML documentation is available from within the application (Menu 'Help'). The product home page is The Java application is platform independent and distributed as freeware. Java VM required.

JavaTM Graph Editor
yEd is a very powerful graph editor that is written entirely in the Java programming language. It can be used to quickly and effectively generate drawings and to apply automatic layouts to a range of different diagrams and networks. yEd is available as a free download with unrestricted functionality!

Java IDE
Stylus Studio® includes a powerful built-in Java IDE to accelerate development of XML-enabled Java / J2EE applications.

The Eclipse Visual Editor for Java
Java GUI development normally consists of writing hundreds of lines of code using the Swing and AWT libraries, compiling, running, then tweaking for many hours to get the interface to look and behave just right. This cycle of coding, running, coding, running can be time consuming and frustrating. In some cases, it can even delay a project or cause shortcuts to be taken by weary developers leading to unusable GUIs. Enter the visual editor. Visual editing lets you drag-and-drop GUI components onto a visual display of the final GUI, creating a complete "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) tool. Using a visual editor can cut a tremendous amount of tedious coding out of the interface development cycle

JEdit Java Editor
JEdit is a free, open source text editor written in Java and therefore available on all platforms supporting Java (WIN, Linux, MAC OS, ...) So you'll definitely need a JDK/JRE (1.3 or 1.4) for installing/using JEdit. You can install it directly from the jar-file using java -jar jeditX.X.X.jar I've made some extensions to JEdit, so you can now edit and manage all Torque related files with it and you also get syntax highlighting for Torque stuff... Furthermore I've written a plugin for JEdit, which lists all functions, datablocks and objects of the current file and lets you navigate to them easily. The latest version is also plugged into the "ProjectViewer" plugin available for JEdit - you can select any word or phrase in a file and then search for all occurencies within the project. I've written a little tutorial how to setup JEdit for Torque and how to use the "TideBrowse (TorqueIDE Browse)" plugin... Here is a screenshot with open TideBrowse and ProjectViewer.

GNU g++
VIDE is the V Integrated Development Environment for the GNU g++ compiler and the standard Sun Java Development Kit. The current release is Version 2.00 for MS-Windows and Linux (RedHat 6.x, 7.x, 8.x; Mandrake 8.x; others). Executables for MS-Windows 9x/NT and Linux are available for

WinEdit ProPack Java Editor
WinEdit ProPack provides a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for any language or compiler, with full support for embedded systems programming environments, Java, and HTML programming. It includes an advanced user interface and a sophisticated macro scripting environment complete with modern debugging capabilities. Read more...

Cyno's Editor 4.0
Cyno's Editor is an universal text editor written for the Java Platform. It is similar to OS/2's System Editor, Windows' Notepad, and X Window's Text Editor, and more! Now you can work on different systems, but use the same text editor, the same user-interface, and all of the features combined. In addition, Cyno's Editor uses native text edit controls, so it works just like your other applications.

DJ Java Editor & Decompiler
DJ Java Decompiler is Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP decompiler and disassembler for Java that reconstructs the original source code from the compiled binary CLASS files (for example Java applets). DJ Java Decompiler is able to decompile complex Java applets and binaries, producing accurate source code. DJ Java Decompiler is a stand-alone Windows application; it doesn't require having Java installed! DJ Java Decompiler is not just Java decompiler and disassembler but it is also a fully featured Java editor using the graphic user interface with syntax-coloring. Using DJ Java Decompiler is easy. Select Open and load your desired class file, or just double-click the CLASS file you want to decompile

ED Java Editor for Windows
ED for Windows, is an award winning, power packed, intelligent, language sensitive programmers editor and IDE. Whether you program in Assembler, C/C++, Matlab, Progress, PHP, VHDL, Cobol, Fortran, Java, Perl, SQL or one of the many other languages ED supports you'll quickly be impressed by its capabilities

Java Development Environment for Emacs
The Java Development Environment for Emacs is a software package that interfaces Emacs to command-line Java development tools (for example, JavaSoft's JDK). JDEE features include: JDEE menu with compile, run, debug, build, browse, project, and help commands syntax coloring auto indentation compile error to source links source-level debugging source code browsing make file support automatic code generation Java source interpreter (Pat Neimeyer's BeanShell)


Jedi Java Editor
color highlighting compile and start java (or other) files from within the editor hex editor written in java 1.1 -> runs with sun,ibm or microsoft java

JPE Java Editor
JPE is a pure Java text editor written for my final year project at Bolton Institute of Higher Education. It is freeware and open source

Chris Seguin
The software is free, and was provided "as is". (If you use it and find any bugs, then don't report them to us, add them to the JRefactory bug list on SourceForge. The backlog of bugs is gradually being worked on, but don't expect a fix the same day. Similarly, request for enhancements should be made to the Feature Requests tracker.

As well as features found in standard text editing components, Scintilla includes features especially useful when editing and debugging source code. These include support for syntax styling, error indicators, code completion and call tips. The selection margin can contain markers like those used in debuggers to indicate breakpoints and the current line. Styling choices are more open than with many editors, allowing the use of proportional fonts, bold and italics, multiple foreground and background colours and multiple fonts.

Development versions may be obtained from They should be unzipped into the jEdit jars directory (in either the jEdit settings directory or the jEdit application directory). Current versions of JavaStyle use the following library jars:

J - Netbeans.
Netbeans 3.5 - use JavaStyle-netbeans 2.8 final.This version includes not only an improved pretty printer, but also refactoring, metrics, cut&paste detection, bug finding, coding standards support and an AST viewer. Unfortunately it is not yet well integrated and so should be considered Alpha level software JavaStyle has been tested on Netbeans 3.5.1 with J2SDK1.4.2_01 and Netbeans 3.6 on J2SDK1.5.0beta1, both on Windows XP.

JBuilder Extension
A powerful new feature has been added to JBuilder. If you select the JRefactory top level menu, you will notice that there is a new menu item: Refactorings. Under this, it lists the different refactorings that are available for the system. Some options will be greyed out depending on the location of the cursor. To perform a method refactoring, place your cursor in the method you wish to change. Then select JRefactory -> Refactorings -> Method Refactorings -> Specific refactoring. Similarly you can put the cursor on a field to invoke the field refactorings

Ant Task
Directory where JavaStyle settings are placed. Under this directory a ".Refactory" sub-directory holds the style settings.


jEdit is a mature and well-designed programmer's text editor with 7 years of development behind it.While jEdit beats many expensive development tools for features and ease of use, it is released as free software with full source code, provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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