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ARTICLES & TUTORIALS FOR STRINGS in JAVASCRIPT: Learn about Javascript Development with Strings Objects including length of strings, examples, replace characters in strings, nesting quotes & escape characters, variables, conversions, & more.

JavaScript String Object
In this tutorial you learn JavaScript String Object…

JavaScript String Object
The String object is used to manipulate a stored piece of text.

Return the length of a string Example
How to use the length property to find the length of a string.

Style strings Example
How to style strings.

The indexOf() method Example
How to use the indexOf() method to return the position of the first occurrence of a specified string value in a string.

The match() method Example
How to use the match() method to search for a specified string value in a string and return the string value if there it is found.

Replace characters in a string: replace() Example
How to use the replace() method to replace some characters with some other characters in a string.

A string is merely a word or combination of words, including numbers, grouped (strung) together. Any type of character can be stored in a string.

String Variables and Literals
Strings are simply any series of characters between quotes. Form element values are stored as strings, pathnames to files and images are referred to as strings, and almost all method parameters are strings.

Nesting Quotes And The Escape Character
Many times you will work with strings which contain quotes. Since the JavaScript interpreter reads the first quote it encounters as the beginning of the string, and reads the very next quote it encounters as the end of the string, we need a way to signify

String Concatenation and String Operators
When working with JavaScript strings, you will often need to combine two or more separate strings together to form one string. Conversely, at times you will want to break up a long string into multiple strings simply to make your source code more readable

Creating Line Breaks In JavaScript Strings
JavaScript provides two ways to create line breaks…

Strings To Numbers: Data Type Conversion
When attempting to add number data types to numbers stored as strings…


Strings And The Write Method
While we're on the subject of strings, I'd like to talk about a method which is synonymous with strings. The write() method belongs to the document object and is used...

Finding A Character's Position In A String Using charAt()
Each character in a string is assigned an index position. Strings, like arrays, begin counting characters at position zero…

Finding a Character's Index Position Using indexOf() and lastIndexOf()
indexOf() returns the index position of any character you specify as the parameter…

Extracting A New String From An Existing String Using the substring() Method
substring() method allows you to extract a new string from an existing string starting at the specified index and continuing though (but not including) the ending index…

Substituting Substring's Integer Parameters With indexOf()
Since we will not always have the luxury of knowing the exact value of a string, we cannot rely on using integers as substring parameters to extract a new string…

Uppercasing and Lowercasing Characters of a String
The first function "toUpper()", takes the value of the text input and converts it to uppercase using the toUpperCase() method. The second function, "toLower()" takes the value of the text input and converts it to lowercase using the toLowerCase() method.

Replacing Part Of A String Using the replace() Method
This is accomplished by the replace() method, along with a little help from the indexOf() method which is used to search for an instance of a specified string…

Account for spaces at the end of the last name
If we used lastIndexOf(" ") as substring parameters for the middle and last names like…

Account for spaces throughout string
To account for any extra spaces in the string named…

Split string method
This example takes the names entered by the user and uppercases the first letter of each name, then lowercases the following letters.

The replace() method
As you might suppose, replace() method replaces matches to a given regular expression with some new string.

The test() method
The test() method takes a given string as a parameter and looks for matches according to the pattern defined within the regular expression object itself.

String Object
The string object is used to create strings…

The String Object
There are some functions that can be performed on the value of primitive data types that just require that they be objects in order to work properly. JavaScript…

String Object
The String object of JavaScript allows you to perform manipulations on a stored piece of text, such as extracting a substring, searching for the occurrence of a certain character within it etc…

Strings in JavaScript
String manipulation is an important part of JavaScript programming, and having recently been reminded that I have yet to write a tutorial on it, this one comes as long overdue. In Part 1 of "Strings In JavaScript", I'll discuss how to format text using th

Date and Time
In this tutorial we are going to look at another of Javascripts predefined classes - the Date class. This class not only makes the manipulation of dates easier (regardless of which date format you prefer) but it also handles time as well.

String Processing
The string class is another built in class that is slightly different from the normal. Where this class differs from all of the others is the way that you define objects of this type…

On this page I explain what strings are and then give an overview of some useful things you can do with them…

JavaScript String Object
The String object can be used to work with strings. A string is a collection of characters…

JavaScript String Object Functions
The String object contains 28 functions, which can be used to manipulate the string. In this section you will see these 28 functions in some small examples…


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