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ARTICLES & TUTORIALS FOR DATES & TIME in JAVASCRIPT: Learn about Javascript Development with Dates & Times including Date Modified, Last Updates, Months, Hours, Seconds, Year, Minutes, and more.

JavaScript Date Object
The Date object is used to work with dates and times.

Return today's date and time Example
How to use the Date() method to get today's date.

getTime() Example
Use getTime() to calculate the years since 1970.

setFullYear() Example
How to use setFullYear() to set a specific date.

toUTCString() Example
How to use toUTCString() to convert today's date (according to UTC) to a string.

getDay() Example
Use getDay() and an array to write a weekday, and not just a number.

Display a clock Example
How to display a clock on your web page.

JavaScript Date Object
In this tutorial you learn JavaScript Date Object…

Date and time
You probably have seen many Web sites that incorporate a clock. Before JavaScript, you had to use CGI to have the current date and time on a page. Now, creating clocks and the date is easy and can make your site look cool.

Date Object and Array Object
I think that you will find this lesson and the next to be a lot of fun. This lesson introduces you to two stand alone objects, the Date Object and the Array Object. You will learn how to extract a date and time from the Date object. The next lesson will c

Days of the week
On this page, we will deal with the Months and the Days as we use them in JavaScript.

Java scripts - Date Script
This script allows you to put the current date in a location specified by you. It is very similar to the script on the homepage which tells the date.

Dates Galore
This script displays the Day, Month, and Year; but with a certain flare. It shows on the status bar.


Dates and Times
In this primer we'll talk about seven new methods: getDay(), getDate(), getMonth(), getFullYear(), getHours(), getMinutes(), and getSeconds(). Each of these already exists and can be grabbed and placed on your Web page.

Working with Dates
JavaScript's Date object makes it easy to handle dates in JavaScript. You can use this object to store dates, convert between date formats, and retrieve the current date and time.

Basic Date Display Script
Have you been wanting to display the current date on your Web pages? There are several ways to accomplish it.

Javascript Date and Time Object
The Date object is useful when you want to display a date or use a timestamp in some sort of calculation.

The Date Object Constructor and Date Object Methods
Below is an example of dynamically generated numbers representing the day of the week, month of the year, day of the month and current year. All this information can be pulled from JavaScript's built-in Date Object using the Date Object Constructor.

Arrays and the Date Object
Rather than printing the default numeric values that the Date object's methods, getDay() and getMonth() return, the NAMES of the current day of the week and month are printed, resulting in a date string that is understood by people.

Date and Time in JavaScript
The date object is very useful for obtaining the date and time on the client. It supports various methods, which return a specific value.

The Date-object
JavaScript lets you use some predefined objects. This is for example the Date-object…

Dynamic date
This tutorial shows how to print current local time set on the browsing machine. I don't know how to use it, maybe just to catch the time difference on server.

The Date Object
The Date object handles all date and time processing for JavaScript. We talk about the Date object in detail elsewhere. For now we will just look at some basic features of the Date object, just enough to get you up and running.

Date Object
There are fours ways of instantiating a date object…

Date Display: mmddyyyy
Use this code snippet to display today's date on your web page in mm/dd/yyyy format…

Date Display: Basic
Use this code snippet to display today's date on your web page…

Date Last Modified Display
Use this code snippet to determine and display the date the document was last modified (date only).

Title Bar Date Display
Use this code snippet to display today's date on your web page TITLE BAR…

Statusbar message
You could use your status bar to display the time and date. You might also use it to display mouse-over text or a welcome message. View the source of the demo page for the source code.

Calculating the difference between two dates
Learn how to calculate the difference between two dates in JavaScript, and in the process, derive some useful applications such as counting down to a particular event, counting up, displaying what's new on your page etc.

Date Functions
Display the date a web page or file was last modified. This is useful because you can change the file and, without changing any HTML, the page displays a new date. The document object has a last modified date property.

Javascript Date Validation
In forms when asking for date fields it is a good idea to validate the date value using client side (JavaScript) validation along with your programming language validation. The following example shows how you can do this for the mm/dd/yyyy format.

The Date object allows you to work programatically with dates and times. You create a Date object using the Date constructor as shown in the syntax above and the available parameters are as follows…

Checking a date
On this page I explain how to make sure that a date your users have filled in does in fact exist, and how to check whether it is in the past or in the future.

Last modified date
This script will give your users information on how long ago the document they're reading was last modified. In addition, it does so in a user friendly way.

JavaScript Date Object
The JavaScript Date Object can be used to work with dates and times…

JavaScript Date Object Functions
The Date object contains 17 functions. In this section you will see these 17 functions in some small examples…


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